Dear Wesleyan,

It has come to my attention that by far the most important part of the Print Argus, that is, Death Match and Top 5, are vastly underappreciated. Since they were “both” my ideas (and by both, I mean one of them–Death Match), I am, very rightly, justifiably, and some other synonym of “correctly,” concerned.

So, I think that the best way to get these two sections the stature they deserve is to give them back to you. Please, Wesleyan, tell us what you want, who you want to see fighting, battling, or debating; tell us what you want us to rank.

Addendum: We have been getting some publicity: the actor/comedian Seth Green recently gave a ruling on our recent Death Match, Neo vs. Luke Skywalker, giving the win to Luke. To quote Johnny Drama, “VICTORY!”

If you have a suggestion, either send an email to or leave a comment below. Your pick.

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  • Mytheos Holt

    Michael Roth vs. Martin Benjamin

  • Anonymous

    martin benjamin vs. walter benjamin