Snow Place Like Home: How Students Spent Winter Break

February 11, 2021, by Stephanie Monard, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The first day of classes on Tuesday, Feb. 9 marked the end of an unusually long winter break. Normally, students return to campus after Thanksgiving break, not returning home until mid-December, and then Spring semester classes begin in late January. This extended break was part of the University’s COVID-19 safety effort to prevent an influx […]

WesCeleb Pablo Wickham ’21 Reflects on Rat Research, Rhodes Scholarship, and Risk-taking

February 11, 2021, by Annie Roach, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Although he identifies as an introvert, Pablo Wickham ’21 is famous all over campus for being outgoing and knowing everyone. Whether in the theatre community or the world of neuroscience, chances are you’ve run into him somehow and recognized his easy-going, friendly spirit. The Argus Zoomed with Pablo to get the inside scoop on his classes, […]

Bored in the House/In the House Bored: Ideas for How to Spend Quarantine

February 11, 2021, by Features Team, . Leave a Comment

The word “quarantine” comes from the Italian word quarantina, meaning 40 days, which itself comes from the Italian word for 40: quaranta. While Wesleyan’s arrival quarantine is coming up about sixteen days short of an actual quarantina, it’s still a lot of time. If you’re feeling a bit bored, or want to do something besides […]

Tasty Treats From Your Friends at Feats

February 11, 2021, by Sarah Timbie, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

I don’t know about you, but one thing I really enjoyed about break was being back in my own kitchen. Being in the presence of my stand mixer and many spatulas, spoons, and whisks just brings me an incredibly comforting feeling. Now that we are getting back to campus I probably won’t be cooking as […]

Professor Esam Boraey Talks Revolutionary Activism

December 4, 2020, by Kay Perkins, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Before joining the Wesleyan faculty to teach about populism, Esam Boraey built an impressive resume as an activist, political operative, and academic. He graduated from college several years early and began teaching at the university level at nineteen. His academic career was interrupted, however, when he became one of the first seven people to protest […]

Students Respond to Early Campus Closure

December 3, 2020, by Jo Harkless, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Thursday, Nov. 19, Dean Rick Culliton sent out an all-campus email announcing new restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the student body. Following an increase in COVID-19 cases both on and off campus, Culliton urged students with negative tests to head home as soon as possible. “I was in econ [when I […]

Winter is Coming: Students’ Thoughts on the Upcoming Break

December 3, 2020, by Sophie Griffin, Stephanie Monard, Assistant Features Editor, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Winter break should be a time of relaxation, family gatherings, and decompression from the stress of the semester. However, after three months being surrounded by your best friends, the time away from campus can feel isolating for many students. This year, as part of the University’s COVID-19 safety planning, instead of returning to campus after Thanksgiving […]

WesCeleb Caroline Salim ’21 on the Government Major, Sailing, and Making Connections

December 3, 2020, by Claire Isenegger, Sabrina Ladiwala, Editor in Chief, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Caroline Salim ’21 may be graduating a semester early, but she’s already left her mark on campus. This Captain of the Sailing Team, Senior Class Treasurer, and ResLife Community Advisor shared her fondest memories at Wesleyan with The Argus. From her love for the government major (and its professors) to going on hikes and playing […]

WorkForce Time Continues to Spark Student and Worker Frustration

December 3, 2020, by Emma Smith, Hannah Docter-Loeb, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

On Feb. 18, the University announced that they would be implementing WorkForce Time (WorkForce), a new timekeeping system to track hours for on-campus workers. The University implemented the system on July 27, according to an all-campus email from Associate Controller Melanie Messier. WorkForce was introduced to streamline time-keeping processes, according to the all-campus email sent on […]

ORSL Budget Reductions and Restructuring Spark Strong Pushback from Students, Faculty, and Staff

November 19, 2020, by Serena Chow, Editor-in-Chief. 2 Comments

The University’s Former Muslim Chaplain Omar Bayramoglu was sitting in his kitchen at home in Farmington, Connecticut on Jul. 21 when he received an email from the University’s Catholic Chaplain Father Bill Wallace. Wallace had reached out to Bayramoglu to ask if it was true that he was leaving his position at the University, which […]

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