Friday, April 19, 2024 Comic

April 18, 2024, by Ali Eckstein, Staff Cartoonist. Leave a Comment

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Older and Wiser: Lizzy McAlpine Releases Heartbreaking Third Studio Album

April 15, 2024, by Rose Chen, News Editor. Leave a Comment

This album review discusses themes of domestic and sexual abuse. On Friday, April 5, Lizzy McAlpine released her third studio album, Older, a 14-track collection of melancholy reflections on her relationship to identity, love, and mental health. With this lyric and melody-focused release, indie pop-folk darling McAlpine has pushed into a nostalgic soundscape while maintaining […]

Week Three of Senior Thesis Exhibitions Thoughtfully Explores Transitioning, Light, and Family

April 15, 2024, by Louis Chiasson, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Senior thesis season is now well underway, and with it comes a new batch of exhibitions to the Ezra and Camille Zilkha Gallery every week—the products of massive amounts of creativity and dedication from artists now in their last few months at the University. In this third week of exhibitions, the works were evenly split between exploring […]

Tuesday, April 16 Comic

April 15, 2024, by Ariana Blaustein, Staff Cartoonist. Leave a Comment

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Dealing With the World’s Only Self-Aware Narcissist: “Dear Mommy” Brings Daughterhood to Life

April 11, 2024, by Sam Hilton, Editor-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

As dusk fell on Friday, April 5, I joined many other theatergoers in shuffling down the steps to WestCo Café, scanning a QR code to access a program, and sitting down to enjoy the student-written show “Dear Mommy.” It felt like sitting down to watch any other Spike Tape show. What I couldn’t predict, however, […]

“Exploding and Netting” CEAS Gallery Exhibition Unearths Diasporic Movements, Wesleyan’s Far East Ventures, and Dirt

April 11, 2024, by Baron Fisher, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

“Exploding and Netting: A Somatic Archive of Transpacific Movement,” a student-curated exhibition, opened in the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies on Thursday, Feb. 29 and will remain open until Saturday, May 25, 2024. The exhibition features the work of Loren Yuehan Wang ’25 and was curated by Yijing Lai ’24 and Xiran Tan ’24. […]

’80s Music Lovers Will Find Heaven on Conan Gray’s New Album

April 11, 2024, by Anna Thomas, Assistant Head Copy Editor. Leave a Comment

Found Heaven, Conan Gray’s ’80s-inspired third LP, is a tour de force. Released on Friday, April 5, 2024, it’s also a major thematic and sonic shift from his previous two albums, Kid Krow (2020) and Superache (2022). Prior records focused on a yearning for romantic connection. For instance, in “People Watching,” a song from Superache, […]

Week Two of Studio Art Theses Showcases Prints, Pottery, and Pop Culture

April 11, 2024, by Dove Bonjean-Alpart, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The second installment of Art Studio theses was showcased at the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery this week, with an opening reception on Wednesday, April 3. A large audience of students, family members, and professors gathered eagerly to witness six captivating installations, each representing the culmination of a year-long journey, exploring and iterating in different mediums. […]

Friday, April 12 Comic

April 11, 2024, by Ali Eckstein, Staff Cartoonist. Leave a Comment

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“Every Brilliant Thing” Tugged at My Heartstrings Through Its Depiction of Mental Health Struggles

April 4, 2024, by Oluchi Chukwuemeka, Sports Editor. 7 Comments

Content warning: This article references mental health, suicide, suicide attempts, death, loss of a parent, and loss of a pet. When I took my seat at the beginning of “Every Brilliant Thing” on Saturday, March 2, I didn’t know what to expect. Normally, I would do my research and try to understand the concept of […]

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