Road to Nowhere: Discovering My Mixed Race Identity Through Theater

December 3, 2020, by Nathan Pugh, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

Content Warning: This article contains references to racism and suicide. i. an american experiment For all of my life, I have wondered what race people assign to me when they see me for the first time. The easiest way to find answers to this question would be a theatrical confrontation, an experiment that I’ve rehearsed […]

In Bring Me the Horizon’s “Post Human: Survival Horror” EP, The Apocalypse is Channeled

December 3, 2020, by Oscar Kim Bauman, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Bring Me The Horizon’s musical journey has taken them to the end of the world. From their roots as a critically derided deathcore act formed in the mid-2000’s, the English rock band has since expanded their musical horizons, taking on post-hardcore, electronic rock and pop-rock, broadening their palette and acclaim with each new release. Their […]

In “Cut Woman,” Dena Igusti and Ray Jordan Achan ‘19 Explore the Perils and Possibilities of Embodied Writing

December 3, 2020, by Nathan Pugh, Sabrina Ladiwala, Arts & Culture Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Content Warning: This article contains references to female genital mutilation (FGM). While watching a short performance film recently, we were struck by a surreal loop of actor and audience: the beginning of the film was a young person staring at a computer screen. Their red lipstick and red eyeliner accentuates a face that, despite being brown, […]

A Chronicle of Crafting During Crisis

December 3, 2020, by Aiden Malanaphy, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

When it comes to stress relief and creative release in our world of distanced learning, crafting can provide two for the price of one. Throughout this past semester, I’ve found myself absorbed in the simplicity of bakeable clay, the endless possibilities of watercolor, and the graphic replicability of rubber block printmaking. Free of the formal […]

Argus Wrapped: Editorial Board Shares Most Played Music of the Year

December 3, 2020, by The Argus Editorial Board, . Leave a Comment

With the start of December comes winter frost, holiday music, and the reminder that platforms like Spotify are tracking our every click. Spotify Wrapped—the music service’s end-of-year program which lets listeners know their listening habits—can bring about mixed feelings, as fans either take to Twitter to brag about their good taste in rising stars or […]

Lopii’s “Year iii” : The Magical, The “Blue” and Everything in Between

November 19, 2020, by Abby Glassman, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Between the long nights of papers and assignments ahead of me, heavy rain beating on my dorm window and the ongoing COVID isolation, I was not feeling particularly motivated to conduct a Zoom interview. I was eager to meet the members of the band Lopii, Katie Lopez ’21 and Olivia Lopez ’21, and had been listening to their new […]

With “Positions” Ariana Grande Expands Her Musical Reach

November 19, 2020, by Angel Santana, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Ariana Grande delivered her sixth studio album, “Positions” on Oct. 30. Arriving a year and a half after her previous album “thank u, next,” Grande makes a return. The album’s title track, “positions,” was released on Oct. 23, with the album following a week later. Even with its minimal marketing, Grande’s “positions” scored the artist her fifth number […]

In “Lovecraft Country,” Black Americans Reclaim Racial Horror

November 12, 2020, by Lexi Cummings, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

In the seventh episode of the television series “Lovecraft Country,” a distraught woman struggles to regain her bearings. Somewhere lost in the cosmos, Hippolyta (Aunjanue Ellis) fruitlessly searches her surroundings after a portal whisks her away to an unknown land. The empty white walls offer her no solace or clues as to where she is, nor […]

Margaret Atwood’s “Dearly”: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Loss, in All Its Forms

November 12, 2020, by Ella Tierney, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Margaret Atwood’s new book is deceptively thin with a bouquet of flowers on the cover that suggests something romantic and lighthearted inside. As the old adage about books and their covers goes, this assumption could not be further from the truth. “Dearly” is a collection of poems that fearlessly explores tragedy and grief and asks […]

“Just A Massacre of Onion Layers:” A Review of “Bring Me the Head of Quentin Tarantino” by Juliàn Herbert

November 12, 2020, by Chiara Naomi Kaufman, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

On Nov. 3, the short story collection “Bring Me the Head of Quentin Tarantino” by Juliàn Herbert was published for the first time in English. The collection was translated by Christina MacSweeny, following its initial publication in Spanish in 2017. It’s a startling and frenzied collection, featuring stories that range from an artist who finds […]

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