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Wesceleb: Myles Potters ’12

by Amanda Schwartz, Executive Editor. Comments Off on Wesceleb: Myles Potters ’12

I’m not the best Fifa player in the world, but not the worst. It’s not something that can be verbally described; it must be experienced.

Zonker Harris Day Makes a Comeback

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. 4 Comments

“The rumors are true,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Mike Whaley with a playful emphasis on “rumors.”

Planned Parenthood: Blumenthal, Richards Speak at Rally

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. 8 Comments

“They say no choice, we say pro-choice!” The chant echoed throughout Exley 150 on Saturday afternoon.

Planned Parenthood Rally in Exley

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. 3 Comments

Following last Friday’s vote by the Republican-led House of Representatives to defund the reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood, students on campus, angered by the unprecedented move by Congress, have swung into action.

Sexual Assault Case to Go Before Jury

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. Comments Off on Sexual Assault Case to Go Before Jury

After appearing in court on Tuesday morning, defendant John O’Neill, who is being charged with first-degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint, which allegedly occurred on Oct. 31 in Middletown, pled not guilty to both charges.

Dept. Restructuring Not Planned

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. Comments Off on Dept. Restructuring Not Planned

Last Friday, a Wesleying entry titled “A Veiled Announcement?” posted under the username 2big2fail proposed that President Michael Roth’s Jan. 31 update on his blog, Roth on Wesleyan, is a subtle indicator that not only does Roth “[like] the idea of the dissolving departments,” but also that he “might be laying the groundwork for… something perhaps involving more direct administrative control over academic life.”

Beta Sexual Assault Case Postponed

by Amanda Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief. Comments Off on Beta Sexual Assault Case Postponed

Although scheduled to return to court on Feb. 8 after being charged with first degree sexual assault and first degree unlawful restraint on Oct. 31 in Middletown, John O’Neill, 21, of Yorktown, N.Y., did not appear in court this Tuesday.

Beta Update: Student Alleges Rape

by Amanda Schwartz, Managing Editor. 6 Comments

After an e-mail sent by Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer and Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Whaley on Nov. 9 warned the Wesleyan community against visiting the Beta Theta Pi house in light of several reports of sexual assault, questions and rumors about what actually occurred have arisen across campus.

Usdanigans: Cereal and Raisin Kugel

by Amanda Schwartz, Managing Editor. Comments Off on Usdanigans: Cereal and Raisin Kugel

Similar to bread pudding, kugel is a starch baked in custard and tastes awesome in your mouth. However, kugel is also similar to tuna noodle casserole in appearance and concept, which is considerably less tasty.

“I Believe in Hope for the Human Being”: Wiesel Discusses Violence, Morality, and Writing

by Amanda Schwartz, Managing Editor. 1 Comment

When Elie Wiesel first began writing Night, his words filled an 864-page manuscript. Now, read and celebrated across the world, his account of surviving the death camps fits a slim pocket book of 109 pages.

Remembering Nora Miller

by Amanda Schwartz , Managing Editor . Comments Off on Remembering Nora Miller

Members of the community filled the Memorial Chapel yesterday afternoon to commemorate the life of Nora Miller ’12, who passed away last Monday. Nearly two weeks after the tragic events that led to Nora’s death, friends and faculty members came together to share memories of the Nora they knew.

The Price of Tenure: Melanye Price Leaves Position for Rutgers

by Amanda Schwartz, Managing Editor. 2 Comments

Several months after her administrative appointment to the newly created Internship Coordinator position, Professor Melanye Price has resigned from Wesleyan University in order to take a new position in the Africana Studies and Political Science Departments at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Students May Gain Sway Over Univ. Portfolio

by Amanda Schwartz, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Until this semester, any recent attempts at students influencing the University’s financial decisions were limited to combative Wespeaks and camp outs in front of the Investment Office.