Professor Szegedy-Maszak Selected as Fellow to Teach Greek History at Cheshire Correctional

November 26, 2018, by Claire Isenegger, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Next semester, Professor of Classical Studies Andrew Szegedy-Maszak will teach a version of his Greek History class to a group of incarcerated students at Cheshire Correctional Institution, a men’s maximum security prison in Cheshire, Conn. The class will be taught through Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education (CPE), which has provided a liberal arts education to incarcerated […]

Pre-Thanksgiving Break Fire at Lotus House Fire Displaces 18 Residents

November 26, 2018, by William Halliday, News Editor. Leave a Comment

A fire early last Sunday in 356 Washington St., also known as Lotus House, forced the Buddhism-themed program house’s 18 residents to find other accommodations for three nights. Alerted to the fire at around 4 a.m. on Sunday, students weren’t allowed to return to the house until Wednesday morning, after most of them had left […]

SPA Lab’s Inaugural Sleep Week Emphasizes Link Between Sleep and Wellbeing

November 26, 2018, by Spencer Dean, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Monday, Nov. 12, the University’s Sleep and Psychosocial Adjustment Lab (SPA) launched its inaugural Sleep Week. Aimed at improving students’ health and wellness, Sleep Week consisted of daily events which raised awareness about the importance of sleep. Planned events included a photo and video campaign, an interactive session with Assistant Professor of Psychology Royette […]

WRP Hosts Panel With Syrian Refugee Ahed Festuk and Multi-Faith Alliance Director Bennett Gross

November 26, 2018, by Steph Dukich, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Thursday, Nov. 15, the Wesleyan Refugee Project invited Ahed Festuk and Bennett Gross, both part of the Multi-Faith Alliance for Syria (MFA), to speak about their experiences. The event, “What’s Happening in Syria?” was an informal panel followed by a Q&A session in which both guests spoke about what brought them to do the work […]

USLAC Protests John Usdan ’80 Over Labor Practices

November 22, 2018, by Connor Aberle, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

A small group of students in United Student Labor Action Coalition (USLAC) began protesting John Usdan ’80 (trustee emeritus and Baldwin Medal recipient) in the Usdan University Center at 11 a.m. on Nov. 17. The protesters objected to Midwood Investment and Development—of which John Usdan is the President and CEO—using a contractor to hire employees […]

Students and Admissions Officers Gather to Discuss Future of Affirmative Action

November 15, 2018, by William Halliday, News Editor. Leave a Comment

Dozens of students filled Daniel Family Commons on Sunday night for a discussion about affirmative action and the current lawsuit alleging that Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants. Organized by the Wesleyan Asian-American Student Collective (AASC), the event brought together allies from numerous identity and affinity groups to grapple with the history of affirmative action in […]

Students Speak About Diverse Experiences With Refugee Advocacy Work

November 15, 2018, by Claire Isenegger, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, the Gordon Career Center, Wesleyan Refugee Project (WRP), and Fries Center for Global Studies co-hosted an event titled Advocating for Refugees: Student Experience Panel. The panel was held as part of Wesleyan’s International Education Week, which runs from Nov. 12-17. During the panel, four Wesleyan students spoke about their different experiences […]

Students Get a Second Chance: Faculty Passes Course Retake Policy Change

November 15, 2018, by Jocelyn Maeyama, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

A change in the University’s course retake policy will raise the grade needed to retake a course from an F to a C- or below. The policy change was passed Tuesday, Nov. 16, effective immediately. This policy change, passed by a faculty vote, will give students a second chance to meet grade cutoffs set by graduate schools and major […]

A Week of Tragedies in California Leaves Students on Edge

November 12, 2018, by Noa Street-Sachs, William Halliday, News Editor and Assistant News Editor. Leave a Comment

A shooting last week in Thousand Oaks, Calif., along with several fires that are still raging throughout the state have devastated California and set its residents on edge. For Wesleyan students from California, watching these tragedies unfold while being 3,000 miles from home has been particularly difficult. Over the past few days, wild fires have […]

Medidation Leader Kate Johnson Leads Workshop on Mindfulness and Radical Interdependence

November 12, 2018, by Sara McCrea, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

Students gathered on Saturday afternoon in Downey House for a mindfulness workshop on radical interdependence led by meditation teacher Kate Johnson. Ujamaa and Mindful Wes collaborated to organize the workshop, which covered topics including resilience, interconnectivity, and mindful social justice practices. Johnson is an interdisciplinary teacher, writer, and dancer who has worked in meditation centers, […]

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