Logo Limbo: University Makes Plans, Prepares for Flagship Logo Redesign

October 13, 2017, by Sasha Cohen, Contributing Writer. 2 Comments

Along with the grand opening of the University’s new bookstore, R.J. Julia, came a line of clothing and apparel unique to the store. Nearly all of the store’s branded goods can be recognized by a new and modern logo, which uses the font Verag Black and is made up of a large “W,” with the word […]

Chef Scallan’s Chocolate Butter Cake Recipe

October 13, 2017, by Alaina Scallan, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

During the last month of my senior year of high school, I had to spend a month doing a senior project of my choosing. My friend Pamela and I decided to make it a group project so we could hang out pretty much every day throughout May. We could have chosen to do anything—learn an […]

WesCeleb: Tina Glusac ’18

October 13, 2017, by Cole Land, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Just don’t call her Christina. The Argus got the chance to sit down with Tina (Teapot) (Treepot) Glusac ’18 to talk about her love of people, the outdoors, and health and wellness on campus.   The Argus: Why do you think you were nominated as a WesCeleb? Teapot Glusac: I love people a lot! I’ve […]

Saucing with Spencer: Brownie in a Mug

October 13, 2017, by Spencer Arnold, Contributing Wirter. Leave a Comment

Look, I won’t sugarcoat it. Getting your dessert fix here at Wes can be tough. It’s not exactly the sweetest thing to have to salvage whatever is left at Usdan at the end of the night. And if you’re schlepping it to Weshop for a pint of ice cream every night, you’re going to need […]

Posse Profiles: Veteran Dennis White ’19 Talks Progressive Politics and Journey from West Virginia to Wesleyan

October 13, 2017, by Luke Goldstein, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Anyone coming from a background like Dennis White ’19 would most likely perceive his enrollment at a school like Wesleyan as a paradox or a hoax. For most white working-class kids growing up in rural West Virginia, a state wrought with poverty and sporting the lowest college graduation rate in the country, opioid addiction, and emblematic […]

Rapidly Growing Muslim Student Association Talks Recent Activity and Hope for the Future

October 9, 2017, by Hannah Reale, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

The University’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) partnered with the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) this past summer, and three MSA board members attended the assembly at the United Nations Headquarters. President Eunes Harun ’20 and Vice President Mubarak Sanni ’20, two of the attending members, spoke about the 2017 Global Summit in August, praising the […]

WesCeleb: Khephren Spigner ’18

October 9, 2017, by Andrew Fleming, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Khephren Spigner ’18 never planned on becoming a campus renaissance man. It just happened. From singing, social work, playing on the football team, and writing a thesis, it’s amazing that this WesCeleb found the time to sit down with The Argus for an interview.   The Argus: So I guess the first thing you knew […]

Coverage of Ben & Jerry’s Milk with Dignity Program Overlooks Wesleyan Student Protests

October 9, 2017, by Luke Goldstein, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Last Tuesday The New York Times, along with other news organizations, reported that Ben & Jerry’s had reached a negotiation with Migrant Justice, a farmworkers’ activist group, to sign onto the Milk with Dignity Program. The program secures certain labor standards for the dairy workers at the company’s suppliers. While news outlets have for the most […]

Roving Reporter: Fall 2017 Midterm Haikus

October 9, 2017, by Erin Hussey, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

We asked stressed-out Wes students to write haikus about their midterms. Here are their responses:     Brooke Anderson ’19:  WesPlague you got me Boy how little I study Is this how I die?   Andrew Finkelman ’21: Sitting in Olin Words blurring into steep lines In need of more time.   Olivia Dugan ’20: […]

Tracing WESU’s Journey from “Mischievous Beginnings” to Innovative Present

October 9, 2017, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

How can college radio, once a major agent of influence in the American music scene, survive in the streaming era? WESU-FM, the University’s only radio station, hopes that the answer is creating a musical bond between Wesleyan students and the surrounding Connecticut community. This past Sunday, Oct. 8, WESU hosted its semi-annual record fair in Beckham […]

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