Getting Those Reps In: Working Out from the Comfort of Your Room

October 22, 2020, by Caroline Bonnevie, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Have you been wanting to exercise but you’re a little wary about going to Freeman? Have you already been trying to work out in your room but you’re worried about all the videos that require extensive equipment? Fear not. I, your ever-faithful guinea pig, have tried out some no-equipment dorm room workouts for your benefit. […]

Project Big Picture: Savior or Trojan Horse?

October 16, 2020, by Will Slater, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Bury is a town of about 80,000 people in Greater Manchester, England. Its football club and dominant cultural institution, Bury F.C., was founded in 1885. In 2019, after years of financial scrambling, the club found itself roughly $6.2 million in debt. Club ownership was unable to demonstrate their ability to pay or find investors to shoulder the burden. […]

NESCAC and Wesleyan Announce Cancellation of Winter Sports Season

October 15, 2020, by Drew Kushnir, Annie Roach, Sports Editor, Assistant Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

The New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Presidents announced the cancellation of all conference competition for the winter season, including championships on Thursday, Oct. 8. The University elaborated on its individual plans for winter sports in an all-campus email on Oct. 12, with Provost Nicole Stanton and Athletics Director Mike Whalen announcing the suspension of all intercollegiate […]

Putting Bacteria in the Penalty Box: With Matt Zandi ’21, the Germs are on Thin Ice

October 15, 2020, by Madison Yarbrough, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

Matthew Zandi ’21 got his first taste of making history on the ice. As the two-time captain of the Wesleyan men’s hockey team, Zandi has been a starting defenseman for the Cardinal’s since 2017. He helped lead the team to their first NESCAC championship in the 2019–2020 season, and in 2018, he was awarded Wesleyan Men’s […]

Tampa Bay Wins Stanley Cup in Electrifying Fashion

October 8, 2020, by David Gottlieb, Senior Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Eleven months and three weeks after it began, the 2019–20 NHL season finally came to an end last week. The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars 2–0 in Game 6 to win their second ever Stanley Cup championship by winning the series 4–2. This series was hard fought and full of memorable moments, making […]

Back to Basics: Rugby Gears up for a Contactless Season

October 8, 2020, by Jack McEvoy, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

As I stepped out onto the field at Long Lane for the first time since March, I didn’t quite know what to expect out of our first rugby practice. Somehow, it all felt very familiar, despite going months without formal training. As I warmed up and saw many of my teammates for the first time […]

Return of the King: Lakers, Heat Meet in NBA Finals

October 6, 2020, by Drew Kushnir, Sports Editor. Leave a Comment

The storylines that began this NBA season now seem like quaint daydreams. Fans imagined tense clashes over the soul of Los Angeles basketball, prepared themselves for the upcoming entrance of rookie phenom Zion Williamson, and speculated over the economic impacts of the league’s frayed relationship with China. Now, however, after nearly a full calendar year, […]

Let Caster Semenya Run

October 5, 2020, by Caroline Bonnevie, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Caster Semenya, an incredibly talented South African middle-distance runner, just lost her final appeal to compete in the 800-meter race at the postponed 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The Swiss Supreme Court decided that World Athletics, the governing body of track and field, should be allowed to maintain its regulation that intersex athletes with elevated levels of […]

Action at the Athletic Center: Freeman Reopens to Students

September 24, 2020, by Jackie Ng, Molly Meyer, Contributing Writers. Leave a Comment

Walking into the Freeman Athletic Center, you are greeted by a sign-in sheet and the familiar sight of a hand sanitizer station. As you make your way to the Anderson Fitness Center, the halls, once bustling with athletes going to and from the locker rooms, are now desolate and empty. When you arrive at the […]

Why Sports Matter So Much to Me

September 24, 2020, by Rocky D'Antonio, Staff Writer. Leave a Comment

Why do I care? Why do I care so much? Why do I care this much? I’ve asked myself that after watching every sporting event of my conscious lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it’s losing the Super Bowl on a buzzer-beating field goal or being blown out in Spring Training, I still care… so much.  […]

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