Extra, Extra! A Look at Campus Life During World War II

January 30, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Features Editor. 1 Comment

Early 1942 was, to put it mildly, a hectic time to be at Wesleyan. The United States had just formally declared war on Japan, and young men were being drafted. Seventy-six years ago this month, 250 young men arrived on campus to be trained for the Navy. From poring over old copies of The Argus, […]

Saucing with Spencer: Cooking With Friends Can Feed the Soul

January 30, 2018, by Spencer Arnold, Food Editor. Leave a Comment

I have long been a believer in the power of food to bring people together. It’s central to everything from first dates to fancy parties to friendly get-togethers. As we all settle back into our busy schedules and daily routines, we come together over food—sharing a meal is typically the way that we catch up […]

Students Become the Masters: 20 Forums Aim to Satisfy a Wide Range of Interests

January 30, 2018, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

This spring’s student forums—student-instructed seminars that cap at 15 spots and typically count for a full credit—range in content from environmental sustainability to the game theory of poker. This spring’s 20 student forums are listed below, by department.   African American Studies “Radical Enbodyment,” taught by Zeno Scott ’18, sponsored by Visiting Assistant Professor of […]

HQsage on Campus: Hit Trivia App Arrives at Wes

January 30, 2018, by Emmy Hughes, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

When the time arrives, HQ games are announced with a push notification, reading something like, “The HQ gates are open. You may enter the game.” Within minutes, hundreds of thousands of players pour into the trivia app, waiting while electronic music plays and numbers count down to the start of the game. After some minutes the […]

Tartiflette: A Hearty Dish from the French Alps

January 30, 2018, by Théo Storella, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

The Tartiflette is the ultimate winter casserole. As a hallmark of French Savoyard food, the Tartiflette is the go-to dish to rejuvenate your cold and tired soul. Situated in the east of France, La Savoie is largely covered by the jaw-dropping Alps. These mountains are admired and enjoyed in summer as well as winter and […]

Students Identify Benefits and Challenges of Federal Work-Study

January 25, 2018, by Tristan Genetta, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

In President Donald Trump’s plan for the 2018 budget, he laid out plans to harshly cut federal work-study budgets, and consequently, University students that depend on the work-study program could find themselves in an unstable situation. The University offers a multitude of work-study positions as a part of student financial aid packages, allowing students to earn money with campus […]

WesCeleb: Arianna Mastro ’18

January 25, 2018, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Arianna Mastro ’18 is a self-proclaimed ‘little ball of joy.’ What she may lack in traditional WesCeleb credentials, she more than makes up for with her infectious exuberance and her ability to put a room at ease. The Argus was lucky enough to catch her in between Usdan meals, where she provided endless entertainment and […]

Green Fund Broadens Its Initiatives

January 25, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Sam Prescott, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

Chelsea Manning’s visit to campus at the end of last semester had much of the Wesleyan community asking exactly what the Green Fund, which co-sponsored the talk, does at the University. The answer, naturally, is a bit complex. Julia Michaels ’12 and Julia Jonas-Day ’12 spearheaded initial efforts to create the fund in the 2009-2010 […]

The Great Meal Swipe Debate of 2017

December 4, 2017, by William Halliday, Staff Writer. 2 Comments

On the evening of Nov. 16, a post in the University’s community-forum Facebook group, WesAdmits 2021, ignited a discussion about something other than misplaced IDs and iPhones. Authored by Keane Chan Hodges, a freshman from Hawaii, the strongly worded post criticized the University for not allowing students to use more than one meal swipe per […]

WesCeleb: Tyler Clarke ’18

December 4, 2017, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

While she might not admit it, Tyler Clarke ’18 is one of Wesleyan’s most prominent socialites. You might know her as director of X-tacy. Or maybe you know her from her involvement with Psi U. Or perhaps you know her as a senior interviewer. But you probably don’t know her feelings about “Daddy” John Finn, her […]

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