Prof. Joseph Rouse Redefines Meaningful Science

May 9, 2017, by Rachel Savage, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Professor Joseph Rouse always comes five minutes early to class, delicately placing his backpack and bicycle helmet behind the podium. He sits on the table at the front of the room, swinging his matte black New Balance sneakers rhythmically with his hands clasped, silently greeting each student with a stretched smile and a turned head. Sitting, […]

Wesceleb: Rachel Kaly

May 9, 2017, by Molly Schiff, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

If you’ve seen a comedy show at the University in the past few years, then you probably know Rachel Kaly ’17. The English major is a member of the Wesleyan Comedy Committee and currently splits her time between campus and New York to further pursue a career in the field. Kaly, the last Wesceleb of […]

Who Wore It Wes: Jenny Davis ’17

May 9, 2017, by Devonaire Ortiz, Voices Editor. 1 Comment

Jenny Davis ’17 may be a college senior, but she dresses like the stylish grandmother next door. For the past two years, she has kept the “Who Wore It Wes” column alive. In that time, she’s been a Features Editor, an Opinion Editor, an Editor-in-Chief, and is now an Executive Editor. As a soon-to-be college […]

Gone but Not Forgotten: A MoCon Retrospective

May 8, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief. 2 Comments

Imagine a giant gleaming flying saucer perched on top of Foss Hill, overlooking Vine Street and the tennis courts. Scores of students enjoyed meals and even live music behind circular ceiling to floor tinted windows. A rumble of palms slapping against plastic tables would cue “announcements,” a horizontal communal communication method now foreign to any current student who hasn’t been […]

Advice from the Copy Desk: Senior Week & Anagrams

May 4, 2017, by Copy Editors, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

From: Am Dying :((, 2018 Help me survive finals please You can do it on the toilet. You can do it on a scooter. You can do it in the Usdan line, with your eyes open, with your hand raised, at Spring Fling. You can even do it during your final presentation. But you CAN’T […]

From We$Hookupz 2020 to Soggy We$ Memes: Tracing the Rise and Fall of Wesleyan’s Meme Scene

May 4, 2017, by William Halliday, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

One Saturday night last spring, I found myself in what was unfamiliar territory for a guy who lived in the Nics: Clark. To be exact, I was on Clark 3, a hall whose members formed one of those notoriously large and cliquey freshman squads. I was just starting to enter their friend group at this […]

Professor’s Bookshelf: Lisa Locascio

May 4, 2017, by Kaye Dyja, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Visiting Professor of Creative Writing in English Lisa Locascio has a problem: she reads too many books. Born in Chicago, Locascio holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and Literature and an MA in English Literature from the University of Southern California, as well as a MFA and BA from New York University. Locascio was the […]

WesCeleb: Oliver Goodman ’17 and Freddy Goodman ’17

May 1, 2017, by Jenny Davis, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

You already know the inimitable Oliver Goodman ’17 and his golden retriever, Freddy Goodman ’17, one of the most popular and highest-profile dogs on campus. But do you know Freddy’s secret crush or Oliver’s most embarrassing moment? The Argus sat down with the Goodmans outside of Freeman to get the scoop on Death Valley, park […]

Film Dpt. Town Hall Addresses Inequality Within Department

May 1, 2017, by Claire Shaffer, Staff Writer. 4 Comments

On Thursday, April 27, students gathered in Judd Hall for a town hall-style meeting concerning the College of Film and the Moving Image. The classroom was packed with Film Studies majors, minors, prospective students, and non-majors who wanted to take part in the discussion about an open letter written and distributed by concerned film students. The letter, […]

Hasan Minhaj Punches Above His Weight at WH Correspondents Dinner

May 1, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

President Donald J. Trump lives a relatively unexamined life, and so, like many wealthy elites, he occasionally needs someone to do the service for him. In true Trumpian style, that duty came down to an Indian-American Muslim doing a job that no one else wanted to do, as host Hasan Minhaj joked in his opening remarks. Fully aware […]

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