Saying No

April 22, 2024, by Zoe Hecht, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Two days ago, I joined members of SJP to unfurl banners with messages of Palestinian solidarity at a Wesfest event. President Roth somehow spun our demonstration into another pitch for Wesleyan’s embrace of democratic learning and Roth’s own magnanimity. Afterwards, an individual told me that they were impressed by the fact that Roth had invited […]

Response to “‘Small Mouth Sounds’ Was Freaking Awesome”

April 4, 2024, by Elizabeth Laurence, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Nina Jakobson’s senior capstone project ‘Small Mouth Sounds’ was really awesome but I would like to bring light to the elements of the production that the last Argus article failed to mention. I was the only actor not included in the original article, or rather I was alluded to as “Kieran’s possible love interest.” I […]

Letter from the Editors: The Eclipse and Its Consequences

April 4, 2024, by Anne Kiely, Sam Hilton, Editors-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

Dear avid readers of The Argus, Happy Friday! We hope you all enjoyed our annual edition of The Blargus and are excited for the weather to start getting warmer. As we shiver through the last gasps of winter, we wanted to let you all know that we will not be publishing next Tuesday, April 9, […]

Dear Board of Trustees: Not Good Enough

March 28, 2024, by Jesse W. Torgerson, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Last week we learned something sickening: Wes too. According to anonymous testimony in an online zine (Begging for Table Scraps) the Chair of our Board of Trustees “made inappropriate contact” with, or “had harmful interaction with” (some might say “harassed”) a student serving drinks at a board function. Reports indicate the University “followed its policies […]

Wes Is Far From Perfect, We Deserve Better

March 3, 2024, by Jake Maskara, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

I am an openly gay student on campus. Wesleyan was the first non-religious institution I have ever attended in my life. Growing up, I went to a catholic elementary school and an all-boys catholic high school. I came to Wes because of its environment that was branded as somewhere where people were unique and open […]

Viewpoint Diversity

February 26, 2024, by Eric Kuhn, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

Here’s some good news about viewpoint diversity in the American academy! We think of our elite institutions as being populated by well-informed, thoughtful types, most of them from culturally rich backgrounds. There’s a worry that this may lead to a lack of viewpoint diversity, though: are our schools too lefty? At Harvard there is at […]

What Are You?

February 22, 2024, by Ting Tsai, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

What are you? I often find myself asking this question. With objects, the answer almost always seems simple. Parasol? Oh, that’s just an umbrella. A palindrome? Words that are spelled to be read the same forwards and backwards. One way or another, we can easily search for synonyms or definitions that describe that which we […]

Wesleyan Is Too Liberal For Our Own Good: Why Shutting Out Conservatism Is Detrimental to Our Education

February 5, 2024, by Nicolás Millán Prieto, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

I can assure you that I am firmly in the progressive camp at Wesleyan. I approach every issue in American politics from the left: I am an ardent supporter of increasing spending on healthcare, insurance, climate resilience, and education at the expense of defense and border security. I am pro-abortion, anti-gun, and pro-immigration. But my opinion is thus: as liberals, progressives, moderates, socialists, and everything […]

Introducing the Editorial Board

February 1, 2024, by Thomas Lyons, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

At this year’s family Christmas gathering, an uncle asked me if I believed a peaceful, bilateral solution in the Middle East remained possible. I was a bit taken aback. Not because it was a strange question or because I hadn’t expected him, a high school history teacher, to pose it, but because no one had […]

Letter From the Editors: This Is Not a Newspaper, This Is The Argus

January 29, 2024, by Anne Kiely, Sam Hilton, Editors-in-Chief. 1 Comment

Dearest readers, Welcome back! We hope you had a rejuvenating winter break. We’re thrilled to be serving as editors-in-chief for The Argus this semester. As you may know, our paper is named after Argus Panoptes, the 100-eyed giant from Greek mythology. This semester, for the first time since either of us started at The Argus, […]

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