Wesleyan Graduate Students Continue Union Drive Despite Delay in University Response,” published on May 2, 2024, states: “Though their visas cap the amount of hours they can work in a week to 20, many FLTAs—especially those in the College of East Asian Studies—routinely go over this limit.” The interviewed FLTAs are teaching in other departments, not East Asian Studies. Therefore, we would like to offer a correction.

CEAS recognizes that there were problems in the past. We have taken concrete steps to better manage the number of hours worked. The current CEAS FLTAs (co-signers of this letter) have vouched that they have not been working over 20 hours per week. CEAS is committed to fostering the best working environment for all its members, including FLTAs, faculty, students, and staff.

Takeshi Watanabe, Chair, CEAS

KaiLi Shi, FLTA in Chinese, 23–24

Yerim Kim, FLTA in Korean, 23-25

Nao Tsujii, FLTA in Japanese, 23–25

Takeshi Watanabe is the Chair of the College of East Asian Studies and can be reached at twatanabe@wesleyan.edu