WesCeleb: Ariel Edelman ’20 Talks Drag and Data

October 4, 2019, by Sophie Griffin, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

As a first-year student coming to Wesleyan, Ariel Munczek Edelman ’20 felt that there was a lack of what they called an “intentional queer community.” Sophomore year, they co-founded HOUSE (Human Organisms Undertaking Sexy Entertainment), a drag collective, partially to fill that void and partially out of a love for the art form they describe […]

Middletown Diaries: Are We Human? Or Are We Dancer?

October 1, 2019, by Features Team, Features Team. Leave a Comment

Dear Diary, A lot of people refer to Wesleyan as a bubble, and indeed sometimes it feels like we’re living in a fish bowl. The outside world seems far removed and even though Main Street is a 10-minute walk away, going there seems like a large commitment. But this weekend I got up early, finally […]

The Dark Side of the ‘Dan: Students Share Stories of Social Anxiety in Usdan

October 1, 2019, by Franklin Ribli, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Since opening its doors in 2007, Usdan has become the de facto central hub for both formal and informal social interactions on campus. While Wesleyan was recently ranked by Niche.com to have the 17th best food among colleges in the country, it is not uncommon to hear students complain about the campus’s largest dining hall, […]

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants Offer Cultural, Conversational Language Opportunities

October 1, 2019, by Sophie Griffin, Annika Shiffer-Delegard, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

Picture this: You’re staring off into space in your Italian class, the new adjectives that you just learned swirling around in your head. You took Italian to learn about the culture of pasta making or what the deal is with that thing Italians do with their hands when they talk. But all you’ve been learning […]

Education Expansion: Boards Discuss Potential College of Education Studies and Mid-Wes Collaborative

October 1, 2019, by Sara McCrea, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

An Education Studies advisory board led by Professors of Psychology Steven Stemler and Anna Shusterman has been meeting to discuss the logistics required in creating a new College of Education Studies at the University. Additionally, in the past two months, a group of six faculty and staff—four of whom are also on the Education Studies […]

Saucing with Spencer: A Comforting, Creamy Marinara

September 26, 2019, by Spencer Arnold, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

Three years ago, I came to Wesleyan with a single bagful of groceries and a dream. I would cook every week, I told myself. This is the year I learn to be completely independent, to make myself healthy meals and really take control of my life. Then I discovered takeout from Swings, and got pretty […]

“The Dream Circus Project” Transcends Boundaries of Theater

September 26, 2019, by Emma Smith, Olivia Ramseur, Contributing Writer, Assistant Features Editor . Leave a Comment

When most people think of the circus, they picture elephants, clowns, and acrobats. On campus this year, though, a group of creative students are beginning to reimagine circus as a different kind of performance art. Their more modern take on circus, titled “The Dream Circus Project,” will run in the ’92 Theater from Nov. 14 […]

Scamelot: Phishing and Email Fraud at Wes

September 26, 2019, by Emma Smith, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Public Safety Lieutenant Paul Verrillo has seen all kinds of scams: voices on the phone impersonating the IRS, emails about job offers that pay hundreds of dollars a week for almost no work, and hackers offering false opportunities. Verrillo said that students report scams to him all the time, but usually it’s too late. The Office of Public […]

WesCeleb: Miles Brooks ’20 Talks Environmentalism, WESU, and Beekeeping

September 26, 2019, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Sophie Griffin, Assistant Features Editor & Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

When Miles Brooks ’20 came to Wesleyan, he expected to double major in Theater and Physics. During his first year, however, he found himself drawn to environmentalism on campus, getting involved in groups like Outing Club, Climate Action Group, and Long Lane Farm. Through these endeavors, he discovered a passion for the environment and made a […]

Michael Bennet ‘87 at Wesleyan: Roots of His Presidential Run

September 24, 2019, by Stuart Woodhams, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Divestment protests around campus. Contentious battles over co-education at fraternities. A power grab by the administration to weaken the student government’s influence. This was the Wesleyan that Colorado Senator Michael F. Bennet ’87 was met with in 1986-87, his senior year, in his role as WSA co-coordinator. “The academic year is only half way over, […]

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