Haley Sacks ’13 Makes Finance Fun With @mrsdowjones Accounts

April 23, 2019, by Jane Herz, Social Media Editor. Leave a Comment

You may be familiar with Wesleyan alumni working at places like Goldman Sachs or Citibank, but there’s a new finance girl in town—and her name is Mrs. Dow Jones. With 68.1k followers on her Instagram page, @mrsdowjones, aka Haley Sacks ’13, is making a name for herself in both the media and finance worlds. Utilizing popular […]

Hannah Dreier ’08 Talks Pulitzer Win for MS-13 Coverage

April 23, 2019, by Brooke Kushwaha, William Halliday, Editors-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

To get an idea of the type of reporting Hannah Dreier ’08 does, it helps to know that the 2019 Pulitzer Prize winner keeps a water bottle and tissues in her bag during interviews. Dreier has been recognized for her feature writing on MS-13 in a three-part series published by ProPublica, a nonprofit hub for […]

Sarah’s on Main Expands in Response to Growing Customer Demand

April 19, 2019, by Kaye Dyja, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

For five years now, Sarah’s on Main in Portland, Conn. has been serving homemade breakfast and local flavors to Wesleyan students. But as the restaurant has grown in popularity, wait times have become longer, and customers have struggled to fit large parties into the one-room restaurant. Now, Sarah’s lovers can rejoice—the beloved breakfast spot is […]

WesCeleb: Ellis Richmond ’19

April 19, 2019, by Kaye Dyja, Spencer Arnold, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

You’ve probably seen him at the ’Swings counter, or at a Tiny Shed concert. Or maybe you’ve seen him at Psi U. But do we really know psychology major and film minor Ellis Richmond ’19? The Argus sat down with Richmond to talk about his time at ’Swings, his experiences managing senior ko-op, and his […]

Thesis Spotlights: Emily Steckhan, Chiara Bercu, and Noah Kahan

April 19, 2019, by Sasha Linden-Cohen, Madeleine Matz, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Content warning: mention of violence.  After seniors popped the champagne on the steps of Olin this Tuesday, they finally had time to answer some questions about their theses. We sat down with three seniors from different departments to chat about and congratulate them on their hard work. Emily Steckhan ’19 wrote her history thesis about […]

“Someone That They Can Count On”: Foster Care Support Project Receives Patricelli Funding

April 19, 2019, by Spencer Dean, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Junior Kat Osorto waited eagerly for the phone to ring in Wesleyan’s sleepy student-run cafe. When it did, signaling the arrival of a transportation van, she and a handful of her peers met the driver and traveled 15 minutes down a Connecticut interstate highway. This day represented the culmination of months of work by a […]

WAP: The Closure of Haven Hall

April 15, 2019, by Eleanor Raab, Sara McCrea, WAP Hosts. Leave a Comment

Taíno Smokehouse: Middletown’s Go-To Barbecue Joint

April 15, 2019, by Emma Smith, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The exterior of Taíno Smokehouse can be summed up in one word: unassuming. It sits in a large parking lot off of South Main Street, nestled up against an Ace Hardware. The Smokehouse can be difficult to spot from the street, but once you arrive, the large sign beckons you in. As a party of eight […]

Middletown Diaries: Veggies, NARPs, and The Ride

April 15, 2019, by Features Team, . Leave a Comment

Based on the New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diaries,” the Middletown Diaries will include awkward, funny, novel, or sweet anecdotes, stories, or memories that happen at Wesleyan and in Middletown. To submit to the Middletown Diaries, please email srcohen@wesleyan.edu. Dear Diary, After making three full laps around Usdan, I finally resolved to eat from classics, because they […]

Wesleyan Argus Podcast: The Closing of Haven Hall

April 15, 2019, by Eleanor Raab, Sara McCrea, Argus Podcasters. Leave a Comment

The Wesleyan Argus Podcast (featuring Jocelyn Maeyama ’22) sat down with Dominique Nunnally ’19, Ricardo Vega ’21, and Katie Livingston ’21 to talk about their experiences with the Haven Hall program and what its closure means to them. The following is the transcription of an excerpt of the episode from Tuesday, April 9. Eleanor Raab: We […]

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