WesCeleb: Giorgia Sage Peckman ’18

September 25, 2017, by Erin Hussey, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

If you’ve ever worked in the Digital Design Studio, heard some awesome slam poetry, or scanned through WesAdmits, you’ve probably come across Giorgia Sage Peckman ’18. The bubbly artist and secret martial arts master sat down with The Argus to share their thoughts on design, the Wesleyan experience, and the best way to get out of […]

The Class of 2021 Reacts to Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen’

September 25, 2017, by Tristan Genetta, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Last May, the University’s commencement speaker, the poet Claudia Rankine, congratulated the Class of 2017 on their success at Wesleyan. In her speech, she offered some choice words of advice to the graduating class. “Pursue their unknown and unrealized imagined possibilities, even though the imagined and unimagined resides with such close proximity to failure,” Rankine […]

Exley Files: McAlear’s Lab Discovers “Dancing Genes”

September 25, 2017, by Leila Etemad, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Sometimes, genes dance with each other. Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Michael A. McAlear and his student researchers found that certain pairs of genes turn off and on together, essentially “dancing” with each other. McAlear was the first in his field to discover a set of 200 previously uncharacterized genes in eukaryotic yeast cells that […]

Hyman ’85 Wins the Literary Lottery with Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres

September 25, 2017, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Many children dream of becoming a knight, but somewhere along the way divert course upon discovering the logistical and temporal challenges that their aspiration entails. The 22-year-old version of Miles Hyman ’85, after having dedicated his studies at the University to the fields of literature and fine arts rather than horseback riding and jousting, seemed something […]

Fileting With Fleming: Radwan’s Syrian Mandi

September 22, 2017, by Andrew Fleming, Assistant Features Editor. 1 Comment

My friend Radwan is a fellow student cook currently finishing up his accounting major at Damascus University. He lives in a small house in the government-occupied section of the Syrian capital. The house is always filled with his extended family, all of whom are food lovers. According to them, there is nothing better than their […]

Wisconsin Backcountry Cinnamon Rolls

September 22, 2017, by Alaina Scallan, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

After a long day of backpacking and mountaineering, nothing is as satisfying as a sweet cinnamon roll. Out in the wilderness, this simple dessert tasted like freedom and success, but with butter. This summer, I spent 30 days backpacking through the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. I learned how to bushwhack through dense forest, cross glaciers […]

WSA Election Series: Meet The Newest Senators

September 22, 2017, by Jack Leger, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Politicians fought, tooth and nail, in a harrowing battle to the finish. In the end, some were left ecstatic, and others saw their dreams crumble. No, I’m not talking about the 2016 elections. This September’s drama unfolded in the historic halls of the Wesleyan Student Assembly. To find out exactly what it means to be […]

WeSwitchedSchools: Tranfers Talk Life at Wes

September 22, 2017, by Jane Herz, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This semester, the University welcomed 52 transfer students to campus. This diverse class of transfer students comes from all over the world, including China and Germany. Now that it’s been over three weeks since school started up, most sophomore, junior, and senior students are settling into a familiar routine. However, for many transfer students, the first few […]

Who Wore it Wes: Owen Christoph ’18

September 18, 2017, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Owen Christoph ’18 encourages his fellow Wesleyan students to dress as their wildest self. As a San Francisco native, Christoph has mastered the art of layering and isn’t afraid to attribute his early style influences to his middle school and high school skater friends, as well as his laid-back West Coast roots. Christoph sat down […]

DJ DeRosa: A Homegrown Powerhouse

September 18, 2017, by Emmet Teran, Sam Prescott, Features Editors. Leave a Comment

For an out-of-towner, Rob DeRosa—the easy-going, frosty-haired worker from behind the Red & Black Cafe counter—might just seem like another fixture of a small-city coffee shop in Connecticut. But the award-winning WESU DJ, label-owner, and concert promoter is far from just that. While DeRosa has managed the Cafe for nearly 15 years, he’s also been an […]

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