Aciman’s “Find Me” Is an Appropriately Wise Sequel to “Call Me By Your Name”

November 15, 2019, by Sophie Wazlowski, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

If a person is lucky, they might have the kind of experience Sami does in André Aciman’s novel “Find Me” more than once in their life. It’s the instance where two people walk by one another on a street and both turn around to catch one more glimpse of the person that just passed them. […]

“Parasite” Takes on Class Rage With Acerbic Brilliance

November 15, 2019, by Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

“Parasite,” the latest release from the brilliant film director Bong Joon-ho, opens on a cramped, squalid apartment in which the four members of the impoverished Kim family—family patriarch Ki-taek (Song Kang-Ho), his wife Chung-sook (Jang Hye-jin), their son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) and daughter Kim-jung (Park So-dam)—reside. Unable to find steady employment and struggling to make […]

Andrea Fraser Dives Into the Money Behind Museums

November 15, 2019, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

This past Monday, storied performance artist Andrea Fraser gave a talk in the Ring Family Performing Arts Hall that included a discussion of her on-going practice exploring cultural patronage and plutocracy. After an introduction by John Hulsey, who is an Andrew W. Mellon Postgraduate Research Fellow in Interdisciplinary Arts Practices, Fraser began the talk by discussing […]

Producing “The Laramie Project”: Crew and Cast on the Theater Department’s Fall Production

November 15, 2019, by Zoë Kaplan, Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

Note: Nathan Pugh ’21 is an Assistant Arts & Culture Editor at The Argus. Wesleyan’s Theater Department production, “The Laramie Project,” takes the CFA Theater stage this weekend after a semester filled with long rehearsals, professional designs, and critical community conversations. Written by Moisés Kaufman and Members of the Tectonic Theater Project, “The Laramie Project” […]

Cinefiles 11/13–11/16

November 12, 2019, by The Film Series Board, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

This week at the Film Series: Mystery, music, Melissa McCarthy, and murder!  We begin our slate of screenings with “The Player,” a meta tale about a Hollywood executive which mixes elements of noir with black comedy. A famous eight-minute opening shot sets the tone for what follows. Next, we bring you “Amazing Grace,” an Aretha […]

Dea’s “The Secret of Overtones” Performance Creates Unified Sound From Dissonance

November 12, 2019, by Aiden Malanaphy, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Performer, composer, and Wesleyan alum Alex Dea Ph.D. ’80 performed “The Secret of Overtones,” a concert featuring sounds from Javanese gamelan music, this past Wednesday, Nov. 6 in World Music Hall. The show proved that musical experimentation is open to everyone. From a one-man piece that exposed the hidden overtones of the string instrument to a piece […]

Cross Talk: Laurie Anderson, The Art of Falling

November 12, 2019, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Claire Femano, Arts and Culture Editor and Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

In “Cross Talks,” two writers sit down to discuss a book, movie, TV show, or piece of art they both feel strongly about. Sometimes they disagree; other times, they’re in perfect harmony. This past Friday, Nov. 8, acclaimed writer, director, visual artist, and vocalist Laurie Anderson, along with cellist Rubin Kodheli, performed the Connecticut premiere […]

“La Casa de Bernarda Alba” Is a Study in Controlled Tension

November 12, 2019, by Noah Seltzer, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

“En ocho años que dure el luto no ha de entrar en esta casa el viento de la calle.” “During the eight years of our mourning, we mustn’t allow even the slightest breeze to go through this house.” These lines, spoken in Spanish and projected in English several minutes into the production, set the tone […]

Wesleyan Argus Staff Picks: What We’ve Been Reading Lately

November 8, 2019, by The Argus Editorial Board, Argus Staff. Leave a Comment

You know what they say—good readers make good writers. And here at The Argus, we really love to read. This week, our staff shares what books they’ve been reading lately, from short stories to Stephen King.   Sara McCrea, Features Editor “The Complete Stories” by Clarice Lispector Clarice Lispector, a 20th-century Brazilian writer known for […]

Cross Talk: “BoJack Horseman” Contemplates Whether You Can Teach an Old Horse New Tricks

November 8, 2019, by Emmy Hughes, Tara Joy, Jesse Sandler, Editor in Chief, Contributing Writer, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

In “Cross talks,” two (or in this case, three!) writers sit down to discuss a book, movie, TV show, or piece of art they both feel strongly about. Sometimes they disagree; other times, they’re in perfect harmony. Here, Arts & Culture Editor Tara Joy ’20, Contributing Writer Jesse Sandler ’20, and Editor in Chief Emmy Hughes ’20 […]

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