Middletown Small Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

September 18, 2020, by Katarina Grealish, Assistant News Editor. Leave a Comment

Small businesses in Middletown that rely heavily on students for economic revenue have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the extra months students spent away from campus. As most students’ quarantine periods come to an end, they can now safely support the city’s small businesses they’ve become partial to over the years.  “The Wesleyan student […]

Class of ‘24 Adjusts to College Amidst Pandemic

September 18, 2020, by Annika Shiffer-Delegard, Rachel Wachman, Assistant Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This year has been one long experiment in uncertainty and adaptation. For first-years arriving on campus, the start to college was yet another item on the list of experiences that did not go as planned due to the pandemic.  Not only was the move-in process spread out over the course of an entire week, but […]

WesCeleb Alice Swan ’21 on Creating POC Spaces and Forging Community

September 17, 2020, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Mengmeng Gibbs, Natalia Ruszkowski, Features Editor, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

With her passion for social justice, Alice Swan ’21, a double major in government and the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) and an African American Studies minor, has made the most out of her time at Wesleyan. From Ujamaa (Wesleyan’s Black Student Union), to MIX (Multiethnic Interracial X-Cultural) Club), to her participation in Xtacy […]

Twenty-Five is a Magic Number: 10 Must-Visit Places Within a 25 Mile Radius

September 17, 2020, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Talia Zitner, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Twenty-five isn’t necessarily that big of a number. By the time you turn 25, you’re already halfway to 30, and you don’t gain any cool new rights. Twenty-five dollars can get you about two meals at Swings. Twenty-five minutes is probably just enough time to take a shower and change before the Zoom lecture you probably don’t want to […]

Wesleyan Contracts Broad Institute, Allows for Safe Return of Students to Campus

September 11, 2020, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Eliza Kuller, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Last spring, after COVID-19 forced students and professors to transition to online learning, Wesleyan Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Nicole Stanton started assembling a curricular planning task force to explore different options for the next semester, hoping to invite students back to campus in the fall. But amid the uncertainty posed by COVID-19, whether or […]

Ujamaa, Wesleyan’s Black Student Union, Issues List of Demands to Administration

September 11, 2020, by Emma Smith, Lia Franklin, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Ujamaa, Wesleyan’s Black Student Union, circulated a letter to the University administration with a list of demands for tangible actions towards anti-racist work and inclusion efforts on campus. The letter, released last Friday, Sept. 4th, spans 11 pages and articulates students’ concerns about the July 31 email that President Roth ’78 and Alison Williams ’81 sent out about anti-racism on campus, a […]

A Journey To Middletown: The External and the Internal

September 11, 2020, by Emma Kendall, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Content Warning: This article contains references to suicide.  4/4/20 I’d never seen my sister do the dishes before that day. But after we all started to realize that the whole quarantine thing was going to be our new normal, my dad told us we’d all be expected to “help out around the house.” So there […]

WesTwins Jake and Jack Kwon ’21 Talk Science, Frisbee, and Brotherhood

September 11, 2020, by Sophie Griffin, Talia Zitner, Assistant Features Editor, Contributing Editor. Leave a Comment

Near death experiences, hours spent chatting in Sci-Li, and sunsets on Foss Hill are just some of the memories Jake and Jack (not to be confused with former Vine stars Jack and Jack) Kwon will take with them when they graduate in the spring. A birthday isn’t the only thing these twins have in common; […]

Hamilton Prize Winners Talk Inspiration, Creative Process, and Future Plans

September 4, 2020, by Emma Smith, Sarah Timbie, Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

For many students, high school and college alike, it’s probably hard to recall exactly what was going on in mid-May of 2020. If you had the privilege of a safe home and internet access, the world became virtual, small, contained, and repetitive in the face of the looming threat of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) […]

Living Outside the Box: What it Means to be Mixed-Race in a Not-So-Colorblind America

September 4, 2020, by Tiah Shepherd, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor. 1 Comment

Due to the unusual circumstances of this semester, in lieu of Middletown Diaries the Features section will publish full-length personal essays. If you have a personal essay you’d like to submit or are interested in writing a personal essay for the Argus, please contact Features Editor Emma Smith at elsmith@wesleyan.edu. The smell of burning hair is hard […]

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