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Death by Coal in Prenter, WV

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Viva Food Not Bombs!

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Destroying the Environment to Get Our Oil Fix

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Structural Change to Stop Climate Change

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Enough Scheming!

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Western Coal: Low in Sulfur, High in Oppression

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No Such Thing as “Clean” Coal

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Students of the New School Unite!

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Recent building takeovers show the potential of united action

Mountaintop Justice Coalition speaks

by Jon Booth, Hannah Bourne, Austen Fiora, Becky Gillig, Ali Lillehei, Meggie McGuire, Nick Petrie, . 1 Comment

We, the Wesleyan Mountain Justice Coalition, appreciate Sylvia Ryerson’s article in last Friday’s Argus (“COAL WHAT?!?” Sept. 19, 2008, Volume CXLIV, Number 6). The immediate goal of our chalking was to start a conversation about Bank of America and its role in coal extraction, specifically mountaintop removal (MTR). We hope we were successful.