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About the Column:

Poems of Our Climate is a weekly poetry column run by Sofia Baluyut, ’23. The column was founded by Oliver Egger, ’23 as a part of the literary magazine group Route 9.  Submit and read past issues of The Lavender at Route9.org. If you are interested in having your poem featured in this column, Poems of Our Climate, please email your work directly to sbaluyut@wesleyan.edu

To Be a Poet

Recently I keep yearning to write / my own medicine / but I cannot unwrite the sins that bind my words. I am a poet but cannot express anything / useless / cannot do anything / right / or / wrong / does not matter when all you can do is sift through your memories–sakura petals that disperse too early from their guardian branches–and try again.

My purpose is simple / human nature: they said / that “one day there would be a man who would plunder through / his [her] organs until he [she] houses a child within him [her]” / and I cannot fathom to do any of that. I know there is a younger self / on the other side, waiting / to gather new sakura / patient / as I have left him {it is raining red inside and I am a bleeding sculpture punished for the sins that I’ve written} something I cannot help but continue because / I am a poet / and you–you are a historian of your ancestors; parents forbidden to be stars.

About the Poet: 

Banri (Mari) Saito ’26 (they/he) is a Japanese American poet from Florence, Kentucky. They find inspiration for writing through daily experiences and the changes they wish to see and make throughout the world. Some of their favorite poets include Danni Quintos and Ocean Vuong. Currently, they plan on double majoring in College of East Asian Studies and Government. They can be reached msaito@wesleyan.edu.

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