Trump and the Need to Follow Norms

February 16, 2017, by Connor Aberle, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Not long after his electoral victory, then President-elect Trump made the crucial mistake of accepting a phone call from the president of Taiwan, breaking United States custom and signaling that the next president of the United States will not obey the “One-China” policy.  This simple action led to a rift between the United States and […]

Why the Continued Debate on Obamacare Could Come Back to Hurt Republicans

February 16, 2017, by Peter Dunphy, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Since Barack Obama signed his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), into law on March 23, 2010, Republicans have made its repeal the galvanizing cause of their party. Ever since, relentless scrutiny of the ACA (also known as Obamacare) has kept healthcare at the forefront of public policy debates. Media sources have presented endless, often only […]

SNL’s War on Trump Raises Interesting Questions About Activism in Comedy

February 16, 2017, by Brooke Kushwaha, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Donald Trump is our nation’s first president to be featured in a Comedy Central Roast. In 2011, six whole years ago, Trump sat on the dais and received jab after jab from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.” It was a different time. Back then, Trump could handle a bit of […]

I Don’t Care That You Don’t Care About Beyoncé

February 16, 2017, by Michael Darer, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

Trigger Warning for Extended Discussion of Racism and Sexual Violence There is a particularly ugly trend—a culturally delusional, woefully self-involved epidemic—of white people being paid to share uninformed opinions about Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. These pieces complain about her “inappropriate” use of sexuality, the “divisiveness” of her music, or how the writers, white people, deserve to have unfettered emotional access […]

ABBA and the Importance of Self-Care in a World Gone Crazy

February 16, 2017, by Dan Bachman, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

I’ve written a lot of pieces as editor of this section about fears and trauma in this new political climate. In my months here, I have tried to write about staying respectful as an ally, warning against the rise of white supremacy, wrestling with the people in your past, and recently, conveying my deep-seated anger […]

Payoff Syndrome: How Admission to Wesleyan Can Reward Unethical Habits

February 9, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief. 3 Comments

We can never be told enough how much of a privilege it is to attend a school like Wesleyan because it’s immeasurably true. Most alumni I’ve spoken with say that most benefits of a Wesleyan education aren’t apparent until certain things begin to pay off well into adulthood. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to examine how we […]

The Cowardly Allyship of Lady Gaga

February 9, 2017, by Michael Darer, Opinion Editor. 4 Comments

Did you know Lady Gaga wrote a song about the murder of Trayvon Martin? You wouldn’t if you heard it either because it’s kind of just about Lady Gaga being sad about…something, I guess. She’s sad that she heard gunshots close to where she used to chill with someone. Also there are no leaders. It’s […]

The Irrational-Rationale: How Reasoning With Hatred Legitimizes Bigotry

February 9, 2017, by Dan Bachman, Opinion Editor. 7 Comments

I wake up every day, check Twitter, and panic. This is my morning routine, and has been for the last few months: waking up, forgetting about what’s been going on, and getting a rude awakening from my own personal black mirror. From a self-care standpoint, this is a terrible routine, but in a sick, twisted […]

Stop Trying to Figure Out if Trump is Mentally Ill

February 9, 2017, by Michael Darer, Opinion Editor. 2 Comments

In psychiatry there’s a little something known as “the Goldwater Rule.” The Goldwater Rule is an informal title for the section of the American Psychiatric Association’s Code of Ethics that states it is unethical for a psychologist or psychiatrist to provide a diagnostic assessment of a public figure with whom that have not personally spoken, […]

Chelsea Manning’s Release: One Veteran’s Perspective

February 2, 2017, by Dennis White, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, before the cacophony of the first 14 days of the Trump presidency, President Barack Obama did something that will reverberate around Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) halls for years to come. He released Chelsea Manning, the infamous whistleblower, who released one of the largest caches of data in history. I instantly […]

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