The Importance of the Little Things in Fighting Climate Change

September 26, 2019, by Daniel Knopf, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

I was having a conversation with one of my friends recently, as one does, when somehow the conversation turned to the topic of taking shorter showers in order to conserve energy, as conversations are occasionally prone to do. I expressed support for this idea, as I plan to live longer than 50 years and would […]

Financial Aid Is Failing Wesleyan Students. The Wealthy Need to Know About It.

September 26, 2019, by Trent Babington, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

At Wesleyan, you often hear the line of reasoning that goes, “Maybe low-income or middle-income students face many challenges, but at least this school gives them lots of money to go here.” This is a misconception. We as a community cannot possibly hope to have intelligent discussions around class until we understand the intricacies of […]

Rent Control: A Challenging Problem to Navigate

September 20, 2019, by Tom Hanes, Contributing Writer . 3 Comments

Rent control is in the news again. Huh. This is dumb and should not happen. Price ceilings like rent control are more appealing than taxes because it seems like nobody is being taken from, which is nice, but in reality, ceilings are just taxes where the government doesn’t get any money. I’m sure you’ve already […]

Felicity Huffman’s Sentence Isn’t Enough to Resolve the College Admissions Scandal

September 20, 2019, by Katie Livingston, Assistant Opinion Editor . Leave a Comment

In light of Felicity Huffman’s recent trial and sentencing, we’re forced to reconsider whether the measures taken after the college admissions scandal were enough. The simple answer is no. As long as we aren’t addressing the structural power issues that allow the rich and unfair advantage in academia, we haven’t fixed the problem. Because the problem isn’t […]

Climate Charlatans at Wesleyan University

September 20, 2019, by Cormac Chester, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

This speech will be given at the Global Climate Rally & March on Sept. 20 outside Usdan University Center at Wesleyan University. I would like to start out with the opening lines of “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” by Phil Ochs: “In every American community, you have varying shades of political opinion. One of the […]

We Owe $72,000, They Owe Us an Explanation

September 12, 2019, by Daniel Knopf, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

If you’ve been at Wesleyan for any amount of time you know that many students view the college’s administration negatively. In the last year alone there has been major student unrest about a whole slew of issues, including the treatment of the custodial staff, the cleanliness of the endowment, and the changes to the University’s […]

“I’m Not Really Here for That”: Dating Abroad

September 12, 2019, by Théo Storella, Contributing Writer . 1 Comment

I can only speak for myself and people who share similar experiences to me. I’m a tall, relatively fit, white, pansexual man. These forms of privilege mean that I rarely fear for my safety abroad, especially since I can pass as heterosexual. In the past three years, I have gone abroad on study abroad programs, […]

Gimme (Market-Provided) Shelter!

September 12, 2019, by Tom Hanes, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

There is a crisis here in America. All across the country, from the Delaware to the Columbia: no one can build high-rise apartments. This is worse than it may at first appear. In previous times of high immigration and shifts in production, workers moved to the most productive cities, helping both themselves and the long-term […]

The Nuances of the U.S. Women’s Equal Pay Controversy

September 6, 2019, by Jack Leger, Opinion Editor . 1 Comment

The U.S. women’s national team (USWNT) triumphed in this summer’s soccer World Cup in France, blowing out opponents and winning a few games by tight margins before beating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final in Lyon. This marked the team’s second consecutive World Cup victory. However, the team’s celebrations and path to the final were marked […]

Harry Potter and the Liberal Contradictions of the Magical World

September 6, 2019, by Cormac Chester, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

There will likely never be another book-related phenomenon that reaches the intensity and popularity of the Harry Potter series. Yet what does a series of books that netted J.K. Rowling over a billion dollars suggest about the world in which they were written? Although each book deserves a thorough analysis, I will focus on Harry […]

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