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Poems of our Climate is a weekly poetry column run by Oliver Egger ’23. Oliver Egger also runs the literary magazine group Route 9 whose literary magazine The Lavender is being released this upcoming Tuesday. Please feel free to attend the release event this Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. at Espwesso! If you are interested in having your poem featured in this column, Poems of our Climate, please email your work directly to oegger@wesleyan.edu. 


Memories are the Scars.

by Take Care, Alice ’22


The day you left this world

Is engraved on my heart!

Neither the calendar nor the date

Need to remind me.

I am reminded by the scars

Of how painful that day was,

And the hole in my heart

Still yearning for your love.


I dwell on all the fun and lovely

Moments we shared.

I sink in the sorrow of all the conflicts

And misunderstandings we ever had.

I hold on to the hope that you could read

Between the lines of all unsaid “I love yous.”

All I can whisper now hoping that you

Can hear me is “I miss you.”


I will burn a lantern and send it to you

Up in Heaven where you are peaceful

Watching over me and protecting me.

I want to send this letter to you

Letting you know that I am alright.

I have grown and become successful.

I have plenty of good friends;

And the family is intact.


Don’t worry about my pain and grief,

These scars are the incense of our beautiful memories.

The reason why I cannot lose them

Since I never want to forget you.

You were and will always be a part of my life.

I hope this letter finds you well,

Love you always!

And forever missing you!



My name is Alice Ghislaine Musabe and my poet name is Take Care, Alice. I write poems about mental health, love, and feminism to raise awareness and act as my emotional outlet.


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