Ghosts in the Graveyard: Middletown’s Spooky History

October 29, 2019, by Katarina Grealish, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

As Halloween swiftly approaches, it’s time to get into the spooky spirit by thinking about the haunted and ghostly happenings right here in Middletown.  Though in many ways Wesleyan’s campus appears to be the poster child for a “small liberal arts campus,” it’s important to acknowledge that we also have two literal graveyards on or […]

Middletown Diaries: The Haunted Stacks of Olin, Mysterious Paint, and “The Entity”

October 29, 2019, by Features Team, Features Team. Leave a Comment

Based on the New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diaries,” the Middletown Diaries will include awkward, funny, novel, or sweet (and this week, spooky) anecdotes, stories, or memories that happen at Wesleyan and in Middletown. To submit to the Middletown Diaries, please email   Dear Diary,  May 2019. Finals week, a dark and rainy night. I was […]

Fluctuating Truth: Knight People Books & Gifts Hosts Last Psychic Fair

October 29, 2019, by Sara McCrea, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

On the first Sunday of October, Emile de Leon, the owner of Knight People Books & Gifts, explained to me from behind the counter of his shop that psychics are able to tap into a truth that is universal, but not necessarily fixed. He wore a brown vest over a tie-dye shirt, with matching brown […]

Looking for Answers: A Deep Dive Into Wesleyan Secret Societies

October 28, 2019, by Annika Shiffer-Delegard, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The mere mention of secret societies conjures up certain thoughts—dark robes, mysterious movements in the dark, and strange rituals, of course. Well, it appears that Wesleyan has its fair share of that as well, within the multiple secret societies that populate the campus. Perhaps somewhat brainwashed by Donna Tartt’s enchanting imagery of the mysterious New […]

Behind the Work Order: Environmental Studies Goes to Physical Plant

October 25, 2019, by Madeleine Matz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

When, at 5:30 each Thursday morning, Physical Plant foreman Paul Martin begins his job, he knows that this day will not be like his others. At 7 a.m., an hour painful to even contemplate for most students, Nina Criswell ’22 joins him. Together, they address work orders, drive to a nearby Home Depot, and work in […]

University Students and Professors Talk Role of Research on Campus

October 25, 2019, by Sophie Wazlowski, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

If you’ve ever been on a campus tour of Wesleyan, chances are that when your tour group stopped at Exley Science Center, your guide made sure to tell you that, due to the small number of graduate students at Wesleyan, undergraduates have a level of access to lab research that students at most other universities […]

U.S. Educational Engagement with China: Looking at Three Universities’ Attempted Ventures

October 25, 2019, by Emmy Hughes, Hannah Reale, Editors-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

The decision whether or not to move forward with a joint venture in China is one that many U.S. universities have faced.  This includes Wesleyan, which considered but will no longer be pursuing a joint-venture campus in China, as President Michael Roth ’78 announced in an all-campus email on Oct. 24.  The decision comes after […]

WesCeleb: Jadan Villaruel on Spirituality, Systems, and Social Strife

October 25, 2019, by Spencer Arnold, Features Editor. 1 Comment

Jadan Villaruel has, according to his nominators, scores of fans around campus. His personality includes “phenomenal sassiness” and he “always makes a point to show…people his love.” He has a lot of thoughts on Wesleyan, astrology, and “our generation’s Madonna,” Charli XCX. The Argus caught up with him over lunch to hear it all, and […]

CT Fall Break Ideas From the Feats Team

October 15, 2019, by Features Team, Features Team. Leave a Comment

You’ve pushed through a long week of midterms and now you’ve made it! Ah, Fall Break: that four-day weekend when the campus empties out and you seem to have double the work that you’d have on any two-day weekend. For those of us staying on campus this Fall Break, it’s easy to feel worried that […]

“What’s That Smell?” Skunk Sightings Rise on Campus, Physical Plant Denies Population Increase

October 15, 2019, by Kaye Dyja, Spencer Arnold, News Editor, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The WesAdmits posts began trickling in from the very start of the semester. “Skunk lurking around pine and fountain, watch out,” read one, dated Sept. 3.  It only took six days for another post to appear. “think there is a skunk inside the garbage by lowrise fyi!” came the Sept. 9 post. Students have been claiming […]

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