The New Yorker’s Jennifer Gonnerman on the Criminal Justice Beat

February 20, 2017, by Camille De Beus, News Editor. Leave a Comment

With the increased activism focused on the criminal justice system, New Yorker Staff Writer Jennifer Gonnerman’s lecture entitled “The Art of Prison Writing” produced a pertinent discussion at the University on Thursday evening. Gonnerman mainly spoke about the process of writing her piece in The New Yorker on Kalief Browder, a sixteen-year-old boy who spent about three […]

Remembering the Fisk Takeover, 48 Years Later

February 20, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief . Leave a Comment

Before Yale renamed a residential college that commemorated a staunch defender of slavery, before Wesleyan had an African American Studies Program, and before just about every student here was born, Black faculty, staff, and students took a stand against racism and occupied Fisk Hall on February 21, 1969. After a request for classes to be cancelled […]

Office for Equity & Inclusion Hosts Immigration Workshop

February 20, 2017, by Erin Hussey, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

In the wake of burgeoning anti-immigration legislation issued by President Trump and his cabinet, the Office for Equity and Inclusion hosted a DACA/Immigration Workshop in Exley on Friday, Feb. 17. Both students and local residents attended the workshop, which was led by Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Antonio Farias and three local immigration experts. Secretary […]

University Partners With Merit to Display Student Accomplishments

February 20, 2017, by Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, News Editor . Leave a Comment

For any students who wished they could bring their Student Portfolio to life, the vaunted University Communications Department may have answered your prayers. On Friday, Feb. 17, University Manager of Media and Public Relations Lauren Rubenstein announced that the University will be partnering with the online service platform Merit. “From research and academic awards to study […]

Sinkhole Causes Temporary Water Shutdown

February 18, 2017, by Camille De Beus, News Editor. Leave a Comment

During the afternoon, a sinkhole developed on High Street, on the road between 163 (Russian House) and 156 (Writer’s Block and WesWings). As a result, the street between the two buildings has been closed down and water is temporarily being shut off in each edifice. According to Middletown Water Company Supervisor Devin Darley, the sinkhole was […]

Title IX External Review Gets Underway

February 16, 2017, by Molly Schiff, News Editor . 1 Comment

Despite Thursday’s snow catastrophe, the University’s Title IX external review, held on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, proceeded as scheduled. Attorneys from the Victim Rights Law Center joined University administrators, students, and faculty in a series of meetings and forums to evaluate the current state of the University’s Title IX policy as well as its […]

Future of Theater Dpt. Debated at Town Hall

February 16, 2017, by Kaye Dyja, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The University’s theater majors held a town hall to discuss the current state of the theater department with faculty, administrators, and students, on Monday, Feb. 13. Senior representatives Cheyanne Williams ’17 and Jess Cummings ’17 led and organized the event. Last year, Yuri Kordonski, former Chair of the Theater Department, left the University for a […]

Safety Regulations Hamper Frustrated Music Scene

February 16, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief . 2 Comments

In an interview with The Argus on Wednesday, President Roth weighed in on the so-called “War on Fun” while outlining the constraints of the University’s night life and music scene regarding concerts. “My goal would be that they would have whatever they need to have safe musical performances. I’m trying to increase the number of […]

Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island Comes to Zilkha Gallery

February 16, 2017, by Eve O'Shea, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This past Monday, Feb. 13, a panel discussion titled “Arts, Worker’s Rights, Globalization” was held in the Zilkha Gallery. The talk was hosted by two members of Gulf Labor, a coalition of artists concerned with the labor conditions in the construction of international franchise museums on the Saadiyat Island in Adu Dhabi. The panel was […]

Student Union Convenes for First Time This Semester

February 16, 2017, by Molly Schiff, News Editor . Leave a Comment

The Wesleyan Student Union held its first meeting of the spring semester late in the evening of Monday, Feb. 13. Approximately 30 students gathered in the Daniel Family Commons to formulate an agenda for the group and discuss how it will move forward in the new year. Daniel Kim ’17 served as a moderator for […]

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