Won’t be able to fit Acting I into your class schedule? Musical tastes too obscure? Fear not, rising freshmen. The music and comedy groups profiled here are just a tiny fraction of student-run arts groups on campus. Most improv, sketch comedy, and a capella groups hold auditions every fall or at the beginning of each semester. Bands are constantly being formed with styles ranging from experimental to synth rock to funk. Many musicians play in more than one group and are eager to collaborate or just jam in a campus practice space. Between this weekend’s shows at Electic and performances from improv groups like New Teen Force, you’ll be overwhelmed by the creative talent at Wes and more…


Group type:
Sketch Comedy.

(From youngest to oldest!!) Matt Tannenbaum ’10, Dylan Marron ’10, Emily Vallillo ’09, Elissa Kozlov ’08, Janie Stolar ’08, Edward Bauer ’08, Owen Albin ’07.

Formed in:
Spring 2005.

What separates you from all the other campus sketch comedy groups?
Um, well, we’re the only sketch comedy group…

What inspires you? 
“Love a man, even in his sin, for that love is a likeness of the divine love, and is the summit of love on earth” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Describe your dream audience:
120 clones of Edward Bauer. All wearing Uggs. Nothing but Uggs.

Most successful performance and why?
Anytime we can change a lif—hat’s a successful performance. Just yesterday, a young girl approached one of our members on the street to say thank you. At least we think it was thank you. Who can really speak Spanish when it comes down to it?

Upcoming shows:
We aren’t good with dates. Check the Facebook. Speaking of the Facebook, HOW CRAZY IS THE NEW LOOK?!?!

Place to learn more:
We have videos on YouTube. More to come soon!


Group type:
All-female a capella.

Tussy Alam ’07,Toby Shaw ’07, Alexis Pancrazi ’08,Tory Whitney ’08, Rhonde McPherson ’08, Caitlin Quigley ’08, Molly O’Connell ’09, Alice Maggio ’10, Elissa Martel ’10, Bridget Kaufman ’10, Carolyn Sinclair McCalla ’10, Christina Boyd ’10.

Members who are abroad:
Gavi Elkind ’09, Lynn Favin ’08, Susie Lake ’08, Lillian Siegel ’08.

Date formed:

What differentiates your group from other a capella groups on campus?
Other a capella groups probably don’t meet at the same times we meet. No, but for real, we feel the beat!

Best show played and why?
At the St. Clemens Castle where we made the trustees cry (in a good way).

Sexiest thing about your group:
Pants optional.

Who’s you’re inspiration?
Lindsay Lohan and the Bennets

Upcoming shows:
Our end-of-the-year concert will be on Tuesday, May 15th at 7 p.m., Location TBA.

Place to learn more:

Red Wire Black Wire.

Group type:
Synth Pop Band.

Zac Meyer ’08, Jill Jaffe ’09, Dave Snydacker ’09, Ted Feldman ’09, Doug Walters ’08.

Formed in:
Fall 2006.

Sounds like:
Some combination of Ratatat, Postal Service, and The Magnetic Fields. Our recordings are largely synth based, but we play live with a cello, two guitars, a drummer, a synth, and vocals.

You use a wide range of instrument. How do you go about
orchestrating your songs?
We write music with a computer and then work it out live. The hardest part is that sometimes stuff works on a recording that seems boring or weak when playing live.

Favorite show played and why?
Spring Fling last year. Ted hooked up with Andrew W. K. after the show. And Doug wept silently on Indian Hill because he was jealous of Andrew and because he feels at home with the ghosts who wander those hills at night searching for satisfaction of corporeal pleasures that they cannot feel.

Interesting fact about group:
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart. With our powers combined, we are Captain Planet.

Upcoming shows:
-Zonker Harris Day on April 21
-Luna Lounge in Brooklyn on July 2

Place to learn more: www.myspace.com/redwireblackwire

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