Cinefiles 4/18–4/21

April 17, 2018, by Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman and Julia Levine, Film Board. Comments Off on Cinefiles 4/18–4/21

Welcome to warmer weather Wesleyan—or was that rise in temperature just temporary relief? Either way, the school year will shortly be coming to a close, and our cinematically inclined seniors must leave the Wesleyan bubble for the wider world. We will be sad to see them go, but their departure brings exciting changes as we […]

Jessica Jones’ Second Season Is A Dull Disappointment

April 17, 2018, by Henry Spiro, Arts & Culture Editor . 1 Comment

In light of its subject matter, it’s surprising that the second season of “Jessica Jones” isn’t more talked-about. After all, its first season tackled sexual assault and the trauma that comes from it, while balancing the lighter elements of a show based on a superhero. Considering the prominence of the #MeToo movement, it would seem […]

The Kronos Quartet Innovates String Chamber Music

April 17, 2018, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

As we settled into our seats in the unusually packed Crowell Concert Hall before the Kronos Quartet’s performance on Sunday night, the woman sitting next to me confided that she had been listening to the string quartet for forty years, but this was her first time seeing them in person, an occasion which had prompted her […]

Senior Dance Concert Captures Love, Loss, Hope

April 17, 2018, by Mae Davies, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This year’s Spring Senior Dance Thesis Concert featured original choreography from seven dance majors: Vaishvi Jhaveri, Rachel Davis, Amira Ottley, Luisa Donovan, Adriana Phillips, Laurel QingXian Comins-Sporbert, and Monica Sun. A range of styles and subject matters were displayed in the ’92 Theater, creating a unique and engaging audience experience. In this performance, use of […]

Art Thesis Exhibitions, Week 2

April 13, 2018, by Matt Wallock, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Five studio art theses are currently on display in the Center for the Arts’ Zilkha Gallery. This is the second of four consecutive weeks of studio art thesis exhibitions, featuring diverse visual art projects by Seamus Edson, Virginia Johnson, Melissa Joskow, David Machado, and Xhonia Robinson. Edson’s thesis, “A System for Graphic Play,” is organized around a […]

CARE FOR ME Turns Mourning into Masterwork

April 13, 2018, by Nick Byers, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

On “LIFE,” the second single from his new album CARE FOR ME, Saba offers a devastating portrait of his current existence, rapping, “That’s life—Momma mixed the vodka with the Sprite / They killed my cousin with a pocket knife.” A bar later he mentions his formerly-incarcerated uncle: “He got out a year and then he died.” […]

“Goat’s” Surreal Premise Belies an Emotionally Honest Core

April 13, 2018, by Mae Davies, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Break-ups, heartache, weed, booze, and seductive goat-demons swirl together in “Goat,” an original play written and directed by Sam Pollak ’21. “Goat,” which debuted last weekend at the WestCo Cafe, follows the story of an expelled and disgraced Harvard student on his rocky road to redemption, giving audiences a glimpse of an authentic college experience […]

The Wiccans and Witches of Wes, Part 3

April 13, 2018, by Danielle Cohen, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

This is the third installment of The Wiccans and Witches of Wes, a three-part interview series with two students who identify as Wiccans and witches on campus. The last names of the students have been omitted to protect their privacy. Interviews were conducted and edited by Danielle Cohen, who can be reached at  In the […]

Cinefiles 4/10-4/14

April 9, 2018, by Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman and Julia Levine, Film board. Leave a Comment

Hello, hello! It’s good to be speaking to you all after a surprising hiatus—last week was all about the jokes—and we hope you’re ready to get into the nitty-gritty of this semester’s closing calendar. Before we get into that we want to start this week’s Cinefiles by telling you about a hugely important event taking […]

“Love, Simon” Celebrates White, Suburban, Teenage Gayness

April 9, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The audience meets Simon Spier through his white, suburban upper-middle class family. There’s the vaguely incompetent and lumberjack-looking dad (Josh Duhamel), the intelligent and organized mom (Jennifer Garner), and the younger sibling with a distinctive personality quirk (Talitha Bateman). “Love, Simon” fulfills all the typical rom-com tropes of teenage movies, but the speeches about being […]

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