“Well, It’s Not Technically Antisemitic!”: The Problem With Israel-Palestine Activism

February 13, 2024, by Julia Schroers, Assistant Opinion Editor. 2 Comments

I spent a lot of winter break reflecting on the war in Israel, reading articles, talking with people I love, and thinking. Many of these reflections were interrupted by Jewish relatives and friends, who approached me with worried faces and hands on shoulders and asked: “How is campus?” “How are things at school?” Behind these […]

The Hero’s Blue Tee: A YA Protagonist Costuming Retrospective

February 8, 2024, by Claire Kaltsas, Contributing Writer. 3 Comments

What is the uniform of a hero? In ancient Sparta, it was a chest plate and a plumed helmet. For James Bond, it’s an iconic black suit-and-tie ensemble. However, in the modern day, particularly within young adult (YA) content, the hero’s uniform has become homogeneous: heroes wear light blue or navy blue collared T-shirts.  For […]

Pillow Talk: New Year, New You: Resolutions for Love in 2024

February 8, 2024, by Dill & Doe , Columnists. 2 Comments

Happy New Year, lovely readers! To start the semester, we wanted to dive into our hopes, dreams, and wishes for love this year. Generally, 2023 felt like the year of changes in love, especially coming out of a couple of turbulent years. Some of us ditched the quarantine boyfriend, others tried long-distance, and still others […]

Wesleyan’s Dilemma: Free Speech or Comfort

February 5, 2024, by Charlie November, Contributing Writer. 5 Comments

The concept of free speech is championed in our society. That is, it seems, until the speech contradicts one’s deeply held beliefs. Then one faces a choice: the principle of free expression or the comfort of complacency. This week, Wesleyan will host Haviv Rettig Gur, an Israeli journalist, and if some students have their way, […]

I Applied to Transfer Last Year—I’m Glad I Stayed: On the Possibility of Life Elsewhere

February 5, 2024, by Thomas Lyons, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

My dad often tells this story:  During his friend’s first semester at the University of Vermont, an English professor asked the class to write on the question “why are you here?”  His friend stared at the prompt for 15 minutes. Then got up from his desk, left the classroom, turned away from the path he […]

Eating Up the Rich: Why Are We So Obsessed with Cruise Ships?

February 1, 2024, by Emma Kendall, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Last Saturday, the Icon of the Seas, the biggest cruise ship in the world, was christened by Lionel Messi before setting sail from Miami. The massive ship, reminiscent of a floating skyscraper, garnered criticism for its potential environmental impact—in many cases, taking a cruise can be worse than air travel, pollution-wise. The ship fought back against […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Why “Barbie” Wasn’t Snubbed

January 29, 2024, by Zara Skolnik, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

For those of you who are not tuned into the Oscar nomination discourse, here’s the burning debate: Neither Greta Gerwig nor Margot Robbie received a nomination for their contributions to “Barbie,” their respective “snubbed” categories being Best Director and Best Actress. Though the film did receive eight other nominations, the argument that “Barbie” was snubbed led to […]

Apostle or Apocalypse? Consecration of the Ram Mandir Marks the End of Indian Secularism

January 29, 2024, by Akhil Joondeph, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

The image of an ornate Hindu temple with a plethora of decked porticos and carved columns has been almost inescapable on my social media feeds in the last week. News images have shown elaborate processions taking over public streets all across India and large tableaus of this temple being featured in governmental parades. This temple, […]

Anne Frank’s Complete Legacy: The Case for Teaching Holocaust Denial

December 7, 2023, by Julia Schroers, Staff Writer. 27 Comments

I’ve spent this past semester in a first-year seminar about the legacy of Anne Frank called “Anne Frank’s Diary and its Legacy” (CJST165F). We’ve seen dozens of movies, books, shows, cameos, clips, house tours, and articles about Anne. The conversations were as fruitful as they were critical, successfully unpacking the successes and failures of each piece […]

Pillow Talk: Am I Attracted to Them or Am I Just Emotionally Addicted?

December 7, 2023, by Dill & Doe , Columnists. 5 Comments

Have you ever had an intense crush? If so, then you may recall the feelings of getting swept up in infatuation and desire, causing you to go through the world with blinders on. Many of my past relationships arose from a period of heavy crushing.  For me, this infatuation manifested itself as an intense craving […]

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