Espwesso Baristas Talk Past, Present, and Future of Student-Run Café

March 5, 2019, by Hannah Docter-Loeb, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Many Wesleyan students turn to Pi Café for their daily dose of caffeine. It’s well-located, has a good amount of work space, and maybe most importantly, serves fresh bagels. But there’s actually another place to get good coffee on campus. Located on the bottom floor of Allbritton, Espwesso is a student-run coffee shop that has […]

Wesleyan Argus Podcast Transcript: Tech Gnomes and New Tech

March 4, 2019, by Eleanor Raab, Sara McCrea, Assistant Features Editor. Leave a Comment

The Wesleyan Argus Podcast sat down with Jonesy Moore ’21, the creator of “Tech Gnomes,” a web series produced by Cardinal Pictures, to discuss the filming process and what viewers should expect for season two, which will be released at the end of this semester. The following is the transcription of an excerpt of the episode […]

Eleanor Celeste ’10 Discusses New Book, White House Experience

March 4, 2019, by Sasha Linden-Cohen, Features Editor. 1 Comment

Eleanor Celeste ’10 has long known that public service was her calling. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that nearly a decade after her graduation, Celeste is now preparing to hit the road on a book tour, traveling across the country with her co-authors to discuss what it’s like to be a woman in politics and […]

Grandma Jetta’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake

March 4, 2019, by Stella Ginsberg, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

I like to equate cake with happiness. Why? Maybe because I’ve grown up in a household where regularly baking from scratch is just as important as finishing your homework. Or maybe it’s because my favorite indulgence in the world is a large piece of cake. Either way, I have developed a passion for baking cakes and […]

WesGo Reaches 1,000 Ride Requests, Plans for Future of Student-Run Transportation

March 1, 2019, by William Halliday, Editor-in-Chief. Leave a Comment

In the weeks leading up to university breaks, WesAdmits, the all-student Facebook group, is flooded with posts from students looking to split Ubers to Bradley Airport in Hartford and Union Station in New Haven. As a first-year, Marc Esposito ’20 saw an opportunity to streamline this mess of posts and comment threads by connecting students […]

University Majors Talk Courses, Mentorship, and Capstone Projects

February 28, 2019, by Emma Smith, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Zoe Reifel ’21 spent the majority of her fall break this year sticking post-it notes to her wall, then rethinking and rearranging them. No, she wasn’t plotting any kind of scheme. Nor was she trying to solve a murder mystery. Rather, Reifel was trying to piece together classes and requirements that would allow her to […]

Qawa Coffee Debuts on Main St, Reinvigorates Middletown’s Coffee Scene

February 28, 2019, by Jane Herz, Social Media Editor. Leave a Comment

For the past few months, the space on 170 Main Street has sat empty, haunted by the remnants of its old tenants, Disco Chicks, a restaurant specializing in chicken wings. The space has been lonely and bare, but the end is finally in sight—Qawa Coffee, a specialty coffee shop, will be moving into the space and holding its […]

WesCeleb: Adam Manson ’19

February 28, 2019, by Sasha Linden-Cohen, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

You may have seen his head bobbing up and down at a crowded Barbara Shop concert, or you’ve noticed his name printed as a byline of many-an-Aural Wes article. Or perhaps he helped you record your podcast out of Red Feather Studios. Regardless of where you know him from, Music and Psychology major Adam Manson ’19 is first and […]

Goldstein ’21 and Lederer-Plaskett ’21 Debut Wesleyan Professor Rating App

February 26, 2019, by Jack Leger, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Every semester, University students face similar conundrums while filling out pre-registration for courses. Whether you’re trying to find an easier professor to balance out your schedule, or a challenging and engaging professor for your major core class, picking out the right fit is a challenge. The only real way to know about professors is to ask around. […]

Middletown Diaries: Communication Breakdown

February 25, 2019, by Features Team, . Leave a Comment

Based on the New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diaries,” the Middletown Diaries will include awkward, funny, novel, or sweet anecdotes, stories, or memories that happen at Wesleyan and in Middletown. To submit to the Middletown Diaries, please email Dear Diary, Yesterday, I had a really weird experience. Is weird the right word? Ever since coming to […]

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