Simpler Than You Think: How to Prevent the Next “WesPlague”

November 1, 2018, by Hudson Dore, Isabel Armour-Garb, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

One of the largest problems faced by universities across the United States has been preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Wesleyan is no exception to this, and this year we have seen diseases like Coxsackievirus (Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease), Influenza, and the common cold. Some students have refered to these diseases as “WesPlagues.” Globally, […]

Political Correctness Hurts the Powerful and Powerless Alike

October 25, 2018, by Tom Hanes, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

Of course you’ve all heard about the new poll on political correctness. About 80 percent of people say it’s a problem. That does not mean it is a big problem, and it does not mean we would be better off without it. Think about taxes. Nobody likes taxes. Most people would say high taxes are […]

A Massive Foreign Policy Test is a Massive Failure

October 25, 2018, by Tobias Wertime, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

It has been over three weeks since Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and disappeared without a trace (despite a poor excuse for a doppelganger wearing Khashoggi’s clothes roamed the streets of Istanbul on the day of his death). Khashoggi, a prominent journalist and open critic of his country’s ruling elite, went […]

Wesleyan Repeatedly Fails Its Workers

October 25, 2018, by Connor Aberle, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

On the last day of fall break, I strolled through a normally populated part of campus to find University employees sitting in a dark room (I’ve left their job and location on campus ambiguous). They looked incredibly bored, as they sat in an empty room with literally no work to do. “Can’t believe they make […]

From Middletown to the World: Finding Connections to Home

October 11, 2018, by Tobias Wertime, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Shahid Mazhar Shabab ’20 and Uresa Ahmeti ’22 meet up at Usdan late night once a week, where they catch up on each other’s week, discuss how to conquer the first year workload, and reminisce about their upbringings and high school days. The last point will seem familiar to many of you, as many of you […]

Help, My Mental Limit is Shorter Than the Word Limit

October 11, 2018, by Connor Aberle, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

I am exhausted, and it’s homework’s fault. Seemingly every minute at this school is spent doing school work, procrastinating from school work, worrying about future school work, or watching YouTube after midnight because it’s the first moment I have without responsibilities. What’s up with homework, and why do we complain about it every year but […]

You’re Not Oppressed for Your Kinks

October 4, 2018, by Brooke Kushwaha, Features Editor. 1 Comment

Listen, I know Wesleyan’s whole deal is being subversive. I get it. You want to piss off your mom and show off your socially progressive chops. That’s fine; we all do it. The problem arises when, in our attempt to find some Fresh New Take (TM), we end up eating our own tails and circling […]

Not Quite a Stock Photo of Parents’ Weekend

October 4, 2018, by Elodie Frey, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

When it comes to parents’ weekend, I am extremely fortunate for two reasons. First of all, I have parents who can afford, both in terms of money and time, to make the trip to Wesleyan for the weekend (in their case, across the Atlantic), even if it’s just to check in on me and see […]

Need-Blind Admissions: Review of a Controversial Policy

October 4, 2018, by Jack Leger, Opinion Editor . Leave a Comment

Michael Roth generated considerable controversy in 2012 by taking the University away from a need-blind admissions policy, citing financial pressures and the unsustainable nature of the program. At the time of the decision, Wesleyan’s endowment lagged behind fellow NESCAC schools at $589 million. Compare that with Little Three rivals Williams and Amherst, who both boasted endowments […]

Protesting the Logo is a No-Go

September 27, 2018, by Daniel Knopf, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Editor’s note: This article was written before Thursday’s announcement that the University would be returning to its previous monogram. Assuming that you haven’t been holed up in your room for the past week doing bio homework, you’ve presumably heard that Wesleyan’s logo has changed. And, again making a few assumptions here, if you know about the […]

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