To the Wesleyan Community:

On Friday April 30th, at an open event at the Tomb, an individual purposefully broke several glass panes from the window. We are particularly disheartened by the incident as the Tomb holds an historic place in Wesleyan history. Inappropriate behavior such as those exercised this past weekend make it difficult to maintain such an important element of the campus landscape. More importantly though, is the point that this kind of behavior is irresponsible and disrespectful regardless of location. We would like to believe that whether at a house, frat, dorm or other university building, one would think twice about committing vandalism and/or property damage. The Tomb, being University property, should not be an exception. And while the membership and practices of the organization may be undisclosed to the general public, we are still very much a part of the community, as your peers, and possibly your close friends. We enjoy sharing our space with the community but incidents like this make it difficult to do so in the future if we feel that we cannot be assured that the space will be respected. As we come to reflect and celebrate the end of the semester, let us be mindful in respecting one another and the spaces within our community.


The Skull & Serpent Society

  • anonymous

    Skull and Serpent= ECLECTIC (mostly)!

    We know your secret. I am sorry.