Wesleyan Film Series: When Porn Becomes Political in “Boogie Nights”

September 25, 2017, by Luke Goldstein, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights,” (1997) which played last week at the Wesleyan Film Series, presents a world so overtly lacking in political content that, on its face, it may seem out of touch with a contemporary audience, entrenched within a pop culture that cannot escape the political realm. However, this reading of the film […]

Oh Wonder Brings Uplifting Tracks and Irresistible Charm to New Haven

September 25, 2017, by Angel Santana, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This weekend, New Haven was treated to a performance full of relatable lyrics and an array of lights from British indie pop band Oh Wonder. The duo, which consists of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, brought its infectious sounds to an intimate crowd at College Street Music Hall for its Connecticut stop on its Ultra Life World […]

Let’s Take It From the Top: Inside the Audition Room

September 25, 2017, by Mae Davies, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The process of auditioning for plays and musicals is notoriously rigorous and humiliating, arguably tolerated by only the most masochistic of individuals. Theater kids thrust themselves into this undertaking not only willingly but enthusiastically. This week, I talked to five University students about what it’s like to step into that room, dealing with the aftermath of cast […]

Cinefiles 9/27 – 9/30

September 25, 2017, by Genyu Zhang and Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman, Film Board. Leave a Comment

Friends, there was a HUGE misstep made at Cinefiles HQ last week and we must address it immediately. It was our very own dear, dear film board member and co-Cinefiles writer Genyu’s birthday, and to think we didn’t mention it at the time? Tut tut. Apologies Genyu, and happy belated birthday! Now that we’ve made […]

“Black Pulp!” Brings Black Narratives to Zilkha Gallery

September 22, 2017, by Mae Davies, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

It was once said of Jean-Michel Basquiat that he painted Black kings because “the world doesn’t celebrate Black kings.” This Tuesday, Sept. 19, an epic celebration of Black kings (and queens) arrived at the University in the form of an exhibition entitled “Black Pulp!” Running at the Zilkha Gallery until Dec. 10, this brilliantly curated exhibition […]

Daniel Caesar’s Freudian Debut

September 22, 2017, by Angel Santana, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Daniel Caesar’s debut album Freudian, which was released on August 25, is a perfect blend of R&B and gospel. Its heart-wrenching songs, whether about a toxic relationship or being apart from a lover, provide themes and advice that you can hold onto for a lifetime. A month after its release, the album continues to resonate with […]

At Osa, Farm to Table Meets Italian Hospitality

September 22, 2017, by Viviane Eng, William Halliday, Arts Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Students returning to campus in early September were greeted by a new restaurant on Main Street’s North End. With its wooden gate, black-and-white woodwork, and neon sign, Osa is definitely eye-catching. Inside, the pitched ceiling and long table at the center of the room draw the eye to the bar and a view into the kitchen. […]

What Happened is Hillary Clinton Failed Us All

September 22, 2017, by Michael Darer, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

“What Happened,” Hillary Clinton’s retelling of the 2016 presidential election is a fascinating travesty: an exercise in how badly someone might throw any semblance of self-awareness out the proverbial window. It’s a shocking exercise in dishonesty and self-pity, for which the former Senator from New York was reportedly paid almost $14 million in advance. If I […]

Cinefiles 9/20 – 9/23

September 22, 2017, by Genyu Zhang and Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman, Film Board. Leave a Comment

Welcome, one and all! The doors of the Cinefiles HQ are open for you once more. We are moving into the third week of the semester, and is it just us, or does it feel like we’ve already been here for months? If you’re already feeling sluggish and overwhelmed—or maybe you think you made some […]

The Nationals Evolve on Sleep Well Beast

September 22, 2017, by Gabriel Ballard, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Four years after the band’s sixth studio album, “Trouble Will Find Me,”  garnered the Cincinnati-based group’s first Grammy nomination, The National released “Sleep Well Beast” on Sept. 8. Their seventh album is similar in style to previous projects by the band, dating back to 1999 when they released their self-titled debut album. On the other hand, […]

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