“Big Mouth” Balances Vulgar Humor and Emotional Honesty

October 15, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Although the parents on review website CommonSenseMedia.org are highly divided about how age-appropriate the cartoon is for their children, college students should have no trouble taking pleasure in the second season of “Big Mouth,” which premiered on Netflix on Oct. 5. Taking a walk down memory lane to the depraved caves of puberty may reopen […]

“Bad Times at the El Royale” Delivers Shocking Twists and Even More Shocking Moral Insights

October 15, 2018, by Henry Spiro, Arts & Culture Editor . Leave a Comment

In the opening of “Bad Times at the El Royale,” a man (Nick Offerman) enters a hotel room, presumably at the titular El Royale, and spends several hours removing the carpet, opening up the floorboards, and hiding a red leather bag underneath the floor. The room is colorful, with the kind of wallpaper that used […]

“A Star is Born” Delivers Joy and Heartbreak Within Restrictive Conventions

October 11, 2018, by Nathan Pugh, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

There’s an emotional scene late in “A Star is Born” that serves as not only a moment of genuine connection between two characters, but also as a guiding hand from the film’s creators about how to understand the traditional story the audience has just witnessed. “Music is just the same 12 notes between an octave,” Bobby (Sam […]

The Threat of Streaming for Music Listeners

October 11, 2018, by Jodie Kahan, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor . Leave a Comment

“In my opinion, the value of an album is, and will continue to be, based on the amount of heart and soul an artist has bled into a body of work, and the financial value that artists (and their labels) place on their music when it goes out into the marketplace,” Taylor Swift wrote in […]

Aspiring Filmmaker Modi ’22 Talks Accomplishments and Inspirations

October 11, 2018, by Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

With over 20 short films under his belt already, Ishan Modi ’22 has had a remarkably prolific filmmaking career for a first-year college student. Modi sat down with The Argus to discuss his past work—which ranges from science fiction to travel documentary—as well as his artistic influences, the source of his interest in filmmaking, and […]

“The Good Place” Maintains Its Plotty, Philosophical Charms

October 8, 2018, by Meg Cummings, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This review contains spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of “The Good Place.” “The Good Place” on NBC is a show that constantly reinvents itself. In fact, when I wrote a review after watching the second season premiere last year, by the next episode the premise for the entire season was completely different and almost everything I […]

Cinefiles 10/10-10/13

October 8, 2018, by Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman and Julia Levine, Film Board Representatives. Leave a Comment

Well, after a wonderful six weeks of cinema, it seems we’re reaching the end of our first calendar of the year! We can’t believe how the time flew by, but we’re eager to show you our new lineup of films for October and November. All will be revealed very soon, but in the meantime we […]

In “They, Themself and Schmerm,” Comedian Becca Blackwell Pushes Discomfort Into Vulnerability

October 8, 2018, by Nathan Pugh, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The first few minutes of “They, Themself and Schmerm,” a comedy show performed at the University’s World Music Hall last Friday, are a master class in forcing an audience to grapple with their own discomfort. “Ladies and gentleman and the rest of us, welcome Becca Blackwell,” announces a booming voice. A giant sign reading “Trigger […]

“Venom” Stumbles From Cliché to Cliché

October 8, 2018, by Henry Spiro, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

“Venom” is a movie that, like its lead, suffers from a split identity. For the first half, it wants to be a modern revival of body horror flicks. Its scares don’t come from ghosts jumping out of the shadows, but the extreme discomfort caused by the sight of extraterrestrial goo maliciously attacking and consuming its […]

Straight-Up Wonderful: “Straight” Brings Important Queer Narratives to the ’92

October 8, 2018, by Mae Davies, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“Not every gay guy burps glitter!” was just one of the many comical yet true lines uttered in the Patricelli ’92 Theater this past weekend, as Scott Elmegreen’s and Drew Fornarola’s 2016 play, “Straight” graced Wesleyan audiences with an intimate look at one man’s attempt at coming to terms with his sexuality. Directed by Avery […]

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