Written in the Stars: Oct. 17

October 16, 2017, by Jessica Mason, Brighten Kaufman, Cosmic Consultants. Leave a Comment

Hey Argus Readers! It’s Brighten and Jessica, your Horoscope Hotties, back for another edition of Written in the Stars. As Halloween gets closer, we’re here to make sure that you don’t get spooked by the twists and turns the stars are bringing these next two weeks. As always, let us know if these predictions pan out! […]

Layli Long Soldier Reads from “Whereas”

October 16, 2017, by Tara Joy, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This past Wednesday, students filed into Russell House to hear Lakota poet Layli Long Soldier read from and discuss her most recent book, “Whereas,” which came out this past March. The book is written as a response to the Native American Apology Resolution, a 2009 congressional resolution apologizing on behalf of the United States to […]

Lotta Sea Lice Review

October 16, 2017, by Cormac Chester, Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

For two musicians who come from opposite sides of the globe, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile make an excellent pairing. Their witty, ambling styles mix so cohesively that it seemed it was only a matter of time before they produced an album together. Lotta Sea Lice is the creative brainchild of the Melbourne and Philadelphia-based musicians, and […]

Stick and Pokes: The Ins and Outs of DIY Tattoos at Wesleyan

October 13, 2017, by Mae Davies, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

At the end of last month, a post in WesAdmits read, “Can anybody do stick and poke tattoos?” The comments flooded in, with students volunteering themselves, tagging artfully skilled friends and classmates, and vouching for each other’s tattooing talents. One girl plugged her Instagram account, which featured a visual portfolio of her work. Another asked if the poster […]

Flaccid Ashbacks Releases Debut Album

October 13, 2017, by Cormac Chester, Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

Deep in the bowels of Wesleyan’s own Red Feather Studios, Henry Hodder ’20 has worked tirelessly in pursuit of perfection. Over the past 10 months, Hodder has painstakingly mixed and re-mixed, mastered and re-mastered the Flaccid Ashbacks’ debut album, Try the Soup. And the effort shows. Try the Soup’s emotional depth, contrasting sound, and overall […]

“Blade Runner: 2049” is the Epic of Modern Cinema

October 13, 2017, by Henry Spiro, News Editor . Leave a Comment

Blockbuster movies have always had something other genres of film don’t: the ability to tell epic stories. They do so through fictional worlds brought to life by detailed and intricate special effects; plotlines with a grand sense of scale; and, as a result of these qualities, themes that tackle ambitious and complicated ideas. A blockbuster, with […]

“Big Mouth” is the Sex Ed Cartoon We All Need

October 13, 2017, by Molly Schiff, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

In high school, I wished that anyone but my crazy, Marvin Gaye-playing, 60 year-old former hippie health teacher could deliver whatever version of sex-ed lessons were required by our often loosely applied public high school curriculum (I’m not joking when I say she played “Sexual Healing” and “Let’s Get it On” as lead-ins to our […]

In Slow Dakota’s Rumspringa, Sauerteig Archives His Own Migration

October 13, 2017, by Viviane Eng, Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

The word “Rumspringa,” which translates to “jumping or hopping around,” refers to an adolescent rite of passage. The custom is practiced in some Amish and Mennonite communities and begins in the mid-teen years. For Amish adolescents who partake in Rumspringa, the process lasts a total of two years, occurring between the ages of 14 and […]

Kyle Abraham’s “Dearest Home” Expresses Growth Amidst Pain

October 9, 2017, by Viviane Eng, Arts Editor. Leave a Comment

In Kyle Abraham’s “Dearest Home,” audience members encircle the stage while dancers move under the waxing and waning lights above. The room itself is noiseless, with only the soft thuds of the dancers’ leaps and turns audible to spectators. Viewers dare not shift in their seats, at the risk of violating the sanctity of the […]

Cinefiles 10/11 – 10/14

October 9, 2017, by Genyu Zhang and Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman, Film Board. Leave a Comment

Well, we have agreed to work on too many senior film theses. That’s right: Thesis season has begun! For all those film folk out there in their final year at Wesleyan hoping to make a short to take with them into the big bad world, whoa, did you dream big. But we’ve got you! We’re […]

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