Middletown Mayor Dan Drew’s Gubernatorial Prospects Burdened by Scandal

November 16, 2017, by Erin Hussey, Assistant Features Editor. 2 Comments

Three months after officially announcing his candidacy for governor, Middletown mayor Dan Drew’s campaign has faced several controversies. In late September, news broke of a scandal involving Drew’s gubernatorial campaign. The Middletown Press reported that they had obtained a letter that Drew had sent to city employees, requesting $100 donations for his gubernatorial campaign. These […]

Looking Beyond “The Box” on College Applications

November 16, 2017, by Claudia Stagoff-Belfort, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

In response to a practice that many claim is a form of racial discrimination and a hindrance to the basic human right of education, a rapidly growing campaign has emerged to restrict questions about criminal histories: the “Ban the Box” movement. While the current campaign is the genesis of the group All of Us or […]

Thanksgiving Tips for Shameless Earth-Lovers

November 16, 2017, by Katie Shewfelt, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Ah, Thanksgiving, the holiday of football, apple pie, gratitude, overcooked fowl, and, inevitably, uncomfortable conversations. Even if you sit as far from your cantankerous Uncle Joe as possible and you loudly compliment your Aunt Sara’s stuffing to distract from any mention of Trump/Congress/fake news/climate change, something is bound to go wrong. As a Wesleyan student, […]

Professor Kilgard Talks Kilonova’s Killer Implications

November 13, 2017, by Leila Etemad, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

This summer, on Aug. 17, the detection of an astounding phenomenon known as a kilonova sent shock waves through the astronomy community, generating far more excitement than this summer’s total solar eclipse. As the news spread, over 70 observatories pointed their telescopes to galaxy NGC 4993, 130 million light-years away, to witness the astounding kilonova […]

Bachelor in Pizza-dise: A Perfect Date at Vero Cucino Rustico

November 13, 2017, by Spencer Arnold, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Following up on a recommendation from Mukshud Ahamed ’19 via email, I decided to branch out from Main Street cuisine and visit the restaurant Vero Cucino Rustico.  “Vero will put all else in the area to shame,” he wrote. Intrigued, I decided to visit. But with my typical date busy that night (about 800 miles […]

WesCeleb: Zenzele Price ’18

November 13, 2017, by Dani Smotrich-Barr, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Zenzele Price ’18 is perhaps the only person at Wesleyan who has gained both national recognition for her ability to argue and published her own book all before her senior year. The Argus sat down with the Film and American Studies double-major to talk about her TV pilot thesis, love of melodrama, and experience hydrating […]

Trustee Profile: Chair Donna Morea ’76

November 13, 2017, by Sam Prescott, Features Editor. 1 Comment

Unlike her predecessor Joshua Boger ’73, Donna Morea ’76 has kept an impressively low profile around campus. Morea, the University’s current Chair of the Board of Trustees, took over in the summer of 2016. Since then, her name has stayed virtually out of sight for Wesleyan students, with the exception of a few all-campus emails. Even when […]

A Look Into USLAC’s “Behind the Scenes” Activism

November 13, 2017, by Emmet Teran, Features Editor. Leave a Comment

In times of unrest, demonstrators often take to the streets with cheeky signs at the ready, expressing stances that reflect the particular debate at hand. But what happens after marchers reach their destination, when the performance of opinion falls out of vogue? For activists like those of Wesleyan’s student-run United Student Labor Action Committee (USLAC), […]

Students and Administration Clash in Assessments of Meal Plan Coverage

November 9, 2017, by Cole Land, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

“Our wellbeing should come first,” said Esha Bhandari ’20, Wesleyan Student Assembly representative of the Dining Committee. “Once we get to a point where so many of us are so frequently concerned with how we’re going to eat, then that’s a problem.” Despite ongoing changes to the University’s meal plan options, some students are still finding it […]

Posse Profile: Gabe Hurlock ’20

November 9, 2017, by Zoey Gringlas, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Gabe Hurlock ’20 still finds it difficult to believe she ended up at Wesleyan. In 2005, when she graduated from high school, she couldn’t afford to consider any sort of college experience, at least not in the traditional sense. At the time, she was more preoccupied with finding a way out of Atlanta, Ga. “By the […]

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