A New Haven Pizza Roundup

May 2, 2024, by Lewis Woloch, Isabel Kapner, Food Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

New Haven pizza, though less famous than New York-style or Chicago deep dish, is truly the best. This “apizza” is characterized by a thin crust—a perfect combination of chewy yet crisp—often accompanied by a sweet tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, or even clams! Though Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, AKA Pepe’s, is credited with starting New Haven pizza, […]

Endorsing Skyline Chili

May 2, 2024, by Anne Kiely, Editor-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

When I learned of the negative Skyline Chili experience of Assistant Food Editor Blake Klein ’26, I was dismayed. I would like to assure readers of The Argus that Skyline is far better than that. Having spent every Christmas visiting family in Cincinnati, I know Skyline Chili to be one of the most excellent foods […]

Turkey Chive Meatballs in Spring Broth: Cooking With Chef G

May 2, 2024, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Only recently have I come around to the radish. It’s fairly polarizing as far as vegetables are concerned. There are those who go to sleep dreaming of fresh radishes and butter, and those who scorn the very sight of them. I previously belonged to the latter camp, only tolerating radishes if pickled or preserved, unenthusiastic […]

A Modern Take on Matzo Ball Soup

April 25, 2024, by Milly Berman, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Passover is this week, and for me, that means two things: I am going to be hosting a Seder, and I am going to be making absurd amounts of matzo ball soup. Matzo balls are unlike any other food I’ve ever tasted. They’re sometimes fluffy, sometimes dense, salty, bready, eggy, springy, and absurdly delicious.   This […]

Fostering Community at the Wesleyan Jewish Community’s Shabbat Dinner

April 25, 2024, by Blake Klein, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

As a resident of the Bayit, a program house for Jewish students on campus, I have become accustomed to the weekly Wesleyan Jewish Community (WJC) Shabbat service that attracts dozens of people. Occasionally, I walk in on Friday evening after the service (sorry for skipping them, Mom!) and see trays and trays of food out in a […]

Picking Your Pickles With Ava

April 18, 2024, by Ava Becker, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

In a world as divisive as ours, I find it easiest to categorize people into two types: pickle lovers and pickle haters. This article is for everyone who falls into the former category, or those who appreciate a tangy, crunchy and deliciously complex fermented cucumber at any time of the day. That being said, our […]

Fish Tacos With Friends

April 18, 2024, by Isabel Kapner, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Take a second and imagine with me. You’re sitting with your favorite people at a table outside, watching the sun begin to set, basking in the deep summer warmth. You’ve just spent the past hour cooking and finally get to sit down, relishing the time spent together and the delicious collaborative meal. That meal is the incredible shrimp […]

Scrutinizing Skyline Chili

April 11, 2024, by Blake Klein, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Over spring break, I had yet another mock trial tournament to attend. If you’ve been following my recent articles, you’ll know that the hours of preparation we put into competing comes second to my food exploration of brand-new cities. This time, our competition was in Cincinnati, Ohio, a place I likely otherwise would have not […]

Matcha Lemon Bars With Blueberry Compote

April 11, 2024, by Jordan Scott-Weiner, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

When it comes to baking, I stick to what I know, which is really just chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars. I gravitate toward lemon bars because I adore the tart, thick filling along with the buttery shortbread crust. Also, it doesn’t hurt that my family has been blessed with a gigantic Meyer lemon tree, […]

Artichoke and White Bean Pasta: Cooking With Chef G

April 4, 2024, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Oh, the jarred artichoke! What a wondrous creation. I would eat these bottled beauties every day if I could. But, as one grows older and wiser, one realizes—to much dismay—that it is, indeed, dangerous to have too much of a good thing. So, when I allow myself a jar, it’s with both giddiness and caution that […]

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