Cinefiles 3/1 – 3/4

February 27, 2017, by Jonah Lipton, Joseph Eusebio, Film Board. Leave a Comment

Last Friday night in the Cinefiles HQ, things were heating up. Literally. Our servers were firing on all cylinders to handle the sudden influx of last-minute entries to the Cinefiles Superfan Search 2017®: countless hopefuls trying to earn the title, and its reward, an elegant dinner in town with yours truly. But those heart-warming messages were […]

Oscars Turn From Butchered First Names to Twist Ending

February 27, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

What appeared to be a normal night of awards, never-ending commercials, and a series of microaggressions by host Jimmy Kimmel turned out to be one of the greatest twist endings in U.S. pop culture history, with “Moonlight” unexpectedly winning Best Picture after a Steve Harvey-esque mixup occurred on stage. The show was about to end when […]

Controversy Envelops Oscar Nominations

February 24, 2017, by Kalee Kennedy, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

This Sunday, 2016’s film season will officially come to a close with the celebration of the talent and mastery of its artists and technicians in the 89th annual Academy Awards. As Sunday night approaches, all eyes will be on the red carpet in the early afternoon. What designers will be showcased? Will attendees make public statements through fashion like […]

“Don’t Leave” Grounds Outer Space with Meaningful Human Relationships

February 23, 2017, by Brooke Kushwaha, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

In the age of fake news, conspiracy and reality can be difficult to tell apart. “Don’t Leave,” a sci-fi drama written by Russell Goldman ’17 and Sofie Somoroff ’18, pays homage to classic alien mythology most commonly found in “The X-Files” and “E.T.” while spinning a tender tale about a father’s love for his daughter. Upon […]

Dirty Projectors Innovate with Break-Up Album

February 23, 2017, by Claire Shaffer, Assistant Features Editor . Leave a Comment

There’s nothing subtle about a good breakup album. Pick any record from the canon—Blood on the Tracks, Rumours, 21, even Lemonade, to an extent—and you’ll find an artist or band breaking their signature sound in two, fracturing their familiar sound with stinging words or wailing melodies or both. The shift in the artist’s emotional direction […]

Trevor Noah is More Him than Ever in “Afraid of the Dark”

February 23, 2017, by Danielle Cohen, Arts Editor. Leave a Comment

There’s no denying that in the past year, comedy—specifically, late-night comedy—has served as a source of solace for a wide range of non-Trump-supporting members of society, from immigrants, to people of color, to wealthy white liberals assuaging their fears for the future of a country that, until recently, belonged to them. Late-night approaches can be […]

Francophone Rapper Baloji Prepares to Go Global

February 20, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief . Leave a Comment

Globalization may have found its premier music genre in rap and hip hop, with Belgian-Congolese MC Baloji being of the best suited to build bridges across cultures through the medium. Relatively unknown outside of French-speaking media markets, Baloji has branched out recently by releasing an EP of remixes based on his 2016 EP, 64 Bits & Malachite. […]

Samsara Honors South Asian Culture and Student Talent

February 20, 2017, by Emmy Hughes, Neha Srinivas, Assistant News Editor & Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Months of writing, choreographing, practicing, and performing culminated in the 2017 Samsara performance this Saturday, Feb. 18. Hosted by Shakti, the University’s South Asian club, Samsara featured a wide variety of performances that ranged from Bollywood style dances, to a hilarious skit, to spoken word poetry. Having participated in the event, Neha Srinivas ’20 as a […]

A Cinefiles Fairwell

February 20, 2017, by Jonah Lipton, Joseph Eusebio, Staff Writers . Leave a Comment

Cinefiles has never been about Jonah and Joseph, not even after we took our readers on that memorable voyage through the digital ether. But with only two weeks left as your correspondents, we’re struggling to fulfill our mission of keeping the campus community informed about each week’s offerings at the Film Series when there are […]

Peele’s “Get Out” Reconciles Horror and Comedy

February 16, 2017, by Claire Shaffer, Assistant Features Editor. 1 Comment

The genre of horror-comedy is a tricky fusion to tackle, but not for the reasons you’d think. Structurally, the two genres are nearly identical: setups, payoffs, and timing all work together in harmony, whether the director is trying to make an audience laugh or scream. It’s the challenge of balancing out those laughs and screams […]

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