WesCeleb: Eliot Kimball ’24 on His Side Hustles

November 2, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Vasilia Yordanova, Features Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This week The Argus sat down with Eliot Kimball ’24 to talk about his experiences in creative collaboration at the University. From senior film thesis sets to the soccer pitch, from Connecticut all the way to Seville, Spain, Kimball combines his passions to try and make social change. Not to mention his documentary work on […]

LGBTQ at Wesleyan: Lincoln Turner ’25 on Theater, Music, and the Magic of Storytelling

November 2, 2023, by Ryan Wong, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

LGBTQ at Wesleyan is a new column in The Argus that aims to highlight queer voices on campus, giving special attention to LQBTQ students and staff of color. It will allow readers to get to know these individuals beyond their activities and accomplishments, offering a closer look into their lived histories, what drives them, and […]

Exploring Authentic Relating and Self-Expression: The Practice of Circling at Wesleyan

October 26, 2023, by Dove Bonjean-Alpart, Nicki Klar, Staff Writer; Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

It’s 5 p.m. on a Sunday, and between the weekend’s hangover and the impending Monday blues, you’ve found yourself seated in a circle amongst strangers. Well, not everyone is a stranger. You recognize some familiar faces you’ve brushed shoulders with in the line at Usdan or in a backyard on Fountain Avenue, but no one you’ve ever […]

New Dean for the Class of 2026 Shelissa Newball ’05 Hits the Ground Running

October 26, 2023, by Sam Hilton, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Shelissa Newball ’05 began her new position as dean for the class of 2026 on Monday, Oct. 16, 2023. Filling a vacancy left by former dean Michael Guerrero, Newball has worked in higher education for much of her time since graduating from the University. She’s worked in residential life (ResLife) as both a student and a professional, […]

A Look at U.S. Military Service at the University, Past and Present: Student Perspectives on Training Programs

October 16, 2023, by Thomas Lyons, Staff Writer . 4 Comments

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (AFROTC) at the University Today On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Nate Zola ’25 wakes up at 4 a.m., shaves, eats breakfast, and commutes to New Haven for physical training. Zola is currently the only active member of Wesleyan’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program (ROTC), which operates […]

WesCeleb: Crystal Peña ’24 Talks Dance on Campus, Trying New Things, and Bouncing Back

October 16, 2023, by Akhil Joondeph, Opinion Editor. 1 Comment

You may know her for unbridled energy on stage, her ever-present smile, or perhaps her many successfully planned functions on campus. Crystal Peña ’24 is perhaps the epitome of a campus celebrity, involved in activities ranging from the Latin and Ballroom Dance Club to the Writing Workshop. Intrigued by her many interests and unrelenting involvement […]

WesChess: Win, Lose, or Draw?

October 16, 2023, by Collin Holson, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This week, we’re changing it up a little. Instead of some incredibly specific and esoteric grandmaster game with fancy brilliancies and accurate moves, this position is taken directly from one of the author’s games. In this endgame position, white has just exchanged rooks, giving black a narrow opportunity to equalize. Can you find the continuation […]

From the Argives: Espwesso, a Place For Students To Espwess Themselves Then and Now

October 12, 2023, by Ella Henn, Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Abby Glassman, Features Editor, Assistant Features Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Espwesso, a student-run café in the basement of Albritton, is a hidden gem at the University. Even though students frequently mumble the name, it’s not because they’re trying to keep the spot a secret, but rather because Espwesso can feel awkward to pronounce. Whisper it to yourself, you’ll see…. The name, just like the café […]

WesCeleb: Alisha Simmons ’24 on Art at Wesleyan and Transformative Imagination

October 9, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

This week, The Argus sat down with Alisha Simmons ’24, an artist in every sense of the word. They talked about their two majors, being involved in the arts world on campus, and the inspiration for their senior projects on transformative imagination. From Middletown to London, Simmons has the passion and love for performance.  The Argus: What are […]

The Return of DKE: President Colin Campbell ’25 Talks New Initiatives With The Argus

October 9, 2023, by Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

Walking down High Street, you have probably passed by a cobblestone house that almost always has its lights off. Owned by the University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) chapter, the house has served as a hub for the fraternity since 1868. However, it has been off limits to its members since 2015 after a conflict between […]

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