The Argus Speaker Series aims to bring established alumni journalists and communications professionals to Wesleyan to give campus-wide lectures on an aspect of the field in which he or she is well-versed, be it how to report on international politics or how print media will fare in the wake of ever-advancing digital technology. It is our hope that such a program will engage the Wesleyan community in the importance of journalism and news media, educate the community in a large variety of relevant specialized topics, and strengthen the relationship between The Argus and its readership on campus.

Speakers and Their Topics:

Fall 2013

  • Lisa Chedekel ’82, “Investigative Journalism: From Print to Digital”
    Senior Writer, Connecticut Health Investigative Team (C-HIT)








Lisa Chedekel ’82 at the RLAL Lounge 

Spring 2011

  • Matt Tyrnauer 91, “The transition from journalist to filmmaker”
    Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair magazine; Filmmaker (“Valentino The Last Emperor”, and others in the works.)

Spring 2010

Michelle McCool ’95

  • Tyler Cabot ’01, “Everything I didn’t learn about writing at Wesleyan”
    Features and Fiction Editor, Esquire
  • Gerard Koeppel ’79, “History is News That Stays News:  How News Writing Impacts the Historical Record”
    Author, Bond of Union: Building the Erie Canal and the American Empire (Da Capo, 2009), former editor/writer/producer, CBS News (1989-2000)
  • Michelle McCool ’95, “Behind the Glossies: The Filtering of Fashion from Conception to Publication”
    Fashion Director, Cosmopolitan
  • Jenifer B. McKim ’88, “Investigative Journalism and its future”
    Business Reporter, The Boston Globe

Jenifer B. McKim ’88

Spring 2008

  • Paul Mason 77, “The 2008 Political Campaign: News Coverage in the Digital Age—Blogs, debates, and why your vote may not count”
    ABC News Senior Vice President
  • Avi Salzman 00, “Fire the Paperboy: Is there any way to save the newspaper industry?”
    Freelance journalist
  • Eric Gershon 98, “8 Weeks, 12 Dwarves, 3 Camels and All 72 Rockets: You Call This Work?”
    Hartford Courant Business Reporter

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