To ResLife and Members of the Wesleyan Community

December 2, 2016, by Students for Consent and Communication, Student Group. 2 Comments

Dear ResLife and members of the Wesleyan community, We are Students for Consent and Communication, an on-campus group that strives to promote healthy and consensual relationships throughout the Wesleyan community. Naturally, our goal is to protect and support all survivors of sexual assault and to take swift action in any situation that puts them at risk. We are writing today […]

Wesleyan is a Sanctuary Campus…Now What?

December 1, 2016, by Aleyda Robles, Michael Montoya, Paige Hutton, Tomas Rogel, Contributing Writers. 2 Comments

December 1, 2016 Early November 2016, the organization Movimiento Cosecha made a call to action for students on college campuses to join a national walk out in support of making their schools sanctuary campuses. The night before the walkout, the petition letter we drafted demanding that Wesleyan become a sanctuary campus began circulating on Facebook […]

Faculty Letter on Becoming a Sanctuary Campus

November 29, 2016, by Concerned Faculty, Contributing Writers. 2 Comments

November 28, 2016 Dear President Roth, Board of Trustees, and members of the Wesleyan community, On November 7, the day before the 2016 presidential election, President Roth held a meeting with members of Academic Affairs and the faculty. The purpose of this “Beyond 2020” conversation was to explore ways in which we might invest Wesleyan’s […]

On Teaching How to “Narrow Gaps” at Liberal Universities: An Open Response to Bryan Stascavage

November 17, 2016, by Antonio Gonzalez, Contributing Writer. 4 Comments

Mr. Stascavage’s claim that somehow what he has learned at Wesleyan University could cement his vote for Donald Trump seems to make sense only within the framework of a self-proclaimed partisanship. As he suggests in his New York Times op-ed “My Liberal University Cemented My Vote for Trump,” Trump’s victory is, for Mr. Stascavage, vindication […]

“Beantown,” Devil’s Advocates, and the Art of Critiquing Your Peers

November 17, 2016, by Russell Goldman, Contributing Writer. Comments Off on “Beantown,” Devil’s Advocates, and the Art of Critiquing Your Peers

Dear Saam, My name is Russell, and I’m the class of 2017. I’ve spent most of my time at Wesleyan involved in the arts community, particularly in theater – I have written and directed a few shows at Wesleyan (some of which have been reviewed by you folks), am a Second Stage staff member, and […]

All Precincts Reporting: Grief and Now What?

November 10, 2016, by David Leipziger Teva, University Jewish Chaplain. Comments Off on All Precincts Reporting: Grief and Now What?

Like many people I’m still trying to make sense of the numbers and tabulations that I saw on CNN at 2:30 AM. Despite such a polarizing, mean-spirited and divisive campaign and even with Wolf Blitzer’s countless “we have an update from Florida,” I had no idea what Nov. 9 had in store for our country. […]


November 8, 2016, by Martin Benjamin, Contributing Writer. 3 Comments

Dear Readers, My OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT ROTH, the giant one-paragraph blob which ran in print last Friday and online the Monday before, is not the multi-paragraphed letter this contributing writer had submitted for publication. When the blob failed to appear in print last Tuesday I counted my blessings: better a non-appearance than a grotesque […]

Continued Allocation of Resources Toward NAGPRA Compliance

October 31, 2016, by Jessie Cohen, Archaeological Collections Manager. 1 Comment

A visit to Exley Science Center on Monday, October 10, 2016 may have been business as usual for many Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff. Others may have been sidetracked on their way to class or work in their observation of the various signs, posters, and placards strategically placed throughout the first floor lobby, with a […]

Open Letter to President Roth

October 31, 2016, by Martin Benjamin, Contributing Writer. 5 Comments

Dear Michael, University Reels from Scott Backer Firing over Sexual Misconduct Tensions Heighten in Wake of Backer Scandal Those recent Argus headlines and the stories beneath them didn’t amount to much of a public shaming. Sadly, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. I fondly remember a sham you staged some half dozen […]

Technically, You Should Care: A Rebuttal to “The Merits of Informal Film Analysis”

October 31, 2016, by Eli Sands, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

My name is Eli Sands, class of 2018. On Saturday evening, while on a break from working on a senior thesis film, I read the Argus piece titled “Technically, I Don’t Care: The Merits of Informal Film Analysis”. The thesis of the article is “I don’t think that lacking technical knowledge of filmmaking makes me […]

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