Welcome to Wes (Over Webcam): Tour Guiding During a Pandemic

February 25, 2021, by Halle Newman, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

I toured Wesleyan on a crisp October morning in my junior year of high school. My tour was filled with other high schoolers excited about going to college, all of us clinging to our parents’ sides and taking in the University’s grandiose architecture. Once we had walked a full circle around campus, I knew I […]

WesCeleb Payton Millet ’21 on Music, Memories, and ADP

February 25, 2021, by Hallie Sternberg, News Editor. Leave a Comment

If you have been to see a Second Stage show in the past four years, you may have seen Payton Millet ’21 acting on stage, conducting the orchestra, or in the program as the composer behind the music. When he’s not performing in a musical or with his a cappella group, the Wesleyan Spirits, Millet […]

Birds of A Feather Tweet Together: WesTwitter Takes Off Among Students

February 25, 2021, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Olivia Ramseur, Managing Editor,Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Snapchat is dead. Facebook is for old people. Half of Instagram is just pictures of people breaking COVID-19 guidelines. In 2021, one social media app seems to reign supreme among Wesleyan students, and it’s not TikTok. In the past couple years, Twitter has become the platform of choice for many students across campus. As a […]

New Restaurant Latin Flavor to Open on Church St.

February 25, 2021, by Eliza Kuller, Senior Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Across the street from Junior Village sits an unassuming storefront. Aside from the tall glass windows that frame the entrance, the building blends in with the houses that surround it. Google Maps’ street view shows cloth-covered windows and an abandoned side porch, but those images are now outdated. The space has a new tenant, restaurateur […]

Where’s Waldo: Winter’s Incognito Effect at Wesleyan

February 25, 2021, by Talia Zitner, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

Mask, check. Carhartt beanie, check. North Face Puffer, check. Black platform Doc Martens, check. Gloves, check. Fit, check. By the time I’m done layering up before I leave my dorm room, I don’t even recognize myself. Reduced to my most basic physical attribute (being short), I could be one of many people on Wesleyan’s campus. […]

Takeaways from Takeout: Student Perspectives on Quarantine Dining

February 19, 2021, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Grace Kuth, Managing Editor, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Before students arrived on campus last fall, many were unsure of what to expect from dining services. Would students encounter a NYU quarantine dining situation, with lunches consisting of firm lemons and moldy cheese sandwiches? Would they be forced to rely solely on their stores of Cliff Bars and Yerba Mate? But upon arrival, many […]

“Engaged Projects” Course Provides a Space for Students to Pursue Independent Research

February 18, 2021, by Olivia Ramseur, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

In Fall 2020, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, and the Fries Center for Global Studies launched Engaged Projects (EP), a 1.0 credit, one-semester course that supports and guides participating students in pursuing a research project of their choice. Throughout the semester, students work with a […]

“Money Mindset”: Resource Center Launches Financial Literacy Program

February 18, 2021, by Natalia Ruszkowski, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The Resource Center, in collaboration with Alpha Delta Phi’s Adelphic Educational Fund, the FGLI Advisory Board, and the Office for Equity and Inclusion, recently unveiled a new program aimed at providing first-generation, low-income students with the opportunity to improve their financial literacy. The program, named LIT, officially began on Sunday, Feb. 15, and will run […]

When Datamatch Met the Marriage Pact: A Tale of Two Dating Algorithms

February 18, 2021, by Annika Shiffer-Delegard, Olivia Luppino, Features Editor, Social Media Editor. Leave a Comment

If you were on campus this semester, you spent your Valentine’s Day quarantined in your room. There were no parties, no fancy Usdan dinners for $19.25, and, for many, no valentines. Luckily, two student groups, the Marriage Pact and Datamatch, brought online matchmaking services to campus to stir the romance pot.   Marina Williams ’21 first […]

WesCeleb Shantel Sosa ’21 on Pre-med, Planning, and Living in the Moment

February 18, 2021, by Sarah Timbie, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

While she might be mourning the pre-COVID Wesleyan experience, Shantel Sosa ’21 has definitely made the most of her time on campus. She’s been a member of Ajùa Campos, the University’s Latino/a/x student identity and affinity group, played volleyball, danced, and been involved in pre-med organizations—it seems like the only thing she hasn’t done yet is graduate. […]

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