The Right to Bear Costs

April 6, 2018, by Tom Hanes, Staff Writer . 5 Comments

The trouble with guns and their regulation is that you want to preserve individual liberties, but sometimes people exercise their individual liberty to murder others. So what do you do? Well, one move that has conservative support is the gun violence restraining order. Essentially, if a judge determines that an individual, based on their demonstrated […]

The Stormy Daniels Distraction

March 30, 2018, by Jack Leger, Assistant Opinion Editor. 4 Comments

A majority of Americans agree that Donald Trump is a bad role model for children. His policies aside, Trump’s comments on women disqualify him from idol status. A year has passed in his presidency, so it’s likely that if you see him as a role model now, your views won’t change, and vice versa. Despite […]

Gun Control and Gun Rights 2: Still Missing the Target

March 30, 2018, by Bryan Stascavage, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Here we go again. Another community shattered by a mass shooting, and like soldiers in World War I, activists on both sides have gone over the top, grinding discussion on the issue to a stalemate. Meanwhile, the clock above the next school or community or public square is counting down, and when it hits zero, […]

Italian Five Star Movement Dangerously Reproduces the Californian Ideology

March 30, 2018, by Cormac Chester, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

Populism has its ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, but in the last few years, it has found a global stronghold, from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the United States, to Marine Le Pen in France. Now, Italy is once again giving populism a try with the unique, but nevertheless flawed, Five Star Movement […]

A Sinking Feeling in Bangkok

March 30, 2018, by Tobias Wertime, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

From satellite images and maps, the mesmerizing meanders of the Chao Phraya river and its many splintering canals appear to dominate the landscape of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. To metropolitan Bangkok’s 10 million inhabitants, the city’s surrounding waterways have always held an intimate role in cultural and spiritual life. The Thai word for river is Mae […]

A Subway to Depend on: Fixing New York’s Metro

March 1, 2018, by Tobias Wertime, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

No other public transport system in the world has been afforded the same prominence and fame as the New York City subway. For just $2.75, you can travel from one side of the metropolis to the other. New York’s metro has run underneath the city since 1904, developing and shaping the city above it, undergirding […]

Dear Secular Liberals: You Have Been Hoodwinked by the Pope

March 1, 2018, by Tara Joy, Assistant Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has managed to charm non-Catholics like none of his predecessors. First, he spoke out in favor of treating gay people with compassion, famously asking, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Two years later, he published a papal […]

Kasky and the #NeverAgain Movement

March 1, 2018, by Jodie Kahan, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“If you need any, you know, photographs of me, naked, but like blurred out, let me know. Because I want you to be, like, Cameron Kasky, unhinged. This is everything he is.” Kasky doesn’t hold anything back; he says what he’s feeling in exactly the way he’s feeling it. He’s something our generation would call […]

The Real Loss of L.L. Bean’s Policy Shift

February 23, 2018, by Jack Leger, Assistant Opinion Editor. 3 Comments

I reached into my backpack to grab my Spanish notebook and felt a hole. Upon further inspection, the mesh separating my outside water bottle pouch and the interior of my bag had ripped open. For many consumers, a product flaw as shown above results in the purchase of another backpack. However, this was no normal […]

Cryptocurrencies: A Cautionary Tale

February 23, 2018, by Cormac Chester, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Get-rich-quick schemes have historically been fraudulent, but as of late, skyrocketing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and others appear to be an honest, and legal, way of making money without trying. Although cryptocurrencies have been a hot investment as of late, they appear tenuous and are ultimately dangerous because they are speculative, difficult to regulate, and […]

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