Climate Justice Panel Unites WesDivest and Climate Action Group

May 7, 2019, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

The movement to divest from fossil fuels has been sweeping the country, with many universities and colleges—including the NESCAC’s own, Middlebury—pledging to divest. The divestment movement was re-invigorated at Wesleyan last semester, when student group WesDivest led an informational meeting in November to talk about its work. Since then, the club has worked to rebrand itself by separating itself from […]

Aly Tatchol Camara: Dancing from Guinea to Wesleyan

May 7, 2019, by Wesley Villano, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

West African Dance Professor Aly Tatchol Camara’s path to Wesleyan has been different than that of most professors. Guinea, Tatchol’s birthplace, has been a crucial element of his development as a dancer and person. As he explained, dance plays a critical social function in Guinean villages. In the 1950s, the Guinean prime minister initiated cultural […]

“Ethnography Girl”: Rachael Barlow Discusses Student-Facing Approach to Institutional Research

May 7, 2019, by Spencer Arnold, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Rachael Barlow’s office is a bit different than what you might expect to see in North College. She has eight different kinds of tea, each in their own colored tin, lined up on her shelf. A pair of running shoes sits above them. Notes and to-do lists line the walls, which are painted a calming […]

Freeman Scholars Reflect on Multiplicity of Experience, Varied Contributions to Community

May 7, 2019, by Jocelyn Maeyama, Assistant News Editor. Leave a Comment

Each year, 11 students from different Asian countries and regions are awarded the Freeman Asian Scholarship. Established by Mansfield Freeman in 1994, the merit-based scholarship was intended to double the population of international students attending the University and to strengthen ties between the United States and different Asian countries.  While this program was funded for […]

Adobo for Dummies: Cooking Filipino Cuisine in the Nutmeg State

May 3, 2019, by Sofia Khu, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

One wintry Connecticut evening, a California girl trudged through the (melting) snow on the fringes of campus in search of Filipino food. That girl was me, and I was on my way to Triple A House to cook adobo for the first time in my life. If you’re not familiar, adobo is a Filipino chicken […]

WesCeleb: Joy Feinberg ’19

May 3, 2019, by Jane Herz, Social Media Editor. Leave a Comment

If you haven’t gotten to know Joy Feinberg ’19, you’ve been missing out. As an active member of the Wesleyan Jewish community, a former member of WeSLAM, and a recent thesis writer, Joy’s friendly face does not go unnoticed here on campus. The Argus sat down with Joy to hear more about her experience with […]

“The Play’s the Thing”: Theatre Theses and Essays from Celebrity Alumni

May 3, 2019, by Sara McCrea, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Here at The Argus, we have been very excited about theses. In the few weeks since the seniors popped champagne on the Olin steps, we have featured exhibits, performances, and written projects from the class of 2019. It’s been thrilling to learn about what everyone has been working on and to see all their hard work pay […]

University Responds to USLAC Demands, Emphasizes Individualized Approach

April 30, 2019, by Brooke Kushwaha, William Halliday, Editors-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

Beginning in October and accelerating with protests over WesFest, representatives of the United Student/Labor Action Coalition (USLAC) have demanded that the University hire five more custodians. These demands come in response to unreleased testimony from janitorial staff, collected by USLAC members, that allege unreasonably high workloads for the University’s custodians. USLAC alleges that, after the University subcontracted […]

DyeHard Brings Custom Tie-Dye Fashion to Wesleyan

April 30, 2019, by Kaye Dyja, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

“It started as a joke, and then we took it too far,” said Elliot “Ali” Dawes ’19, Head of Sales and Distribution for DyeHard.  The new frontier of tie-dye fashion, DyeHard is a trendsetting student-run company looking to disrupt Wesleyan’s fashion scene. Since their inception one week ago, DyeHard’s Instagram has already hit 103 followers, and […]

“Bad Sex” Sells: Sociology Course Explores Culture of Sexuality and Desire

April 30, 2019, by Stella Ginsberg, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “sex sells,” but rarely do we apply it when shopping for WesMaps courses. In the class “Bad Sex,” Professor of Sociology Greg Goldberg explores cultural perspectives on sex, sexuality, and desire from psychological and sociological perspectives. “My impression from students is that Wesleyan is an intense environment, in […]

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