From “Uni” to “Erizo”: Cross-Continental Culinary Exploration and Intergenerational Bonds

March 6, 2023, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

It’s quite easy for me to pinpoint why I wanted to start a food section in The Argus (besides the fact that I needed to bolster my slightly lacking resume): it was because I love food. Specifically, I love eating food. A friend recently remarked to me that she’s never seen someone eat the way […]

Roasted Chicken and Cabbage With Beet Whipped Feta: Recipe by Chef G

March 6, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Beets and cabbage, I’d argue, are two of the vegetables that get the worst reputation. What to do with such bad-mouthed produce? How to transform a humble tuber and discount cauliflower into something magical you ask? Look no further. A versatile and punchy whipped feta spread is the answer to all your seasonal blues. Want […]

Pork, Potato, and Kale Soup: Recipe by Chef G

February 27, 2023, by Gemmarosa Ryan, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Hi, I’m Gemma, your kitchen confidant, sautéing savant, and wannabe chef. I’m pairing up with The Argus to share some recipes I’ve been devising in my humble Low Rise kitchen. These recipes are designed to use minimal cookware and Weshop or Food Co-op ingredients, while also being fairly hands-off.  My first recipe was inspired by our […]

Why Pho 170 Provides the Ultimate Comfort Food Experience

February 27, 2023, by Ada Carlston, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

As I spend more time at Wesleyan, and as my college career unfolds, I’ve found myself reflecting on the considerable amount of time that I have spent exploring Middletown and neighboring towns in Connecticut.  There are stark differences between my day-to-day life back home in New York City and here on campus—the constant noise, the variety of […]

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Pasta Tom Reflects on 24 Years at the University

February 20, 2023, by Thomas Lyons, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Thomas Bartolotta, better known by his moniker “Pasta Tom,” has left the sauce stove and taken a temporary position at Weshop through his employment with Bon Appétit. Most students know Bartolotta from his classic “Hey!” resounding through the Usdan kitchen to call out inattentive students in the pasta line. When ordering, there is a sequence […]

Reflecting on Super Bowls Past: Touchdown-Worthy Recipes

February 20, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Lewis Woloch, Food Editor & Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

Back in the day, Lia and I would spend every Super Bowl together, when my family would walk two blocks down Clinton Avenue to her family’s brownstone. Given that one of Lia’s moms, her brother, my dad and I were all into football, the Big Game was heavily spectated. However, the real star of the […]

Lewis’ List: Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in the Middletown Area

February 13, 2023, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

To all my fellow food critics and lovers, I’m going to let you in on some of Middletown’s best kept food secrets. From wacky diners, traditional Vietnamese restaurants, and deliciously authentic Mexican food, this list offers a comprehensive opinion of our town’s surprisingly expansive food scene. For those of you who have differing opinions or […]

Food Is Love: Reflections on Living, Learning, and Loving in the Kitchen

February 13, 2023, by Rachel Wachman, Editor-in-Chief. 2 Comments

One of my first memories in the kitchen is from when I was two. Too tiny to reach the countertop, I’m standing on a step stool, hovering over the pizza dough that my dad has rolled across the counter. He’s spreading tomato sauce and I’m shoving handfuls of shredded mozzarella into my mouth. I’m not […]

Worldwide Wes: Experiencing Spanish Cuisine

February 6, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Features Editor, Food Editor . Leave a Comment

Spain, like every other country in the world, has a very different food culture than the U.S.. Something I quickly learned after my first meal when I arrived for my semester abroad was that food is not something to be shoved down your gullet while sitting at your desk. Meals are an opportunity to converse […]

Worldwide Wes: Exploring Argentinian Cuisine

February 6, 2023, by Lewis Woloch, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

As I was chatting with a friend the other day about his upcoming semester abroad, he asked me what the food was like during my own study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having grown up and shared many burritos with me, he knew that I was a lover of all things Latin American, and he […]

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