The weather has been really nice lately. You know this. It is once again the season of afternoons on Foss “doing homework”, playing ultimate and generally just being jovial. It is a really nice space that we’re lucky to have on campus. However, Foss hill is a lot more enjoyable to bask on when it’s not covered in trash, bottles and cigarette butts. Today, around 6 pm, after a long day of warm temperatures and bright sunlight, a number of friends and I gazed lovingly across the hill – and saw trash everywhere. It was not cool. NOT COOL.

We picked up a trash bag full of bottles and cans, a shopping bag full of recyclable paper, a shopping bag full of compost, and a small trash bag full of straight up trash. I beg you, if you eat or drink or smoke on the hill, throw your trash away! For such a liberal campus that prides itself on being tree-huggers, we sure lack respect for our own outdoor space.

Not only does leaving trash on the hill hurt the environment and make the campus look dumpy, it reinforces the cough-sheltered-cough, youthful mindset that we can just leave our refuse wherever it falls and that good ol’ “someone else” will clean it up for us. Take some responsibility for your own actions, people!

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