Run the Juuls: Wes Talks Smoking Alternative

February 15, 2018, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Disguised as what parents and teachers may mistake for a flash drive, there’s a new sensation that is sweeping Wesleyan’s campus. Seen out at parties, during meals at Usdan, and even at the library: It’s the Juul. The Juul device is thin, black, and virtually weightless. It has been dubbed “the iPhone of e-cigarettes” by various […]

Clifton Watson Joins the Jewett Center for Community Partnership

February 15, 2018, by Sasha Cohen, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

On Feb. 5, Dr. Clifton Watson joined Wesleyan as the new director of the Jewett Center for Community Partnership (JCCP). Watson succeeds Cathy Lechowicz, who left the department in October 2017. Watson, who grew up in New Haven, Conn., received a bachelor’s degree in African American studies from the University of Connecticut, a master’s degree […]

‘Not a New Problem’: Examining Gender Roles in STEM

February 15, 2018, by Emmy Hughes, Hannah Reale, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

To observe International Day of Women and Girls in Science on Feb. 11, The Argus spoke with female-identifying faculty and students in the sciences at Wesleyan to understand the experience and unique challenges that come with their positions. During their interviews, many students and faculty brought up implicit biases that everyone holds, as well as […]

Butts A Baking: Drop-Dead-Delicious Cupcakes

February 12, 2018, by Mae Davies, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

So, it’s your friend’s birthday. You want to do something nice for them, right? But you’re a college student, so naturally, you’re broke. Fear not! With Butts A Baking, we’ll show you how to make easy, dorm-friendly treats for your friends (and for yourself). With Valentine’s Day coming up, there is no better time to […]

Loving Late Night: A Thank-You From the Heart

February 12, 2018, by Théo Storella, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Late Night holds a special place in the hearts of many Wesleyan students, including mine. It’s become my go-to place for dinner when I’m too lazy to cook and too tired to deal with the raucousness of Usdan at dinnertime. Late Night doesn’t feel as much like cafeteria dining even though it’s in the same […]

Argus Blind Dating Service™: Take One

February 12, 2018, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

If you ever doubted the likelihood of the Argus Blind Dating Service™ actually conducting a blind date, you were sorely mistaken. The time has come. Two lucky students came together last night with the possibility of something new—Love? Friendship? A break from staggering loneliness?—in the air. Extensive research was done to determine the location most […]

Jump Around: HIIT (Not) the Gym with WesBam

February 8, 2018, by Jane Herz, Staff Writer. 1 Comment

Do you suffer from Gymtimidation? You know, that feeling when you’re working out on the Stairmaster, doing your thing, but then you see the entire football team working out behind you and you suddenly have the urge to run back to your car? Or what about when you’re just trying to get some laps in […]

A History of Wescam: “Wescam is Coming Soon, Are You?”

February 8, 2018, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

For many Wesleyan students, distracting oneself from a tedious final project usually involves copious amounts of Netflix binge-watching or unnecessary stops to “refuel” at Weshop. But when Jesse Vincent ’98 was a Wesleyan student, he procrastinated by creating a Wesleyan-specific match-making website that would receive a New York Times write-up and eventually become one of […]

Wes Docs Series Part 2: The Political Activism of Kofi Taha ’92

February 8, 2018, by Luke Goldstein, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

On June 6, 1990, Nick Haddad, member of the class of 1992, the chief perpetrator in the firebombing of President William Chace’s office, would be shot and killed by two drug dealers employed by Haddad as part of a drug ring that he organized. The murder came four days after the University’s Board of Trustees […]

New Generation at Red Feather Flocks Toward the Future

February 8, 2018, by Hannah Reale, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Red Feather Studios may be one of Wesleyan’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away under the stairs of the University Organizing Center (at 190 High Street), the studio has bands, rappers, and podcasters alike recording in it throughout the year, performing for trained student engineers. The tracks are then mixed and mastered by an engineer, the artist, or […]

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