Palm Nail Unites Campus and CT Communities

February 20, 2017, by Natasha Nurjadin, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

If you’ve had your nails painted in Middletown, chances are you went to Palm Nail. Michelle Chang, the owner, always greets customers as they walk in and asks about their lives. Palm Nail always provides high quality services, and Chang’s presence just adds onto the perfect experience. One of the first times I went to Palm Nail, I […]

Cardinal Love: Hanging Out or Hooking Up

February 20, 2017, by Sophie Brett-Chin, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

In my senior year of high school, I turned to my mother and told her that I didn’t understand the concept of love. Shocked and a little bit disturbed, she turned to me and insisted that I did, in fact, understand love. I loved her, right? I quickly reassured her that I did love her […]

0Degree Thai Ice Cream Rolls into Town

February 20, 2017, by Natasha Nurjadin, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

After living at the University for two and a half years without an ice cream shop in walking distance, I have finally found an answer to my prayers. 0Degree Thai Ice Cream, a new shop on Main Street, brings the trend of Thai rolled ice cream to Middletown. A phenomenon sweeping the country, Thai rolled ice cream has been popping up […]

Snapchat Streaks: A Modern Evil

February 16, 2017, by Manny Unger, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

My name is Manny Unger, and I am afraid of commitment. That is hardly a radical feeling for a teenager in 2017. Nonetheless, it permeates almost every aspect of my daily life and is frequently debilitating. In high school, I used to commit to multiple things at the same time, and then cancel them all […]

WesCeleb: Michael Ortiz ’17

February 16, 2017, by Natasha Nurjadin, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

If you’ve taken a math class at Wesleyan, there’s a high chance that Michael Ortiz ’17 has been your TA. As a Math and American Studies double major, Michael is a very visible presence on campus, hard at work in the multiple things that he’s involved in. The Argus sat down with Michael in Usdan, […]

Young Dreamers: Tenzin Ngodup ’20

February 16, 2017, by Saam Niami Jalinous, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Tenzin Ngodup ’20 loves painting, music, and hanging out with his friends. He’s thinking about being a veterinarian when he’s older, except that he doesn’t really want to work with snakes. He’s a Buddhist who loves exploring the different restaurants of Middletown, and also, Tenzin is a refugee from Tibet. Tenzin’s family escaped Tibet because […]

”The Act of Telling is Part of the Resistance:” A Conversation with Eli Clare

February 13, 2017, by Jenny Davis, Executive Editor. Leave a Comment

On Monday, Feb. 13, writer and activist Eli Clare read at Russell House from his new book, “Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure.” The Argus caught up with Clare at the Inn at Middletown to talk about the women’s marches, shame, cure, and the relationship between trans politics and feminism. The Argus: Your biography on your website […]

Wesleyan’s Energy Usage, Explained

February 13, 2017, by Kaye Dyja, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The University has always been at the forefront of eco-friendly developments. Nonetheless, students often wonder where their energy comes from and if the University is doing all it can for the environment. The Argus took a look into how the University allocates energy and how efficiently it is being used. In 2016, the University generated 72 […]

Sexy Singles and Cute Couples

February 13, 2017, by Natasha Nurjadin, Saam Niami Jalinous, Features Editors. 1 Comment

Sexy Singles The Argus: What is your go-to flirtation technique? Allison Hsu ’20: I don’t really flirt, I never learned how, because in high school I dated the same person for like five years. So I never really had the opportunity to learn how to flirt, because I was never in situations where I had to. […]

Pioneering Black Artist Kathleen Collins Remembered by Fludzinski ’20

February 13, 2017, by Jake Lahut, Editor-in-Chief. 1 Comment

While many historians and film buffs were surprised and enthralled by the rediscovery of the career of Kathleen Collins—the first African-American woman to produce a feature length film—one member of the campus community didn’t flinch: her granddaughter, Ruby Fludzinski ’20. Sitting down for coffee after a late-afternoon lunch in Usdan, Fludzinski sat half in the sun, […]

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