Put on Your Thinking Cap: A Hat History

December 1, 2017, by Brooke Kushwaha, Assistant Arts Editor. Leave a Comment

Hats. Are they back? Did they ever leave? Maybe in other areas of the North, a beanie in the wintertime just seems like common sense rather than a fashion statement, but this is Wesleyan: practicality doesn’t factor into most areas of life. You don’t wear a hat because it’s cold, or because it’s sunny—you wear […]

Common Understanding Is Crucial

December 1, 2017, by Cormac Chester, Sports Editor. 2 Comments

It’s a natural human desire to seek power and then maintain a strong grasp on it once it has been attained. For rulers with absolute power, authoritarianism is often too strong of a temptation, resulting in the loss of personal freedoms, human rights, and often mass murder. Yet during the age of the Holy Roman […]

In an Age of Media Mistrust, Believing Survivors Must Be a Priority

December 1, 2017, by Hannah Reale, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

So it turns out that liberal news sources may not be trying to irresponsibly spread false stories. On Monday, The Washington Post revealed that an undercover “journalist” attempted to get a false account published. In the story, she claimed that Alabama Senatorial Candidate had impregnated her when she was 15 and drove her to Mississippi […]

The Year of the Aux

November 16, 2017, by Brooke Kushwaha, Assistant Arts Editor. Leave a Comment

If you’re not a naïve freshman (sorry), you’ve probably noticed an eerie trend in the evolution of nightlife at Wesleyan. Program houses, which used to host a bustling concert scene, boasting three or four live shows a night, have made the switch to a new beast entirely: the aux party. If you’ve ever sat shotgun […]

Rolling Up My Sleeves: “Java Jackets,” Sustainability, and the Problem with Pi’s Coffee Sleeves

November 16, 2017, by Emmy Hughes, Assistant News Editor. Leave a Comment

Here’s a scene of woe to whet your appetite: Imagine it’s 8:33 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and you stayed up the prior night watching video compilations of Glee musical numbers. You’re tired, and need something in your system, stat. Luckily Pi Café, with all its Fogbuster, Hazelnut, and Sumatra coffee glory, is on the […]

Not-So-Lonely Only Child: The All-Female Camp Experience Nourishes Confidence

November 16, 2017, by Hannah Reale, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

There are many identities that form my perspective and how others see me. I am Irish, Italian, and Polish—in other words, white. I am female. I am not religious, although both of my parents grew up Catholic. I live in Manhattan. I have attended excellent schools since the age of five. And so there is […]

Sit This One Out: Barstool Sports’ Perpetuation of Frat Culture

November 16, 2017, by Jack Leger, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

The banners line the walls of thousands of schools across the country, as well as countless basements, apartments, and even some flags. “SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS,” reads the script, in red, white, and blue. Emblazoned on each side of the white stripe, a red stool surrounded in stars, the logo for Barstool Sports. Barstool […]

Ode to the Classics: The Benefits of the Humanities

November 9, 2017, by Bryan Stascavage, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

It is that time of the semester again. It feels like this year has finally moved to the starting point when that email from Paul Turenne hits the email inbox: Pick your classes for spring! The demands of the future wake me up to the realization that this year is moving along rapidly. I’ve followed a […]

The Power Move: Own Your Hookup

November 9, 2017, by Jodie Kahan, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

There are few things I hear about from both my mother and the media. Maybe only one thing: hookup culture. The horror. It’s the “epidemic” that has plagued this generation of college students. There is the notion that hookup culture is demeaning to young women. There are the angry phone calls some of us receive […]

Video Game Outlet: Plug In

November 9, 2017, by Jack Leger, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Today I underwent a troubling breakup in a long-term relationship, especially by Wes standards. We spent long amounts of time together the first semester, bonding as we listened to Frank Ocean. I won’t lie, we faced some serious challenges. Swearing, aggressive jokes, rants, and shouting at each other raised alarm to casual bystanders, and our […]

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