I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like they’ve been bombarded by a mass of papers, tests and other random assignments in the past few weeks. This being said, I haven’t had much time to eat properly, let alone take a moment to enjoy something delicious. But you know what? During these times of stress, I’m always craving something decadent and warm, and you know what? It only takes a few minutes to make a cup of hot chocolate from scratch. I assure you that this will be exactly what you need in your travel mug in your Olin cubby. Sometimes that perfect snack or hot beverage is all you need to keep you motivated to do your work…

Hot Chocolate

1 cup of milk

2 heaping tablespoons of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

a pinch of salt

1 teaspoon of cocoa powder

2 teaspoons of sugar or honey

a dash of spice! (cinnamon, nutmeg, or my personal favorite ,cardamom)

1. Put the milk and chocolate chips in a ceramic mug and microwave on 1/2 power for about 2 minutes.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until everything is combined.

3. Drink up! Or pour into a thermos and hit the library.

I make this whenever I need a study break, and it totally hits the spot on cold nights. It beats spending 3 points at Pi, and it for sure beats the packaged stuff. Top it off with some whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy. You can definitely multiply the recipe and make this on the stove if you’re feeling generous. If you do this on the stove, heat the milk first and then add the rest. If you’re into peppermint hot chocolate, throw a couple of mint tea bags into the pot of milk when you’re heating it up, and remove them before you add the remainder of the ingredients.

About Jenn So

Jenn So is a senior Film Studies major who hails from a quaint town nestled among the pine trees of Maine. On campus, she is one of the head house managers of the Wesleyan Film Series. In Maine, she grew up eating her mother’s traditional Cantonese cooking and worked at her parents’ restaurant. This ignited her love for all things food and restaurant related. She has worked as a pantry chef in a French bistro and loves to travel and try exciting new dishes food from all over the world. In the recent past, she has tasted the cuisines in Australia, Thailand and China. After graduation, she hopes to roam the globe in search of even more delicious adventures.

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