Popularity of “In the Heights” Draws Attention to Second Stage Ticketing Process

December 6, 2019, by Zoë Kaplan, Sports Editor. 1 Comment

Late last month, the Wesleyan student theater scene was overwhelmed with attention for the 20th anniversary production of “In the Heights.” Each night of the three-show weekend was sold out; students even lined up outside of the Wednesday night dress rehearsal, desperately hoping to secure a spot in the audience. By the end of the […]

Machado’s Memoir “In The Dream House” Masterfully Weaves Together Fantasy and Reality

December 6, 2019, by Sophie Wazlowski, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Content warning: Domestic abuse There is a woman standing in the doorway of the house on the cover of Carmen Maria Machado’s novel “In The Dream House.” Her tiny frame is hardly noticeable against the backdrop of the looming house. But if a person looks closely, they will see her standing there with her shoulders […]

Matthew Shepard’s Story Deserves to Be Told. But It Can’t Be the Only Story For the LGBTQ Community.

November 22, 2019, by Nathan Pugh, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

Content Warning: Homophobia, murder, hate crimes. Titles of each section come from Danez Smith’s poem, “little prayer.” i. “let ruin end here” This past Friday, I forced myself to create an image in my mind. It’s an image that I never want to look at, but I don’t have a choice: After I encountered it early […]

In “Deaf Republic,” Ilya Kaminsky Contemplates Silence and Noise

November 22, 2019, by Steph Dukich, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Monday, Nov. 18, Russian poet Ilya Kaminsky conducted a poetry reading at Russell House. Kaminsky was born in the formerly Soviet-occupied city of Odessa, where he spent most of his childhood. In 1993, Kaminsky’s family moved to the U.S. after receiving political asylum. It was only after his move to Rochester, N.Y., that Kaminsky began […]

Mel Hsu ’13’s “a prayer for broken glass” Is a Solo Album Like No Other

November 22, 2019, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

“A prayer for broken glass,” released on Nov. 14, is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Melanie (Mel) Hsu ’13’s fourth album. Hsu, who is currently based in Philadelphia and New York City, has composed for film, theater, dance, poetry, and “epic neighborhood parades,” and has collaborated with artists including Eminem and the late Mac Miller. Hsu was […]

Twenty Years Later, “In the Heights” Returns to the ’92

November 22, 2019, by Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editor. 1 Comment

When the very first incarnation of “In the Heights” premiered in the ’92 Theater in April 2000, it broke Second Stage attendance records for the entire year. If the line stretching out of the building this past Wednesday night—just to get into the dress rehearsal—was any indication, the show’s return to campus almost 20 years […]

Cinefiles 11/20–11/23

November 19, 2019, by The Film Series Board, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

It’s a big week here at the film series, with a Special Preview Screening to kick things off! We can’t say exactly what that secret movie will be, but we can say it’s sure to be a gem, which is a pretty big hint. Think you already know? Come on down to the Goldsmith Family […]

How To Entertain Yourself This Thanksgiving Break

November 19, 2019, by Jane Herz, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. It feels like only yesterday we were unpacking our dorm rooms, taking awkward family photos outside of Bennett, and complaining about how hot it was in our classrooms (oh, how the tables have turned). This semester has flown by, and now it’s time […]

Samsara Showcases South Asian Student Experiences

November 19, 2019, by Tara Joy, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

This past Friday, students filed into Crowell Concert Hall for Samsara, an annual cultural showcase organized by Shakti, the University’s South Asian student association. Samsara, which incorporates music, dancing, and acting, displays the breadth of both South Asian performance art forms and student talent on campus. The scope of the performance is what makes Samsara […]

“The Dream Circus” Implicates the Audience in Its Strangeness

November 18, 2019, by Stuart Woodhams, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“Have you ever been in love?” “Yes,” I answered. Sitting in the dark, I wondered if anyone could tell that I was visibly turning red. I’d never felt so exhilarated or so vulnerable as an audience member during any other theatrical performance, but “The Dream Circus” is as much role-playing or Escape Room as theater.  “And nothing is what […]

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