University Partners with Spin Bikeshare in New Pilot Program

April 13, 2018, by Sarah Backer, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Have you seen the new bikes around campus? It’s impossible to miss them—they’re bright orange. The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Spin Bikeshare to bring rentable bikes to the University, just in time for Earth Day. On this sunny WesFest Thursday, April 12, University students, faculty, and staff came to Foss Hill to learn […]

WeSLAM Reflects on This Year’s CUPSI in Philly

April 13, 2018, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On April 4, Wesleyan’s slam poetry team, WeSLAM, set off to attend the annual College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) at Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn. The team competed against 65 universities and colleges from all around the country, including other NESCAC schools, such as Tufts and Hamilton. In its team selection process, WeSLAM hosts a few […]

Hazy Past: Zonker Harris Day’s Seeds and Stems

April 13, 2018, by Luke Goldstein, Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Assistant Features Editor and Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“Zonker Harris Day should not be on the calendar next year, and it won’t be,” University President Michael Roth ’78 said in 2008. “The institution should make it clear that it’s not supporting things that are stupid.” A decade after the Wesleyan University administration briefly banned the holiday, Zonker Harris Day remains alive and well. With this […]

Crêpe-A Diem: The Joy of Really Thin Pancakes

April 9, 2018, by Erin Hussey, News Editor . Leave a Comment

First things first: it’s pronounced crehp (rhymes with step) not crayp (rhymes with tape). I make this clarification for two reasons. First, my original pitch for this story—“can I write an article about how everybody pronounces crêpe wrong?”—aside from being totally obnoxious, was far too short to sustain an actual article. Nonetheless, I would still […]

150 Years: Argus Ads Through the Decades

April 9, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The Argus, which is now celebrating its 150th year in print, has long been a haven for local advertisers—mostly Middletown restaurants and on-campus events. In decades past, however, we also housed ads from larger, national companies, such as Coca-Cola, Domino’s, and Brooks Brothers, which reflects the changing role of local newspaper advertising through the past […]

Millett Fellow Paul Auster Talks His Craft Over Lunch

April 9, 2018, by Emmet Teran, Editor in Chief. Leave a Comment

Last Wednesday, Paul Auster was driven up to Middletown from New York. Wesleyan’s 2018 Millett Writing Fellow decided to treat himself to a car service because he figured that he could get some sleep on the ride back to Brooklyn when the Q&A, reading, and dinner with students were all over. After all, he had been up […]

Dr. Bones the Egoist-Communist Speaks at Wesleyan

April 6, 2018, by Luke Goldstein, Assistant Features Editor. 1 Comment

Dr. Bones has gained notoriety since Trump’s rise in the GOP primaries within niche netherworlds of the internet, mostly among anarchist, communist, and mystical conjurer circles. He writes frequently in first-person, blog post-style for the site Gods and Radicals (“A Site of Beautiful Resistance”), and his work has also appeared in The Anarchist Library and […]

Anna Savage ’18 Awarded Prestigious PILA Fellowship

April 6, 2018, by Erin Hussey, News Editor . Leave a Comment

Anna Savage ’18, a government and Latin American Studies double major, has been awarded a Princeton in Latin America Fellowship, a prestigious fellowship involving a year of service with organizations in Latin America and the Carribean.  Savage will be working in Cabrete, Dominican Republic, following her graduation in late May. As part of the fellowship, Savage […]

Why Can’t We All Get As: Grade Inflation Poses Challenge to University Departments and Peer Institutions

April 6, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Sasha Cohen, Features Editor and Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Several themes plague the headlines of articles about higher education institutions. In more recent memory, it’s been free speech and admissions standards, but another key topic covered extensively is grade inflation. The Argus spoke with professors, students, and Academic Provost Joyce Jacobsen to collect both qualitative and quantitative data that have had a significant impact on the […]

New EMS Club Offers Opportunities for Medical Training

April 6, 2018, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

A new learning opportunity outside of the classroom is available for University students who want to learn more about Emergency Medical Service (EMS). The club, called Wesleyan EMS Club, was approved by the University just before spring break, and is intended for students interested in becoming Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), as well as for students who […]

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