WesCeleb: Rachele Merliss ’19

November 15, 2018, by Brooke Kushwaha, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Rachele Merliss ’19 is a friend and advocate to many. Between her work with SACE (Survivor Advocacy and Community Education) and her lauded theatrical performances, Merliss truly deserves the title of WesCeleb. The Argus sat down with Merliss this week to talk about her passion for advocacy, her experience growing up Jewish in Lincoln, Neb., […]

Jewett Center Debuts New Resident Mentor

November 15, 2018, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The Jewett Center for Community Partnerships (JCCP), as its name suggests, values community involvement. This year, the JCCP has taken many measures to engage Wesleyan students with the Middletown community. One of these steps was creating the position of Coordinator of Community Participation and appointing Rhea Drozdenko ’18 to the job. They organized a political engagement grant […]

From Special FX to Academics: Get to Know Provost Assistant Megan Flagg

November 15, 2018, by Sara McCrea, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Before she was Executive Assistant to Provost Joyce Jacobsen and the academic deans, Megan Flagg was making dead bodies. That is, before she started working in higher education, Flagg worked in the film industry, doing special effects and costuming. “I worked on Iron Man, which sounds very exciting, but most of the time in the […]

AskWes Instagram Page Seeks to Fill Mental Health Gap

November 12, 2018, by Spencer Arnold, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

With the staff shortage and continued inaccessibility of the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), many students have begun looking for new and different ways to tend to their mental health on campus. For some, finding a community of people who have shared similar struggles helps them to make sense of and gain comfort in talking about their experiences […]

Usdan Employees Face Challenges With Rising Demands, Staff Shortages

November 12, 2018, by Will Slater, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Johnny Hayes ’20 spends much of his time at Usdan behind the scenes, cleaning dishes. Between moving at the speed of the conveyor belt and trying to sufficiently supply plates and silverware for lunch and dinner rushes, Hayes’ job is all about timing and working efficiently as a unit.  If the job sounds hard and […]

Middletown Diaries: Dungeons, No Dragons

November 12, 2018, by Sasha Linden-Cohen, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Based on the New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diaries,” the Middletown Diaries will include awkward, funny, novel, or sweet anecdotes, stories, or memories that happen at Wesleyan and in Middletown. To submit to the Middletown Diaries, please email srcohen@wesleyan.edu.   Dear Diary, In most ways, Wesleyan’s wood-frame houses feel like real homes. Cozy porches artfully adorned with wicker […]

WesCeleb: George Poulos ’19

November 8, 2018, by Brooke Kushwaha, Features Editor. 1 Comment

This week’s WesCeleb could be known as an “influencer.” At over 59,000 YouTube subscribers and 11,000 Instagram followers, this celeb knows his way around the web. His weekly vlogs and skateboarding videos have gone viral, and you’ve probably seen him and his board on campus, wearing his signature leaf cap. The Argus had a chat […]

Campus Experiences Mixed Emotions in Wake of Midterm Elections

November 8, 2018, by Spencer Arnold, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

A huge win for Democrats. A sign of support for Trump. Headline after headline, hot take after hot take, the outcome of this year’s midterm election is slowly coming into focus. Democrats took the House of Representatives, but lost several seats in the Senate. A number of key governorships flipped from red to blue, but […]

Opening up Polar Seltzer’s Winter Limited Edition Flavors

November 8, 2018, by Gigi Snyder, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Like many Wesleyan students, I love seltzer. A lot. I go for Polar every time I enter WeShop; Classic Lime is my favorite, though I relish anything with a citrus twist. I purchased two 12-packs the other night, and if struggling up four flights of stairs to my HiRise with 144 fluid ounces of vaguely […]

Ripples of the Blue Wave: Students Lead Efforts to ‘Get Out The Vote’

November 5, 2018, by Brooke Kushwaha, Sasha Linden-Cohen, Features Editor, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

With midterms knocking on our door more aggressively than any canvasser, students have been preparing for Election Day with a variety of Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts to increase young votership. In several key states, young voter turnout has broken records since 2014, according to USA Today. Early voting turnout among 18-29 year-olds is […]

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