Clap for Clay: The Clay Club Takes the Wheel

November 16, 2023, by Anna Thomas, Ella Henn, Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Nicki Klar, Features Editor, Assistant Features Editor, Staff Writer, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Tucked away in a cozy studio on East Main Street, the Clay Club fosters a space for craft, collaboration, and creativity. Sharing their studio with Wesleyan Potters, a local ceramics studio which, despite the name, is not affiliated with the University, the club provides students with the opportunity to try out pottery making regardless of experience. […]

Van Vleck Observatory Opens Its Doors for Community Outreach

November 16, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Erin Readling, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

For decades, the University’s Astronomy Department has hosted public outreach programs at its home, the Van Vleck Observatory — that is, until the COVID-19 pandemic forced the observatory to close its doors. This fall, new efforts by students, faculty, and community members have led to the resurrection of public programming in full swing.  The observatory […]

Office Hours: Professor Gabrielle Ponce-Hegenauer on Her Love for Poetry, Don Quixote, and Electronic Music

November 13, 2023, by Vasilia Yordanova, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

Welcome to Office Hours, a series brought to you by the Features section! In these articles, Argus writers speak to faculty, staff, and members of the administration about their interests, classes, and lives on and off campus. As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Associate Professor of Letters and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality […]

WesChess: Knight in Shining Armor

November 13, 2023, by Collin Holson, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This week, we will be looking at a classic puzzle position, first composed in the 16th century by the Spanish chess player and author Luis Ramirez de Lucena. This is taken from his book “Repetición de Amores y Arte de Ajedrez con CL Juegos de Partido,” which is believed to be the oldest surviving chess book […]

Ben Florsheim ’14 on Middletown Politics and His Reelection as Mayor

November 13, 2023, by Carolyn Neugarten, Miles Pinsof-Berlowitz, News Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Mayor Ben Florsheim ’14 won reelection on Tuesday, Nov. 7 in a decisive victory over Republican challenger Mike Marino, a Middletown councilman and former police officer. Florsheim, a Wesleyan graduate who was elected as the town’s youngest ever mayor in 2019, will begin his second term on Jan. 1. In an interview with The Argus […]

Cups and Clutter: The Mess on Fountain

November 9, 2023, by Ella Henn, Abby Glassman, Lula Konner, Features Editor, Staff Writer, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

It’s Friday…no, Saturday…no, definitely Friday. Gee Whiz. You’re floating down Fountain Avenue, just like many of the University’s students before you, on the prowl for the best night of your life. You’ve never seen your Environmental Studies classmates outside of Fisk Hall and now they’re flooding the streets, arguing about whether to go to the […]

Resource Center Gender and Sexuality Interns Relaunch Wesleyan Period Project

November 9, 2023, by Rose Chen, Assistant News Editor. Leave a Comment

Since its establishment in 2019, the Wesleyan Period Project (WesPeriod) has relaunched each semester, bringing free 100% organic cotton pads (day and night) and tampons (regular and super) to campus while raising awareness for period product equity. These products are available in the following locations: the bathroom of the Resource Center (167 High St.), the front […]

WesCeleb: Theo Dolan ’24 on Community Building, “Quack On,” and How to Succeed as a Wesleyan Student

November 6, 2023, by Abby Glassman, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

You’ll often spot Theo Dolan ’24 outside of Usdan during lunchtime, leading a hacky sack circle—a testament to his commitment to making people feel welcome and engaged. Member and creator of multiple improv groups on campus, Dolan values creative outlets as a space both to meet other passionate people and deepen his strength as a […]

Ask The Argus: Winter Is Coming Edition

November 6, 2023, by Features Team, Features Team. Leave a Comment

As we enter the season of darkness, the Feats section thought we would give you some advice on how to brave the cold. From Thanksgiving to the various winter festivals, the season can feel overwhelming, especially when you are far from home. Don’t worry, we got you covered with all the tips and tricks to thrive this […]

Students Celebrate Latine Affirmation Month

November 2, 2023, by Jo Harkless, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

Every October, the University community comes together to celebrate Latine Affirmation Month (LAM) with a variety of events, performances, and initiatives. This year’s festivities began on Friday, Sept. 29, and concluded on Thursday, Nov. 2, with an emphasis on the diversity of Latine identities on campus. Events included a conversation about Latinidad, film showings, club spotlights, student performances, a formal, […]

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