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On Wednesday President Bennet sent an email to the Wesleyan Community titled “Response to Student Issues,” which introduced the Administration’s 27-page response to the list of student suggestions and complaints generated by the December 8 forum. Bennet’s introduction also challenged last semester’s protest as disrespectful and illegitimate.

“One of the important campus issues is how we create a climate of civility at Wesleyan where informed, meaningful conversation can take place,” he wrote. “By this I mean conversation in which diverse voices can be heard in an atmosphere of mutual respect so that we can achieve greater understanding through the rational and sensitive exploration of complex projects.”

The document responds to some concerns as they relate to specific issues, such as WESU and chalking, and to other concerns as they relate to overall campus trends, such as communication and diversity. In his introduction Bennet states that the purpose of the response is to inform discussion at Tuesday’s forum, and to serve as a jumping off point for future plans.

Under each heading the response lists either contact offices, departments and/or committees, to which interested and concerned students should consult. According to Justin Harmon, Director of University Communications, if students are unsure of how to get involved with a certain committee or issue they should contact someone within the appropriate department.

Harmon also stated that because the Administration has not generated any new plans since the December 8 forum, the response is a summary of the already existing efforts and avenues of communication.

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