Margazhi and Melancholy: Reflections From a Winter Spent in Chennai

February 29, 2024, by Akhil Joondeph, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

It’s hard to go half a mile in Chennai, India, without seeing the decorated archways of a music festival venue during the month of December. Filled parking lots and hordes of patrons follow, crowding around venue entrances and theater canteens. The smells of fresh sambar and coffee waft through the air, as distant violin melodies sneak […]

My Personal Surveillance State: How the Digital Age Has Made Me Need To Know Everything, Even When I Don’t Want To

February 26, 2024, by Sam Hilton, Editor-in-Chief. 2 Comments

I would never describe myself as a perfectly well-balanced individual. Recently, I asked some friends of mine whether I was normal, to which I got a resounding no. I asked if I was chill, got the same answer. Asked if I was neurotic, and the group all enthusiastically said yes. This is especially true when […]

Can We Really Do It All? The Pros and Cons of Student-Run Groups

February 26, 2024, by Zara Skolnik, Amari Fontes, Opinion Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

One of Wesleyan’s incredible strengths is its student-run extracurricular activities and initiatives. Many prospective students choose Wesleyan because of the over 300 student-run groups that each have a unique purpose, leadership structure, and community. We feel that having a multitude of student-run clubs provides students with opportunities that prime them to become diligent and effective […]

Reflections on “Arthur”: Finding Identity, Empathy, and Growth in a PBS Kids Classic

February 22, 2024, by Zara Skolnik, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

“Every day when you’re walking down the street And everybody that you meet Has an original point of view.”   For those of you who don’t recognize those lyrics, they are from the theme song of one of the most influential PBS Kids television series: “Arthur.” For me, “Arthur” sparked not only my ability to […]

Senior Special: Navigating Post-Grad Planning Stress

February 22, 2024, by Dill & Doe , Columnists. Leave a Comment

Hello, dear readers. Today we have a special article for our seniors because we know you’re all going through an intense transitional period. Even though it feels like we just started the semester, graduation is sneaking up on us quickly. For many of us, post-grad is looming as a sea of unknowns. Some of us […]

The Deconstruction of Comedy Can Save Television: On “The Sopranos” and “Glee”

February 19, 2024, by Emma Kendall, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

Recently, my roommates and I started watching “Glee” as a house. We have all seen it before, but watching it as a so-called adult after first experiencing it as a middle schooler (I was late to the trend) is truly enlightening and got me thinking about how such an enigma of a show came to […]

How Can I Focus on School While Witnessing Genocide?

February 15, 2024, by Batya Kline, Contributing Writer. 4 Comments

When I open my phone, I see the bodies of Palestinian children ripped to shreds by bombs I’m paying for. When I close my eyes, I see crushed bodies under the rubble of Gazan homes, 300,000 of which have been destroyed by Israeli bombardment. When you ask me how I am, the answer is: terrible. We […]

Misconstrued Media: The Tangible Consequences of Social Media in Modern Politics

February 15, 2024, by Jay Watson, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

This past week, a collective of armed militias and far-right groups threatened to swarm the border in Texas. Posts and discourse from some far-right media sources indicated that more than “700,000 MAGA supporters” would attend a rally just outside of Eagle Pass, a town flanking a large portion of the border. Instead, just over a few hundred […]

Pillow Talk: On Making a Sex Tape

February 15, 2024, by Dill & Doe , Columnists . Leave a Comment

Whether you need spice in your sex life or just want to be experimental, a sex tape could be an exciting thing to explore with a trusted partner. Dill and I recently watched the movie “Sex Tape” (2014), which follows a married couple named Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz). In the hopes of reigniting […]

The Intolerance Problem? Reactions to “Misandry” Reveal Issues With Campus Culture

February 15, 2024, by Akhil Joondeph, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

I don’t think many of us need another retelling of the misandrist saga of last semester, nor do most of us want to read another article about it. Apologies in advance. But as last semester’s happenings have marinated in my head since October, I’ve been left with a degree of disappointment for the way in […]

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