Second Weekend of Music Theses Experiment With Genre and Space

April 16, 2019, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Luke Goldstein, Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editors. Leave a Comment

This past weekend saw thesis recitals by seniors Camille De Beus, Isaac Price-Slade, and Daphne Gampel go up across campus. De Beus’ thesis, “pearls the sea took,” was “a performance of a suite of music about feelings, experiences, and stories of those who identify as womxn of color.” The concert included several pieces that De […]

“Auntie Kris, It’s Me, Todd Kraines”: A Comprehensive Review of the KUWTK Season 16 Premiere

April 12, 2019, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

As Kim Kardashian so famously wrote in an Instagram caption once, “North posted this on IG while playing games on my phone. Not sure how or why she chose it but I’m not complaining.” That quote is exactly how I feel about Season 16 of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” I’m not really sure how […]

Third Week of Art Theses Explores Themes of Intimacy, Community, and Transience

April 12, 2019, by Luke Goldstein, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

This past Tuesday, the third set of senior art theses opened at Zilkha Gallery, with a reception on Wednesday evening for the artists to present their works. Seniors Emma Cantor, Olivia Gorman, Ona Lepeska-True, Toby Meyer, Dominique Nunnally, and Madeleine Sargent exhibited their works, which showcased a variety of mediums, themes, and artistic influences. If last week’s senior theses were […]

“High Life” Mistakes Sensationalized Violence for Profundity

April 11, 2019, by Virginia Sciolino, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Content warning: This review describes onscreen depictions of sexual assault. Two Wednesdays ago, primed by an intriguing trailer and glowing critical reviews, my friends and I walked to the Goldsmith Family Cinema to see Claire Denis’ accoladed film, “High Life.” The film, about a group of criminals who participate in an energy-seeking space mission, started […]

Music Thesis Recitals Start Off on Strong Note

April 9, 2019, by Camille De Beus, Dani Smotrich-Barr, Luke Goldstein, Tara Joy, Executive Editor, Arts Editors. Leave a Comment

This weekend, seniors Becket Cerny, Matthew Forker, Harrison Nir, and Jake Rogers put on music thesis concerts, featuring original compositions, arrangements, and covers ranging in genre from jazz to rap to experimental music. Rogers’ project, which took place in Memorial Chapel on Friday evening, included a couple original pieces and several pieces that he arranged, including an Elliott Smith […]

“Three Dead Jaguars” Is a High-Energy Update of the Classic Dining Table Drama

April 8, 2019, by Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

Somehow fitting a secret marriage, a long-lost child, a life-threatening coma, and more than one case of potential incest into its hour-long runtime, “Three Dead Jaguars,” which went up this past weekend in Alpha Delt, is a high-energy romp through the lives of one profoundly unlikeable family. The play, which was co-written by Nate Krieger […]

“Accepting Existence on its Own Terms”: “Eurydice” Comes to the Wesleyan Stage

April 8, 2019, by Zoë Kaplan, Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

“Eurydice,” this semester’s Theater Department production, takes on the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice through the lens of the heroine. In content, this production shines through its different perspective on the original tale; in its production, students from all walks of Wesleyan life have joined forces to create this year’s performance. In the original myth, […]

A Movie Called “Shazam!” Made A Grown Man (Myself) Cry

April 8, 2019, by Henry Spiro, Arts & Culture Editor . Leave a Comment

Going into the theater, I thought that I knew what to expect from “Shazam!” It would be a silly, lighthearted superhero flick. It would feature a great leading performance from Zachary Levi, a wonderfully goofy actor whose work I’ve admired since the later 2000s when he starred in the TV series “Chuck.” I expected, in […]

“The Matrix,” Revisited

April 4, 2019, by Henry Spiro, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

“The Matrix” is the kind of lightning-in-a-bottle movie that shouldn’t have worked; yet, somehow, all of its various, elaborate pieces fit together nearly perfectly. It’s been over twenty years since the film was released (its anniversary was last Sunday, March 31), yet it still holds up remarkably well today. Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the writer-director […]

“Shrill” Hits the Nail on the Head

April 4, 2019, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

As someone who’s struggled with my weight my entire life, I’ve always felt like everyone on TV looked different than me. I’ve read plenty of books about young people with similar experiences as mine, but there has never been a TV show that so accurately conveys it. That’s why the brand new Hulu mini-series “Shrill” […]

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