Work, Work, Work: Why We Should Rethink Our Relationship With Productivity

September 23, 2021, by Celeste Borletti, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Many oppressive regimes put an emphasis on work. Work is the most important thing. Work is worth more than human life. Work is salvation. “Arbeit macht frei,” the gates of Auschwitz infamously read.  These seem like extreme phrases, don’t they? That’s because they are. Work distracts. Work leaves no space for creativity, for rebellion, for thought. […]

What’s #trending: Ins and Outs for the Fall Semester

September 16, 2021, by The Argus Editorial Board, . Leave a Comment

With campus seeming and feeling like the most normal it has been in months, being up to date on the latest trends—at Wesleyan and at large—is a must as the semester gets underway. That’s where this Washington Post-inspired Ins and Outs list comes in. This year marks the return of The Argus version that is […]

Circuit Breaker: College Burnout, a Four Mile Run, and the Importance of Giving Up

September 16, 2021, by Ella Biehn, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The college burnout: what a tired old trope that is. An excuse for slackers who want to feel as if there’s some psychological reason for their stagnation. Or worse, a shameful inability to compete in a challenging educational environment. I don’t believe that burnout is either of these things. Actually, I would recommend taking time […]

Navigating Drop/Add in the Age of COVID-19

September 16, 2021, by Josh Ehrlich, Contributing Writer.. Leave a Comment

Coming to Wesleyan as a first-year was enough of a challenge in and of itself. But having to do it in the midst of a global pandemic added an entirely new layer of difficulty. Not only was I returning to an on-campus environment after 18 months of virtual school and moving 3,000 miles away from home, I also had […]

The New New Normal: Welcome to Wesleyan, Again

September 16, 2021, by Emma Kendall, Assistant Opinion Editor . Leave a Comment

Sitting on the steps in the shade of North College waiting for my tour guide’s arrival, I can’t help but think back to the first time I ever approached this building back in April of 2019, while on my first tour of campus. It’s been over two years since then, and after attending the University […]

Travelling in the Midst of COVID-19: A Long, Long Way Back to Wes

September 10, 2021, by Tiah Shepherd, Opinion Editor . Leave a Comment

Looking out from the large windows of my top-floor High Rise apartment, I can see my section of campus clearly. I can see students hurrying from place to place, stopping only occasionally to greet an old acquaintance. I can see local residents in their cars, braking suddenly at crossroads for herds of first years bustling to their next […]

Stop Forcing Jewish Students to Choose Between Their Education and Culture

September 9, 2021, by Talia Zitner, Arts and Culture Editor and Social Media Editor . Leave a Comment

There are a million ways I could start this article. I could open with a personal story, a reflection on the years I spent in public education, explaining my absences to my teachers over and over again. I could begin with the frustration and disappointment I felt this summer when I realized my junior year […]

In Defense of the Tactile

May 7, 2021, by Anna Tjeltveit, Assistant Copy Editor. Leave a Comment

I brought a treasure box with me to campus this semester. It is a vintage metal box a bit larger than a hardcover textbook, and it is filled with a collection of strange, colorful objects which I specifically picked for their distinct textures. When you open the box, you see a small, impressionistic painting of […]

Divestment & the Future of the University’s Endowment

May 7, 2021, by Natalie Selfe, Sanya Bery, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

Divestment, the Wesleyan Committee for Investor Responsibility (CIR), and Wesleyan’s Endowment’s relationship with oil and gas are three confusing and often misunderstood topics. We, the Co-Chairs of the CIR, are here to clear up some confusion about these concepts, and introduce some news. What is Divestment?  While the concept of divestment might feel relatively new, […]

Intervention of the Individual is Not Enough: The Failures of Bystander Intervention Training

May 6, 2021, by Avery Kelly, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

It’s your first week on campus as a first-year student. Along with the excitement of a new adventure, orientation, and fresh Wesleyan merch, you’re also required to complete an online training course about bystander intervention training, after which you are given a magnet that lists sexual assault resources. The training, with its colorful slideshows, awkward […]

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