The Wesleyan Argus is published by the undergraduates of Wesleyan University. The Wesleyan Argus was founded in 1868 and is the country’s oldest twice-weekly printed college newspaper. The Argus was named after the hundred-eyed, all-seeing giant from Greek mythology. Argus alumni have gone on to write and to work for the country’s top media companies such as The New York Times and ABC News.

The University does not publish the Argus or influence its content, nor is it responsible for any opinions expressed in the Argus.

The Argus is published twice weekly during the school year except in exam periods or recesses.

The Argus welcomes letters to the editors and opinion pieces on topics of interest to the Wesleyan Community (Wespeaks). The deadline for the submission is 4:00 p.m. (Monday for Tuesday publication, and Thursday for Friday publication). All submissions must be submitted online (as of Nov. 14, 2013) and should include the author’s name and telephone number; Wespeaks cannot be anonymous.

The Argus reserves the right to edit all submissions for length. The Argus will not edit submissions for spelling or grammar, and all submissions must be accompanied by a title. The editorial staff may provide titles for any submissions. Due to the volume of mail received, neither publication nor return of submissions are guaranteed. For submissions made via this website, authors will be required to confirm their email address before submissions can be considered for publication.

Editorial offices are located at 45 Broad St., Middletown, CT.

For business concerns including advertising and subscriptions, email