WesCeleb: Arianna Mastro ’18

January 25, 2018, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Arianna Mastro ’18 is a self-proclaimed ‘little ball of joy.’ What she may lack in traditional WesCeleb credentials, she more than makes up for with her infectious exuberance and her ability to put a room at ease. The Argus was lucky enough to catch her in between Usdan meals, where she provided endless entertainment and […]

Green Fund Broadens Its Initiatives

January 25, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Sam Prescott, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

Chelsea Manning’s visit to campus at the end of last semester had much of the Wesleyan community asking exactly what the Green Fund, which co-sponsored the talk, does at the University. The answer, naturally, is a bit complex. Julia Michaels ’12 and Julia Jonas-Day ’12 spearheaded initial efforts to create the fund in the 2009-2010 […]

The Great Meal Swipe Debate of 2017

December 4, 2017, by William Halliday, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

On the evening of Nov. 16, a post in the University’s community-forum Facebook group, WesAdmits 2021, ignited a discussion about something other than misplaced IDs and iPhones. Authored by Keane Chan Hodges, a freshman from Hawaii, the strongly worded post criticized the University for not allowing students to use more than one meal swipe per […]

WesCeleb: Tyler Clarke ’18

December 4, 2017, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

While she might not admit it, Tyler Clarke ’18 is one of Wesleyan’s most prominent socialites. You might know her as director of X-tacy. Or maybe you know her from her involvement with Psi U. Or perhaps you know her as a senior interviewer. But you probably don’t know her feelings about “Daddy” John Finn, her […]

The Top 5 Easiest Things to Bring to Any Holiday Potluck

December 4, 2017, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“Would you mind bringing something?” If you’re anything like me, those five words are the worst words you could possibly hear. It’s that time of the year, folks: the time for the dreaded holiday potluck. You know the drill. You’re invited over to your best friend’s house, or maybe it’s your crazy aunt’s family get-together […]

Bob Cassidy: From Colonel to College Professor

December 4, 2017, by Erin Hussey, Assistant Features Editor . Leave a Comment

Before finding himself at Wesleyan, Col. Robert Cassidy spent over 30 years in the military, serving in combat and contingencies in Grenada, Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He held various positions including special assistant to senior commanders in Afghanistan, director of assessments for a special operations task force, battalion commander in Kuwait, and squadron executive officer […]

WesCeleb: Jonas Powell ’18

December 1, 2017, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Jonas Powell ’18 is more than just the darling of the Wesleyan Athletics photography scene. The cheerful physics major also dabbles in motorsports, “cult-esque” musical groups, frisbee, brew club, and the world of entrepreneurship. His journey from beardless, jort-less first-year to the WesCeleb that Wesleyan now knows and loves all started with a hat.   […]

Wesleyan Language Tutor Program: A New Collaboration With Middletown

December 1, 2017, by Andrew Fleming, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Last semester, a collaborative project began between the University and local school district officials to bring on students from Wesleyan Spanish courses as tutors for English Language Learning (ELL) students in their classes at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. While the program began small, with only 10 tutors, it has since more than doubled size and […]

A Year Later, Campus’s Trump Voters Mixed in Their Evaluations

December 1, 2017, by Jack Leger, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

Pundits argue that Donald Trump’s strongest quality is his unique ability to draw supporters who follow him through any scandal, policy failure, or accusation. They claim he knows the strength of this quality, and acknowledges this strength at rallies where he boasted that he could shoot someone and not lose voters. Interviews of his fans at pre-election […]

Paul Manafort’s Family-Owned Company Has Battled Controversy in Connecticut

November 27, 2017, by Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, Emmet Teran, Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor. Leave a Comment

As families across the country prepared their turkey dinners last week, the former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was granted a “limited release” for Thanksgiving. How would he explore his temporary freedom? There are two locations where Manafort might have enjoyed his holiday meal: his house in Virginia, which was searched earlier this year as part […]

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