After Green Street Closure, Students Attempt to Fill Its Role On Campus

September 17, 2018, by Sara McCrea, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

When Wesleyan announced the closure of the University-funded Green Street Teaching and Learning Center in June 2017, volunteers and Middletown residents expressed outrage and concern at the decision, which many saw as abrupt.  The University had invested $2.6 million in renovating the old school building in Middletown’s North End which housed Green Street, and the center […]

Orientation 2018: An International Student Perspective

September 17, 2018, by Spencer Arnold, Tessa Ury, Assistant Features Editor, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Amid the excitement and bustle of the first few weeks of college, it’s easy for us to focus on our own experiences; between figuring out travel, the stressful (and hot) move-in process, and putting together our class schedule, we can get caught up in the personal drama that is the start of school. We tend […]

First Things First Orientation Aims to Help First-Generation and Low-Income Students Acclimate

September 17, 2018, by Kevin Le, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Before general orientation begins, first-generation first years gather on campus to get to know Wesleyan and college life as a whole. The pre-orientation, called First Things First, is a program to help first generation and low-income students build a community and support system. Caridad Cruz ’21  was in charge of organizing the First Things First program this year. “The […]

Veterans of Comics Club Makes Space for Comic Artists, Illustrators

September 17, 2018, by Jordan Saliby, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

On Friday, Sept. 14, a small group of people assembled at the main table in The Workshop, a collaborative arts and crafts space in the basement of Hewitt 8. Veterans of Comics, a club dedicated to the creation and exchange of comic books and illustrations, welcomed new members at their inaugural meeting, during which they discussed […]

Students Express Concerns Over Public Safety Protocol

September 13, 2018, by Jodie Kahan, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor. Leave a Comment

The first weekend back at campus passed largely without incident. Without program house parties, a majority of the student body landed on Fountain Avenue and its surrounding streets. There, the hum of eager students echoed between the tunnel of senior houses. The overflow of people crowded the streets. At around 12:40 a.m., the human hum […]

Lily Herman ’16 Returns: Successful Writer to Visiting Professor

September 13, 2018, by Alex Tripp, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

On the first day of Lily Herman ’16’s class on Digital Journalism, we watched “Spotlight” in preparation for a conversation about the changing state of the newsroom. Moments before the film began, Herman emptied out a veritable cornucopia of movie snacks for us to enjoy onto the table. The feast ranged from the ever-reliable popcorn to […]

Navigating New Classes Through the Lens of a First-Year Student

September 13, 2018, by Elodie Frey, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

“Everyone in there knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s like I’m the worst in the class.” I had just stepped out of one of my first classes at the University and was standing in the midday drizzle chatting with a couple of other students. The last hour and 20 minutes had been a blur of information […]

Where Has All the Candy Gone? Weshop Caters to Changing Student Demands

September 13, 2018, by Calia Christie, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Is the University’s student population turning over a fresh leaf and embarking on a new wave of healthiness? According to Gary Kriksciun, the dedicated manager of Weshop, this seems to be the case. On Monday Sept. 3rd, Weshop, the popular campus store boasting organic produce, an array of breakfast cereals, and a multitude of specialty […]

Orientation 2018: First Years Reflect on First Week and Controversial Common Moment

September 10, 2018, by Emma Smith, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

The drowsy days of summer were truly left behind some time around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29, when campus seemed to come to life. Cars lined every road and driveway, even Andrus Field, pulling up one by one to deliver boxes upon boxes while sweaty parents milled around and new students chatted excitedly. Though […]

Brew Bakers: A Review Long Coming, For a Panini Long Loved

September 10, 2018, by Spencer Arnold, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

Reader of the Argus, I have a confession to make. Despite the half dozen or so restaurant reviews I’ve penned in the Features section, I don’t frequently find myself out to dinner on Main Street. It just isn’t feasible for a college student with multiple work-study jobs to eat out quite as often as it […]

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