Letter to the Editor

November 1, 2019, by Ernest Braun, Irene Westfall, Climate Action Group. Leave a Comment

This Tuesday, Middletown will elect its new mayor. As Climate Action Group, we believe it’s essential to choose Ben Florsheim if Middletown is to make genuine environmental progress. A lot depends on any mayoral election, but this race is particularly urgent: It will decide our city’s sustainability efforts for at least the next decade and […]

New Temporary Hut Outside of Alpha Delt

October 15, 2019, by Adina Gitomer, Class of 2020. Leave a Comment

Amidst the culture of curiosity cultivated on Wesleyan’s campus, one question has come to surface on everybody’s mind: what is that little hut with 3 walls, 1 opening, and a roof made out of “schach” doing on the green outside of Alpha Delt? The answer to this astute and thoughtful question is as simple as […]

China Campus Should Be Shelved

October 1, 2019, by Andy Gottlieb, Class of 2014. 3 Comments

I was outraged to learn last week that Wesleyan is considering opening a satellite campus in China. It doesn’t take an expert to know that a liberal arts education is completely incompatible with an autocratic country. A Wesleyan campus in China would only normalize the world’s largest dictatorship. Director of the Fries Center for Global […]

Climate Strike Today

September 20, 2019, by Brian Stewart, Jackie Duckett, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

Young people everywhere are sick and tired of the lack of progress being made on pressing environmental issues, most especially climate change. They recognize that climate change will directly impact their generation, and are inspired by young people like Greta Thunberg, who are taking a stance and demanding political action. We need our politicians to […]

Faculty Member Supports Mary Bartolotta

September 6, 2019, by Krishna Winston, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

On September 10 Middletown residents have a real choice to make in the four-way mayoral primary. Mary Bartolotta represents a chance for us to see much-needed change in City Hall and our entire community. Of the four candidates, Mary is the only one who has concrete experience as a legislator. During her years on the […]

Focus on candidates’ records when voting for mayor

September 6, 2019, by Justin Kopit, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

A recent article in the Argus entitled “Florsheim ’14 Enters Crowded Middletown Mayoral Race” seemed more like a tribute to Ben Florsheim than a serious appraisal of the mayoral field. I wanted to give a different perspective for those students interested in voting in the primary on September 10th. I am a Wesleyan graduate (class […]

Reproductive Healthcare in Middletown: Why We Need to Understand CPCs

May 6, 2019, by Rebecca Goldfarb Terry, . Leave a Comment

The Wesleyan University Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) department’s “Bridge Builder Award” “recognizes a student group that has succeeded in strengthening the relationship between Wesleyan and the greater Middletown community.” The recipients of this award are acknowledged in the commencement program and recognized at the end of year award reception on May 8, 2019. […]

SMG workers respond to Argus article

May 6, 2019, by United Student/Labor Action Coalition , Jose, Liset, Leonidas, Gloria, Anonymous worker. Leave a Comment

To the editors, This Tuesday, April 30, 2019, The Argus published an article detailing the administrative response to student and custodial protests about unreasonable custodial workloads at Wesleyan. This article contained a misleading, one-sided assertion from the University’s spokespeople regarding SMG workers: “We’re unaware of any official complaints from the SMG workforce to SMG, to […]

Wesleyan’s Proud Tradition of Student-Worker Solidarity

May 2, 2019, by Concerned Alumni, . Leave a Comment

We, the undersigned, are a group of Wesleyan alumni who are concerned about the unreasonable workloads faced by campus janitors, the majority of whom are black and brown migrants. We implore President Michael Roth to hire five new custodial staff and to drop all disciplinary charges against student protesters. This is a cause close to […]

Why I Confronted President Roth

May 2, 2019, by Alec Shea, . Leave a Comment

As a recently graduated alumnus of Wesleyan, I had the pleasure of visiting some friends of mine on Campus last weekend. I joined them in questioning President Roth at a Lacrosse game on Saturday about the severe workloads placed on Wesleyan’s custodial workers. Other students associated with USLAC (the University Student Labor Action Coalition) confronted […]

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