Ask The Argus: Advice on Spring Break 

March 6, 2023, by Features Team, . Leave a Comment

Welcome to Ask The Argus, a column brought to you by the magnificent Features section! Every once in a while, we bring you the hottest advice from your wonderful, trusty, seasoned editors. Having trouble reacclimating to campus life, Middletown, or the freezing winter? We’ve got you covered! To submit a question to Ask The Argus […]

WesChess: Blockade

March 6, 2023, by Max Vitek, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

This week, we will look at a game from Anatoly Karpov, the 12th world chess champion and one of the best Russian players. In the seventh round of the Mar del Plata tournament in 1982 hosted by the newspaper Clarín, Karpov with the white pieces is playing against Miguel Najdorf—a name most people know from the Najdorf […]

Office Hours: Professor Nina Hagel on Her Relationship With Political Theory and the Shoulder Demons of Foucault and Nietzsche

March 2, 2023, by Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Welcome to Office Hours, a series brought to you by the Features section! In these articles, Argus writers speak to faculty, staff, and members of the administration about their interests, classes, and lives on and off campus. If you missed the chance to attend your professor’s office hours this week, don’t fret. Even though you […]

WesCeleb: Avery Kelly ’23 Talks Loose Geese, the College of the Environment, and Trying Everything Once

March 2, 2023, by Lia Franklin, Features Editor, Assistant Food Editor. Leave a Comment

You might know her from her performances with Loose Geese, but Avery Kelly ’23, is anything but one note. As a former student athlete and now an Environmental Studies and government double major, she has seen many sides of campus and hopes to continue exploring all that the University has to offer during her last […]

Cardinal Canines and Forever in My Heart Foundation Bring Service Dog Partnership to Campus

March 2, 2023, by Linda Lu, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Cardinal Canines, a student group dedicated to service dog training, successfully placed two service dogs on campus in collaboration with the Forever in My Heart Foundation on Sunday, Feb. 19. Two members of the club—Elizabeth Campagna ’25  and President Elizabeth Rowe ’23—are now looking after the puppies and overseeing their training. Labrador retrievers Adel and Sunny […]

Testing Positive, Feeling Negative: Students Speak on Shortcomings of COVID-19 Housing Policy This Semester

February 27, 2023, by Akhil Joondeph, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Outfitted in her KN95 mask with her EcoToGo container in hand, Zoe Hecht ’26 navigates through the crowds of Usdan during the height of the dinner rush. Hungry, but hoping to avoid other students as much as possible, Hecht quickly fills her box and hurries out of the hall, back to her COVID-19 isolation room […]

Connecting Through Concussions: Eliana Bloomfield ’25, Her Concussion Journey, and Founding Concussion Box

February 23, 2023, by Jo Harkless, Ella Henn, Features Editor, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

Picture this. Several months of wearing sunglasses and rushing home to lie in the dark with eyes closed. A whole year of blurry memories and never-ending headaches. This was the unfortunate experience of Eliana Bloomfield ’25 during her first year of high school. “Let me tell you the story I don’t remember,” Bloomfield said. After suffering […]

WesCeleb: Leevon Matthews ’23 on Creating Community and Cultivating Change

February 23, 2023, by Eugenia Shakhnovskaya, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

From painting to battle rap, Leevon Matthews ’23 is an artistic figure on campus. Known for founding Mic Check, a series of musical events on campus centered around hip-hop and R&B musical performances, Matthews has dedicated much of his energy to fostering meaningful communities on campus and beyond. More than anything, he has strived to […]

From the Argives: The Cold Trail and Sunken Story of the Douglas Cannon

February 20, 2023, by Amalie Little, AJ Minzer, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

Picture this: it’s midnight on Friday, Feb. 22, 1867. Your knees are aching; dirt and blood—not entirely your own—cake your breeches. Your cheeks sting with the cold air of a late winter blizzard, and your grandfather’s wool coat is not faring well in combat. Jameson, the first-year who shares a pew with you during your […]

All Black, Everything: Students Celebrate Black History Month on Campus

February 20, 2023, by Gabrielle McIntosh, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

This month, the Resource Center, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), and the Black Student Union (Ujamaa), along with the greater University community, came together to celebrate Black History Month through a variety of events, initiatives, and performances, all of which highlight the richness and importance of Black culture.  […]

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