WesCeleb: Levi Ask ’20 Has Some Sap to Spill

October 11, 2019, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Arts and Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

Massachusetts native Levi Ask ’20 can typically be found in the tunnels of the CFA, likely with saw and sanding paper in hand. Or perhaps you’ve seen him at work in the psych lab, or else in the Farm House kitchen, boiling down gallons of sap on the stove. The Argus sat down with Levi to […]

A Glimpse into Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education

October 11, 2019, by Sofia Khu, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The Center for Prison Education has a clear cut mission: to bring a Wesleyan education to incarcerated individuals. However, as the majority of their work occurs off campus and in the classroom, you might not be aware of just how involved University students, faculty, and staff are in the CPE’s functioning. From program coordinators to […]

Delving into the Architecture, Origins, and Stories of Historic High Street Houses

October 11, 2019, by Tobias Wertime, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Once reportedly called “the most beautiful street in America” by Charles Dickens, Middletown’s High Street is replete with grand homes—some of which are among the most historically significant buildings in Connecticut. A jaunty stroll along the strip of High Street between Washington Street and Church Street will take you past six buildings that are listed […]

Hold the Corn! Freeze the Kale! How to Handle Leftover Produce

October 10, 2019, by Sasha Linden-Cohen, Features Editor . Leave a Comment

When the second round of co-op pick-up rolled around this past Wednesday, I quickly assessed my leftovers. It was clear that I had overestimated myself. My culinary ambition had taken the form of uneaten produce, piled high on my kitchen table, a daily reminder of my failed attempts to “figure out the ghost pepper” or “whip […]

Students Respond to Summies Menu Changes, Mourn Losses

October 8, 2019, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Assistant Features Editor. 1 Comment

“Summies is underrated,” Summerfields regular Charlie Bondhus ’22 said. “Remember when they had a Tinder? Underrated!” Summerfields—colloquially known as Summies—can be best described as Usdan’s neglected sibling. It resembles Usdan in its acceptance of both meals and points, but it doesn’t seem to get as much attention or love. This inattention could possibly be due […]

Middletown Diaries: Deep Sleep and Deeper Bags

October 8, 2019, by Features Team, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

Based on The New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diaries,” the Middletown Diaries features awkward, funny, novel, or sweet anecdotes, stories, and memories that happen at Wesleyan and in Middletown. To submit to the Middletown Diaries, please email srcohen@wesleyan.edu. Dear Diary, When I packed my bags, way back in August, I brought several of my well-loved tote […]

Professor’s Bookshelf: Joseph Siry Talks Architecture and Air-Conditioning

October 8, 2019, by Luke Goldstein, Sara McCrea, Features Editors. 1 Comment

Packed bookshelves spanning wall to wall seem to contribute to the architecture of Professor of Art History and Kenan Professor of the Humanities Joseph Siry’s office, which is on the second floor of Boger Hall. Having published multiple books covering Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and the Chicago Auditorium Building, as well as works on Louis […]

Undocumented and Unafraid at Wes: The First Year Perspective

October 8, 2019, by Ashley Ogwang, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The University has long prided itself as an institution that welcomes students from various walks of life, ethnic groups, and identities. Just take a glance at the class profile for the class of 2023: Of the admitted pool, 58 different countries are represented, and almost half (49 percent) of those admitted are students of color. It has made […]

Veg Out is Veg In: Students Talk Food Justice Efforts on Campus

October 4, 2019, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Kate Ciolkowski-Winters, Assistant Features Editor and Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

To the untrained ear, Veg Out might sound like a club for couch potatoes who want to hang around and watch TV together (a club which, by the way, sounds pretty great). But the University’s Veg Out is far from a group of lazy students.  Ingrid Eck ’19 founded Veg Out in 2015. The club […]

Experts Explain: A Phone Call to Ukraine

October 4, 2019, by Luke Goldstein, Features Editor. 1 Comment

In the past two weeks, the news cycle has been dominated by what could be the biggest bombshell of the Trump presidency. After being stalled by the White House for weeks, a whistleblower complaint, meticulously detailing a nefarious phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that took place on July 25, became public.  […]

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