“I Was Obsessed”: I Love Survivor and Here’s Why

May 3, 2022, by Oliver Cope, Editor-in-Chief. 1 Comment

I love “Survivor.” I initially got into Survivor in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy swept through New York City. I was living in Lower Manhattan at the time, so things weren’t great. In retrospect, it could have been much worse, but it still wasn’t ideal for the eleven-year-old version of myself. We didn’t have electricity, so […]

Why You Are a Climate Nihilist: How the Fossil Fuel Industry is Getting in the Way of Climate Change Policy

May 2, 2022, by Avery Kelly, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Since the early 1980s, there has been a perception that investing in climate-based research is the defining factor of climate action. However, in my research on climate misinformation campaigns, I have found a lack of research in the social sciences that could promote good climate policy, and an overemphasis on the physical sciences. It’s clear that all […]

An Ode to Writer’s Block: My First Home at Wesleyan

May 2, 2022, by Amina Mednicoff-Misra, Assistant Head Copy Editor. Leave a Comment

In less than two weeks, I will move out of the place that has been my home for the past three semesters: Writer’s Block, the residence hall and program house hybrid of my dreams. Sometimes known as 156 High St. or “the dorm above Swings” and affectionately deemed “the Block” by its inhabitants, Writer’s Block […]

Thank You for Your Readership

May 2, 2022, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

I remember being insanely nervous for my first ever Argus interview. It was the first week of freshman year and, for some reason, I had already volunteered to take on an article. Despite having never really written for a newspaper, I was tasked with interviewing the 2018 Hamilton Prize winner. I was terrified at the […]

Caffeination Nation: Which Drink is Supreme?

April 28, 2022, by Aris Dashiell, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

I am proud to say that I am an energy drink connoisseur. I definitely drink a lot of them: maybe around one or two a day for the past two and half years. They help me get work done, push me to work out, and are just a good drink to have overall. Recently, I […]

Mom, I Don’t Believe in God

April 21, 2022, by Sophie Jager, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

This past weekend, while many of my friends switched over to kosher dietary restrictions or caught the train to New York for Passover Seder, I packed my brother and a backpack into my car for a drive to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our parents were simultaneously driving over from Vermont to meet us there. The plan was […]

On Performance: An Ode to Mediocrity

April 21, 2022, by Emma Kendall, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

To this day, the sound of any live reed instrument still yields a physical reaction in my body. I feel suddenly liable to fold my lips over my teeth and press them together so hard that they turn white while an uncomfortable chill travels through me. Every child in my family was forced to play […]

Navigating College As an Undocumented Student

April 14, 2022, by Cris Rodriguez, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Content warning: This article contains references to suicide and suicidal thoughts.  “Have you ever had thoughts about suicide?” I was asked a version of this question while trying to get extra time accommodations for exams in my STEM classes during my freshman year. My answer was initially, “no, I haven’t,” and, at the time, it was true. This […]

A Tribute to Shanti: Revisiting the Past On the Way to the Future

April 7, 2022, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

Content Warning: This article mentions euthanizing pets. Everyone thinks they have a terrible move-in story. Moving in while it’s pouring rain? It rains, like, once a week in Middletown; you may as well get used to it. Have to get situated without help because of COVID-19 restrictions? At least you were allowed back on campus. […]

“Like an Equation for Immortality”: Skiing Free

March 24, 2022, by Isaiah Koenig, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The opinions, beliefs, and arguments of this opinion piece do not align with the viewpoints or priorities of The Wesleyan Argus as a student-led institution. Content warning: This article contains references to death.  When I was younger I realized there were a lot of very bad things that could happen to people. I’d hear stories watching […]

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