In the past year and a half, Greek life on Wesleyan’s campus has sought to improve itself and become better integrated with the Wesleyan community as a whole. As members of Greek life we listened to the demands of our fellow students and sought to fulfill the high expectations we have for ourselves. A vital part of this quest for improvement has been the creation of a substantive Intra Greek Council, composed of the Greek organizations on campus who all share the common desire to contribute substantively to Wesleyan’s community. This effort has been spearheaded by various members of these organizations who have gone above and beyond to ensure the efforts are not for naught. Nonetheless, for all the progress we have made, there is still so much more for us to do. To ensure that we are successful, we will need a voice in the administration. For the past year and a half, that vital voice has been Zack Pfeifer. Recently, the IGC was informed that Wesleyan’s administration had declined to renew Mr. Pfeifer’s contract. While the Greek community respects the financial considerations that must be decided by the administration, we know that Mr. Pfeifer is a vital member of the community worth ten times his salary. We ask that the administration review both their decision and the progress the Greek life has made under the guidance of Mr. Pfeifer. To deprive the Greek community of his leadership and guidance would hinder our progress and harm the greater community. We, as Greek organizations, look forward to continuing to progress and we look forward to continuing to work with Zack Pfeifer.

George Pollack is a member of the class of 2016.

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