Crochet All Day: Crafting Sea Critters Project Culminates in Vibrant Usdan Display

April 27, 2023, by Akhil Joondeph, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Unapologetically vibrant and dotted with myriad sea creatures, a surreal seascape greets all who walk through the northern doors of Usdan University Center. Crocheted jellyfish perch above coral fossils, stuffed octopi rest on crocheted brain corals, and jars of preserved creatures sit in front of large watercolor paintings of undersea worlds. This multimedia display represents […]

WesCeleb: Chris Simé ’23 Reflects on Learning, Leadership and Living Life to the Fullest at Wesleyan and Beyond

April 27, 2023, by Sulan Bailey, News Editor. Leave a Comment

Chris Simé ’23 is, in his own words, chronically outside. From critically engaging with Western representations of Caribbean history in his classes to leading staff meetings as a Head Resident (HR) in the Butterfields, Sime’s packed schedule keeps him flitting across campus. Simé sat down with The Argus in an Exley classroom—in which he said he’s […]

From the Argives: Navigating Abnormal Housing Selections

April 24, 2023, by Lyah Muktavaram, Podcast Manager. Leave a Comment

Monday, April 10 marked the start of an annual frenzy, most commonly known as the beginning of the General Room Selection (GRS) process. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike meticulously map out their plans for housing, desperately holding out for a low-ranked order number from the random generator algorithm to maximize their chances of getting […]

WesChess: The First Brilliancy

April 24, 2023, by Max Vitek, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

In a 1924 International Chess Masters Tournament filled with most of the top names at the time such as Capablanca, Lasker, and Tartakower, Richard Réti unveiled a new strategy he created, aptly named the Réti opening. In the 12th round he played with the white pieces again Efim Bogoljubow, a German-Russian player who would later compete without […]

WesCeleb: Briana Rodriguez Castillo ’23 on Community Building, Human Rights Advocacy, and High School Sweethearts

April 20, 2023, by Lyah Muktavaram, Podcast Editor. Leave a Comment

Whether she’s organizing events for the Resource Center or playing UNO with her housemates, Briana Rodriguez Castillo ’23 finds joy in bringing people together. Through her senior thesis, centered around contemporary gun legislation and documentary work, Rodriguez Castillo strives to empower and provide service to marginalized communities. Rodriguez Castillo took time out of her busy […]

From the Argives: Staying Hot and Keeping Cool

April 17, 2023, by Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Assistant Features Editor . Leave a Comment

Last week, the blazing sun transformed the atmosphere on campus—literally and figuratively. By Wednesday, April 12, the student body was blessed with scorching temperatures, leading to overcrowding at Miller’s Pond and an array of hammocks on Foss Hill. Considering that every conversation this week involved some sort of commentary on the temperature, we thought the […]

WesChess: Spot the Square

April 17, 2023, by Collin Holson, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This week, we thought it’d be a nice idea to give you a break from the intense calculation we’ve thrown at you over the last few puzzles. So, this week’s puzzle is purely positional—while the tactics are important, the way to find the solution isn’t by searching for the key move, but rather the key […]

Exuberance and Empowerment: Introducing the Embodying Antiracism Initiative Partners

April 13, 2023, by Akhil Joondeph, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Sweaty bodies stomp and clap in unison; dozens of individuals become one as they dance, share, and learn together. A scene like this promises to be a hallmark of the Summer Leadership Institute, a seven-day intensive program organized by the University’s Embodying Antiracism Initiative (EAI) and scheduled for June 2023. As interested students and community members eagerly fill out […]

WesChess: Morphy’s Puzzle

April 10, 2023, by Max Vitek, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Whether you’ve seen this puzzle or not, it is always enjoyable to see an unorthodox solution to a problem. In this puzzle, composed by Paul Morphy when he was only 10 years old, white has mate in two. At first glance, this might seem impossible, which goes to show the brilliance of this simple little […]

From the Argives: The Home Stretch of Thesis Season!

April 10, 2023, by Sam Hilton, Features Editor. Comments Off on From the Argives: The Home Stretch of Thesis Season!

It’s that time of year again. Beleaguered seniors dot campus, hunched over a laptop, frantically editing, rewriting, citing, and trying to get their culminating theses wrapped up before the deadline. It’s an all-too-familiar scene. So, in these trying times for our senior class, I thought I’d provide some relief and look through the post-thesis celebrations […]

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