86 Years is Too Long to Wait for Clean Rivers

March 28, 2019, by Alicea Charamut, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Eighty-six years is too long to wait. The 1972 passage of the federal Clean Water Act put forward strong and ambitious goals for our waters. For the over four decades since the public has been patiently investing their taxes and utility rates to once again make our rivers clean, healthy, and full of life. Among […]

Director’s Note Regarding Bare: A Staged Concert

March 7, 2019, by Keith Jones, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Over this past semester, I have had the awesome honor of directing Bare through Second Stage. As predominantly underclassmen were working on this show we experienced many issues regarding diversity and the implications of a flawed script and were faced with a myriad of difficult decisions regarding its integrity and contents. As we made progress […]

Students Petition Against Theater Department Is Wrong

February 28, 2019, by Brian Scott Older, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

This letter was submitted on Friday, December 21, 2018.    Dear Argus Editor, Regarding last weeks issue of the Argus, a article entitled ‘Theater Calls For Diversity’ really caught my eye. While I agree without question that diversity hires in any setting should be mandatory, I take extreme umbrage at the theater students petition that […]

Cleaning up the logo vote

February 28, 2019, by Tom Policelli, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

When our kids were very young, we used to ask them ‘do you want a shower or a bath?’ They did not want either, of course, but by giving them a choice we distracted them from that fact. The illusion of having a say in the outcome sufficed, peace was maintained, and we got clean […]

Hypocritical Eclectic Has a Perp Problem

February 26, 2019, by Anonymous, Anonymous. 34 Comments

This letter has been edited slightly with the author’s consent to ensure the anonymity of all parties. The title of the letter was chosen by the author, and it is our policy not to change titles of letters. Please refer to our “Submit a Letter” page to read more about our letter policies. CW: sexual […]

Endowment Ethics: The WSA Forges Ahead on Divestment

February 11, 2019, by Tatum Millet, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Wesleyan’s mission statement emphasizes “practical idealism” as one of the university’s core values. And in many ways, Wesleyan’s policies reflect this pragmatic ethos. The university’s strong advocacy for the merits of a liberal arts education, even as STEM reigns supreme across other campuses, demonstrates its recognition that creative, idealistic thinking has practical value in the […]

Congratulations, Men’s Hockey!

February 11, 2019, by Bob Gorin, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The men’s hockey team Little three title Is very meaningful to me. We are a Wesleyan family. I was ‘57,my daughter bethel Gorin Gottlieb was ‘90, her late husband Brian Gottlieb was ‘88, and their son, my grandson ,David Gottlieb is ‘22.  David’s connection to the hockey team as an Argus staff writer makes me smile. His  late […]

Cabaret Response

December 8, 2018, by Lauren Stock, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

I was a senior at a very liberal high school in a very conservative state when I was cast in Cabaret the day after the 2016 presidential election. As a young Jewish woman, I was afraid. I was afraid of hate, of bigotry, of harm, of being unsafe in my home. Antisemitism was raging through […]


November 5, 2018, by Annemarie Bell, Amy Guaman, Contributing Writers. Comments Off on Vaccinate

Since the introduction of the first vaccine in the early nineteenth century, an effort to stop the spread of smallpox by scientist Edward Jenner, vaccines have been met with fierce suspicion and opposition. The English government then made a law in 1853, mandating that infants be vaccinated, and later in 1867 penalties for refusal to […]


November 1, 2018, by Martin Benjamin, Contributing Writer. Comments Off on LETTER TO ARGUS READERS

Dear readers, Accidents happen. Regarding my LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Oct. 2), a couple of paragraphs were run together. Wishing to caution the speeding reader to avoid the collisions, I submitted a second letter asking that the editors acknowledge their honest mistake. “As honest as the wheel in Rick’s.” “My muse, your nose is shiny; […]

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