Sweet Potato Quesadilla: Mixing and Mashing with Thomas Lyons

September 18, 2023, by Thomas Lyons, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

My friend recently revealed that he occasionally goes to Summies and purposefully misreads his order number (653 instead of 651, say). On the rare occasion his attempts bear fruit, he’s rewarded with surprise and variety: his first noodle bowl, an ultimate burger, new blends of tastes and textures. If you don’t want to plunge late-night […]

An Ode to the Grill

September 18, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Neat rows divided by tar-black metal beams. An Olympic-style pool if the swimmers lived in hell, lapping through the fiery lanes at Satan’s YMCA. I turn the gas on, and the valve rises from a propane tank. I think of the joys of a party store, the giddy anticipation before helium balloon inflation—a ready-to-pop “6” […]

A Flavor of Campus Dining

September 11, 2023, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Campus Dining in a Nutshell As we all acclimate back to the Wesleyan campus lifestyle and find ourselves sarcastically exclaiming to our friends in Usdan, “Ah, I missed Mongolian stir fry,” I thought I’d throw my own two cents into the mix. Now, I definitely am not the premier food authority on this campus, but […]

Chicken Thighs with Picatta-ish Couscous: Cooking with Chef G

September 11, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

It brings me such joy when all that is needed to make a delicious meal is one singular pan. The clouds part and angelic music streams from the heavens as I triumphantly approach the sink with minimal carnage. I wash happily under the lingering smell of tomato paste, capers, and onion baptized in chicken fat […]

Pasta e Ceci: One Last Recipe (Until the Fall) with Chef G

May 9, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

For this semester’s final issue of The Argus, I wanted to share a classic Tuscan recipe passed down to me from my mother. Pasta e Ceci—pasta with chickpeas—is an emblematic dish of the Tuscan “cucina povera” (peasant cooking). While unassuming and cheap to make, this dish manages to turn the most simple of ingredients into […]

Summerfields and Cryptocurrency: When Will Wesleyan Stop Forcing Students to Trade “Tokens” in an Untested Market?

May 8, 2023, by Thomas Lyons, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This article is a satire and is not based entirely in fact. All opinions belong to the author alone. I’m fed up with this fricking crypto junk.  When Summerfields first started using Eco-2-Go containers, where students exchange tokens for to-go boxes, I’ll admit I was enthusiastic. Streamlining the payment process was a good thing, and […]

My Soon-to-Be World Famous Red Pesto: Cooking with Chef G

May 1, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

For the longest time, I loathed red bell peppers. As I got older, I warmed up to them, but to this day I still remain suspicious. One of the only ways I will spoon-feed myself red-bell peppers is when they are emulsified with some sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, and copious amounts of parmesan (what some might […]

A Brief Guide to Smoothies at Wesleyan

May 1, 2023, by Oscar Kim Bauman, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

Whether you’re on the go and need a substantive beverage while speed-walking across campus, you want to get some nutrition while staying cool on a hot day, or you just feel like treating yourself, a smoothie is usually what the occasion calls for. As the weather warms up, I decided to look into the different […]

Eating on 4/20: A Review of Food at Wesleyan on My Most Gluttonous Day

April 24, 2023, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Whenever April 20th rolls around, I find myself with a bad case of the munchies—especially when I’m at Wesleyan. It’s hard to understand, but it just happens that way; I’m pretty hungry most other days of the year too, but 4/20 just sends my stomach and bowels into oblivion. When I woke up a mere […]

Ramp and Fiddlehead Frittata: Recipe by Chef G

April 24, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This recipe goes out to all my co-op comrades, who I assume are currently pondering how to use the produce that was given to us this week: ramps and fiddlehead ferns. Ramps are a type of allium; with a subtle garlic flavor, these bad boys are a springtime dream. Fiddleheads are essentially baby ferns, and […]

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