It’s Giving Garlic: Five Ideas for Culinary Creativity That Would Make Vampires Flee

April 4, 2024, by Isabel Kapner, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Garlic may be my favorite ingredient. There is truly no ingredient I use more and no ingredient I appreciate more. There are few dishes that garlic cannot elevate and transform. Here are my five favorite forms of garlic and how I incorporate them into my meals.  #1: Jarred Minced Garlic As a busy college student, jarred […]

The Art of the College Breakfast

April 4, 2024, by Honor O’Donnell, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

I am a proud breakfast enthusiast and snob. Whether I make it the night before or the morning of, enjoying my breakfast with a cup of coffee is a routine I try to maintain even when I’m the busiest. My days of running half asleep to Pi Café for a banana or bagel are a […]

A Food Editor’s Take on the Costa Rican “Casado”

March 28, 2024, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

During my 10-day vacation in Costa Rica, I probably consumed 10 pounds of rice, 10 pounds of beans, and 50 million plantains. That’s an exaggeration, but as a voracious lover of Latin American cuisine, I couldn’t help but gorge myself on the delicious bounties that the home country of the casado had to offer. The […]

Trend Testing: Chopped Bagel

February 29, 2024, by Ava Becker, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

As a talented doom-scroller and longtime foodie, I spend a fair amount of time watching food content on social media. I am a food trend skeptic, and yet, every once in a while I find myself curious to try a bizarre recipe that I find online. This curiosity struck when, last Saturday afternoon, I began […]

Tentacle-izing Tapas: An Exciting and Affordable Trip to El Pulpo

February 29, 2024, by Isabel Kapner, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

“Oh El Pulpo, I adore thee!” reads one Yelp review for this restaurant. For its fresh, delicious tapas and peaceful environment, El Pulpo does warrant adoration. My love for this small restaurant, tucked into the Main Street Market past Perk on Main, comes from its high quality and exciting, yet affordable, dishes. This tapas bar was the […]

Banana Bread Blunders: Baking From the Heart

February 29, 2024, by Chantal Dunn, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Banana bread is among the most nostalgic baked goods. Every family has their recipe, but absolutely no one can beat the way your own mom makes it. Recently, I attempted three banana recipes: peanut butter chocolate chip banana bars, gluten-free banana bread, and the holy grail: my mother’s banana bread recipe. As a consequence of […]

Yes, There Is Barbecue in Buffalo, New York

February 22, 2024, by Blake Klein, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

This past weekend, I was in Buffalo, N.Y. for a mock trial tournament. Buffalo is known for a few (and only a few) things: the Bills, its proximity to Niagara Falls, and Buffalo wings. Naturally, I was ecstatic to venture around the city and try as many wings places as possible, regardless of the havoc […]

You Thought I Was Feeling You? Nah, I’m Eating at Krust

February 22, 2024, by Mikail Haroon, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

Classically and completely booked during parents weekends, Krust has proved time and time again to be one of the most creative artisanal pizza spots near campus (check out the dive into Otto pizza in Chester in an article by Food Editor Lewis Woloch ’24). Serving as a more casual and less expensive option than its sister restaurant, OSA, Krust offers […]

Weshop Wednesday: Tofu and Bok Choy Dumplings

February 22, 2024, by Milly Berman, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This is another recipe in a series I am developing called “Recipes You Can Make With Ingredients Only From Weshop (and Not Just on Restock Day).” Sure, anyone can make a delicious dinner on a Friday or Saturday when the shelves are all full. But it’s truly a challenge to be inspired when there’s just […]

Cantina Café Ristorante: A Glorious Review

February 15, 2024, by Santiago Galvan, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Hidden underneath the Italian Society of Middletown’s principal building, an inconspicuous entryway denoted by a small “Open” sign lies hidden in the night. An unknowing passerby might mistake it as an entrance to just another dilapidated convenience store, or even a certain fraternal organization’s operational headquarters. However, even with its awkward separation from the rest […]

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