This year, the University will begin participating in the Solarize U program to extend its commitment to sustainability.

c/o Solarize U

For the first time, the University will participate this year in the Solarize U program. Solarize U is a solar discount program run by the State of Connecticut and a partnership between the Connecticut Green Bank and SmartPower. The goal of this program is to extend the University’s commitment to sustainability to faculty and staff who are homeowners in Connecticut.

“The Solarize Wesleyan program brings Wesleyan’s sustainability efforts beyond campus boundaries,” said Vice President for Finance and Administration John Meerts. “This program will encourage our community to take advantage of the power of the sun at a competitive price.”

This year marks the first year that Solarize U invited college campuses to participate in the program. In addition to Wesleyan, five other Connecticut universities, including the University of New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University, the University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Yale University are taking part.

According to the University’s Sustainability website, this program will provide the installation of solar panels in order to reduce monthly electric bills. In turn, this—as well as the other sustainability initiatives—will aid in reducing the carbon footprint.

“Solarize Wesleyan will let you compare online competitive bids from pre-screened local solar installers and learn if solar makes financial sense for your home,” the Solarize Connecticut website reads.

The events will run from Feb. to June. On Feb. 4, the University held its kick-off event for Solorize U, and also held two information sessions on Feb. 4 and 5 for students and faculty who were interested in finding out more about the program. Those in attendance were provided with more information about the program and had the opportunity to speak to SmartPower representatives.

Solarize Connecticut has added 14 megawatts of solar across Connecticut so far, with 1,800 residents from 42 cities and towns signing contracts. In addition, the program intends to provide multiple quotes from local solar installers, to allow participants to evaluate prices and find the best solar solution for their residency.

“We share a common goal of spreading the adoption of clean energy,” the website reads. “With a combination of finance, policy and marketing expertise, we are making solar simple, affordable and fun for Connecticut residents who work on college campuses.”

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