Letter From the Editors: Reflections on the End of the Semester

December 10, 2021, by Emma Smith, Hannah Docter-Loeb, Editors-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

Dear Argus readers,  It’s been a semester, but we’re still here! For students and student journalists alike, each semester during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging in its own way, and this one has been no exception: the demands of returning to mostly in-person classes, obligations, and social schedules while cases rise and fall (sometimes […]

Letter to the Editor: USLAC and Wesleyan Physical Plant Stand with Bates Workers

November 11, 2021, by Wesleyan Physical Plant , United Student/Labor Action Coalition , . Leave a Comment

Bates College staff has made headlines recently with their efforts to unionize a solid majority of their staff, save the managers, supervisors, tenured/tenure track faculty, and security personnel. With that unionization effort has come a sharp backlash from the Bates administration. Workers recently filed a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) about Bates’s […]

Amherst Football Squad Went Too Far

November 1, 2021, by Terry McClenahan, Contributing Writer. 3 Comments

The Amherst football team owes an apology to Wesleyan’s players and coaches, their equals on the playing field. My wife & I drove from Buffalo to see our son on Homecoming Weekend. Twelve months ago COVID cancelled Parent’s Weekend when he was a freshman. On Saturday, Amherst won a tense, nail-biting, muddy football game with […]

From Title IX to Yik Yak: Wesleyan Disempowers Survivors of Sexual Assault

October 28, 2021, by Leila Henry, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Content Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault and abuse. As a Bystander Intervention Facilitator at Wesleyan University, I teach that survivors of sexual assault have the agency to define their experience. Wesleyan survivors are robbed of this agency, as attempts from both the institution and the student body to hold perpetrators accountable are rarely […]

Letter to the Editor: Brian Gartner for Middletown Planning & Zoning

October 18, 2021, by Brian Gartner, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Dear Wesleyan students & faculty,  My name is Brian Gartner, and I am one of the Endorsed Democratic Candidates running for a seat on the Middletown Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission. I am hoping to seek your support in running for this elected office. Wesleyan is such an important part of this community, our community, which […]

Letter to the Editor: A Job Well Done!

September 10, 2021, by Father William J. Wallace, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Every year Wesleyan’s Orientation Committee, members of ResLife, and officers of Public Safety go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a safe, orderly, and welcoming arrival and program of events for Wesleyan’s incoming class.  This year’s Orientation, ResLife, and Public Safety students and staff gave new meaning to the word “extraordinary.”    In addition to the usual […]

Letter From The Editors: Emma Smith ’22 and Hannah Docter-Loeb ’22

September 9, 2021, by Emma Smith, Hannah Docter-Loeb, Editors-in-Chief . Leave a Comment

Dear Readers, Welcome back! We are so excited to write to you for the first (but not the last) time as Editors-in-Chief of The Argus. We have both been staff members since the fall of our first year on campus, and while neither of us envisioned being in this position at that moment, we could […]

If You Voted For Ben Florsheim ’14, You Should Donate to Alicia Hernandez Strong ’18

April 1, 2021, by Bryan Chong, Emily McEvoy, Contributing Writers. Comments Off on If You Voted For Ben Florsheim ’14, You Should Donate to Alicia Hernandez Strong ’18

In the discourse around accomplished alumni of Wesleyan, Ben Florsheim ’14 is rarely left out of the conversation. Elected as Mayor of Middletown in 2019 at the age of 27, he ran a strong grassroots campaign with the support of the Wesleyan Democrats, which bolstered his margin of victory—he beat his opponent 443 to 77 […]

Letter to the Editor: Middletown Community Fund

February 25, 2021, by Wesleyan Democratic Socialists , . Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: Middletown Community Fund

Most of us recognize that our college experience is only possible because of the city we live in. Middletown residents and Wesleyan students belong to the same community, and if our community is struggling, we owe it to them to do what we can to help. Although our administration sometimes adopts this mindset, it generally […]

Lift Up Our Wider Wesleyan Community by Donating to the Center for Prison Education’s Re-Entry Fund

December 3, 2020, by Mary Johnson, Contributing Writer. Comments Off on Lift Up Our Wider Wesleyan Community by Donating to the Center for Prison Education’s Re-Entry Fund

Dear Members of the Wesleyan Community, Most current students can agree that having to relocate right before the end of a semester is not easy. In addition to the usual intensity of finals week, students who have just moved back home are now adjusting to sharing Wi-Fi, limited space, and household responsibilities with family members. […]

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