WesChess: Finegold’s Rule

April 29, 2024, by Collin Holson, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

This week, we will be looking at a game from the Czech Championship 2005 between Petr Hába and Jiří Lechtýnský. In this position, White is clearly better—he is up the exchange for a pawn, and is maintaining immense pressure on Black’s position. Although there are many winning ideas, can you find the most precise continuation […]

The Return of the Lucid Color Collective

April 25, 2024, by Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Conceptualizing, visualizing, and creating art is both an exciting and intimidating journey for many aspiring artists. To address these joys and struggles that come with artistic endeavors, a group of students revived the Lucid Color Collective—an inclusive space for visual artists of color at the University—at the beginning of the Spring 2024 semester. The Lucid Color Collective offers […]

From The Argives: Students Start Up an Entrepreneurship Society

April 25, 2024, by Sida Chu, Francisca Wijaya, Arts & Culture Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society, co-founded by Wesley Tan ’26 and Zachary Berkenkotter ’26, was among the 21 student organizations approved by the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) Community Committee during the spring 2024 semester. While a quaint liberal arts college like ours isn’t particularly known for mass-producing Silicon Valley moguls, our administrators do boast about our school’s […]

WesCeleb: Evan Hsu ’24 on the Art of Saying Hello

April 25, 2024, by Lia Franklin, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

This week, The Argus sat down with Evan Hsu ’24. As a Disorientation coordinator, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B) major and College of East Asian Studies minor, and big name on campus, Hsu has made a sizeable mark on Wesleyan in his time here. If you’ve seen him on campus, chances are he’s said hello. […]

Friday, April 26, 2024 Decryptions

April 25, 2024, by Charlie November, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Instructions: Look at each image or symbol: Start by examining each picture or symbol individually. Each one represents a word or a part of a word. Each box signifies a new word. Sound it out: Say what you see out loud. Sometimes it’s the literal image; other times, it might be a homophone or a […]

Organizing on Campus: Students for Justice in Palestine Expands and Gains New Following

April 22, 2024, by Lula Konner, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

If you sat in on a weekly meeting of the University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) club last spring, you’d likely have found between five and ten attendees. If you sit in on a meeting this spring, you’ll find closer to 20 people.  SJP has survived several challenges, including a brief hiatus during COVID-19. A handful […]

Sammy Sackett Isn’t Done

April 22, 2024, by Thomas Lyons, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

Most people don’t get jobs by defacing property. Sammy Sackett ’25 isn’t most people. “I was just being a little bit silly,” Sackett told The Argus. For weeks last fall, Sackett would sneak up to the letter board sign outside of the Cardinal Tech store in Usdan and rearrange the letters to create a new […]

Code_Wes and the Computer Science Dilemma at Wesleyan

April 18, 2024, by Janhavi Munde, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Code_Wes, the University’s coding club, serves a crucial purpose in supplementing academics with a strong learning community. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has invited speakers, planned social events, and sent students to conferences in the area. The Argus sat down with perpetual Exley Science Center resident and Code_Wes administrator Nishant Aggarwal ’26 to discuss the […]

Office Hours: Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins on Intellectual Curiosity Without Grades, Using History To Think About the Present, and the Study of Raymond Aron

April 15, 2024, by Leo Bader, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Assistant Professor of History and in the College of Social Studies (CSS) Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, who arrived at Wesleyan in 2021, has quickly established himself as an active presence on campus and in the broader academic community. He runs an interview series for The Nation, organizes talks and events on campus, and publishes books, articles, and essay collections […]

From the Argives: Senior Traditions from the Past and Present

April 15, 2024, by Maggie Smith, Archivist. Leave a Comment

As the spring semester wraps up, graduation for the class of 2024 looms in the near future. It’s a bittersweet moment for this beloved class as they enjoy their last weeks as students at the University. Various activities and events are planned for the end of the year to celebrate the seniors and their time […]

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