Andrew Lu

Andrew (he/him) is a senior majoring in the College of Social Studies and film studies. Beyond working with The Argus, he can often be found taking aimless walks and trying to get through that list of books and films that everyone recommends to him.
Rachel Wachman

Rachel (she/her) is an English and French double major who has been on The Argus since her first semester at Wesleyan. She’s a fiction writer at heart, but loves storytelling through journalism and always enjoys chasing a scoop. Rachel also writes for University Communications, the athletic department, and the College of Integrative Sciences. Rachel is passionate about books, baking, Taylor Swift songs, and, of course, The Argus.
Tiah Shepherd

Managing Editor
Tiah (she/her) is a French and government double major and Global Engagement Minor from Birmingham, England, who has been working for The Argus since her first year. She has served as a writer and an editor for the Arts and Culture, Opinion, and Features sections, covering sociopolitical issues both on and off campus, the experiences of international students, and the Wesleyan music scene.
Hallie Sternberg

Executive Editor
Hallie (she/her) is a History and French double major from Baton Rouge, LA. She started writing for The Argus the first week of freshman year and hasn’t looked back since. Hallie is also involved with the Alpha Delta Phi Society, Consulting Pathways, the History Majors Committee, and student theatre.
Jem Shin

Executive Editor
Jem Shin (they/them) is an English and economics double major with a minor in data analysis. They are from Seoul, South Korea, and have been writing and editing for The Argus since their first year at Wesleyan. They love to cover news on campus, movies, and professional sports.
Oliver Cope

Executive Editor
Oliver (he/him) is a history and psychology double major and education studies minor who has been involved with The Argus since his first semester. This is Oliver’s second semester as an Executive Editor, and he is beyond excited to assist The Argus in any way that is deemed fit. Having spent the majority of his time in The Argus in the news section, Oliver has been on the Resource Center, Asian American Student Collective, and Black Student Union beats. When not working for The Argus, Oliver can be found working as a Senior Interviewer for the Office of Admission, practicing with Throw Culture as a captain, or studying in the Olin stacks.
Oscar Bauman

Executive Editor
Oscar is an English major and Film Studies minor from New York City, currently serving as an executive editor at The Argus after working as Editor-in-Chief last fall. He is also the host of The K-Pop Power Hour, a weekly K-pop radio show on WESU 88.1 FM, and can regularly be found in the crowd at The Wesleyan Film Series!
Sulan Bailey

News Editor
Social Media Editor
Community Manager
Sulan (she/her) is a prospective film major and history/education studies minor. She’s excited to return to the news section, where she first started writing in her first year at Wesleyan. When she’s not making TikToks for The Argus’ account, she can be found planning community events for her residents in the Butterfields or ranting to her friends about mid-2000s television.
Carolyn Neugarten

Assistant News Editor
Carolyn (she/her) is a College of Letters and prospective history major from Ridgefield, Connecticut. Outside The Argus, she interns for both the Wesleyan Office of Admission and for a small literary magazine based in Manhattan. She is an avid rock climber, sweater crocheter, and oil painter, and will never share her Spotify Wrapped with you.
Sida Chu

Assistant News Editor
Sida (she/they) is from Singapore, but she spent her childhood in a small Chinese town by the Yellow River. She loves covering the experiences of international students and FGLI students on campus. Outside The Argus, she’s also a board member of SPECTRUM and enjoys black coffee, corny rom-coms, and anything matcha-flavored. She will cook you Asian food if you can enlighten her about the imperial measurement system.
Jo Harkless

Features Editor
Jo (she/her) is an economics and College of Social Studies double major who grew up living in Amsterdam, New York City, and Toronto. After spending the Fall semester in London, she is so excited to be back on The Argus as a Features Editor. Jo enjoys writing about student initiatives on campus and amplifying underrepresented perspectives at the University.
Lia Franklin

Features Editor
Assistant Food Editor
Lia (she/her) is an environmental studies and government double major who has been writing for The Argus since her first year. She is part of the team restarting the Food Section this year, and otherwise loves writing about anything to do with campus culture. You can find her in her Low Rise making the newest Argus recipe or working the register at WesWings.
Sam Hilton

Features Editor
Head Archivist
Sam (he/him) is a history major and religion minor from Austin, Texas, and has worked on the paper since Fall 2021. He is also an Office Assistant for the Office of Student Involvement and a member of the Alpha Delta Phi literary society, and he spends much of his spare time in the ADP library or the back room of The Argus.
Akhil Joondeph

Assistant Features Editor
Akhil (he/they) is a prospective dance and anthropology double major who has been a member of The Argus since his first semester at Wesleyan. On campus, Akhil is also involved with Fusion and Shakti, in addition to volunteering as a panelist for the Wesleyan Office of Admission. Off-campus, he works as a choreographer and music producer for arts organizations on the West Coast.
Eugenia Shakhnovskaya

Assistant Features Editor
Eugenia (she/her) is a College of Social Studies major from Geneva, Switzerland. She has been writing for the features section of The Argus since her sophomore year. When not covering campus events, she is snowboarding with the ski team or volunteering with the Wesleyan Doula Project.
Ben Togut

Arts & Culture Editor
Ben (he/him) is a poet and singer-songwriter from New York. Over the summer, Ben interned at The Village Sun, a newspaper in downtown New York, where he wrote about artists and activists from the Lower East Side.
Kat Struhar

Arts & Culture Editor
Kat is an English major from a part of Maryland that you’ve likely never heard of before. This is her first semester away from the News Section, but she is excited to join the Arts & Culture Section. When not writing articles, she enjoys watching Survivor, ice skating, and scrolling through Twitter (@not3frogs).
Sabrina Ladiwala

Arts & Culture Editor
Sabrina Ladiwala is a molecular biology & biochemistry (MB&B) and Science in Society Program double major from Boston, Massachusetts and is so excited to be an Arts & Culture Section editor this semester! She has been involved with The Argus since her first year and loves to cover on-campus events and campus culture. Outside The Argus, you can find her in her research lab or deeply involved in theater as a director, actor, singer, and dancer!
Nate Wheeler

Assistant Arts & Culture Editor
Nate (he/him) is a Film Studies and English double major who is very excited to spend his first committed semester writing for The Argus. He mainly covers reviews for films and other media, but when not doing that, you can find him performing in various a cappella groups, spending an evening at the Film Series, and writing new projects in Exley.
Nicole Lee

Assistant Arts & Culture Editor
Nicole (she/they) is an English and Film Studies double major, who’s been on The Argus since her sophomore year at Wes. She’s an assistant arts editor, but you can also find her working at the Film Series most weekends.
Sophie Jager

Opinion Editor
Sophie (she/her) is an English and government double major from Manchester, Vermont. This is her fourth semester working with The Argus’ Opinion Section, and she’s also involved in the classical guitar program, co-leads the Outing Club, and directs the Environmental Column of the Arcadia Political Review. She’s looking forward to another great semester at The Argus!
Zara Skolnik

Assistant Opinion Editor
Zara (she/her) is a prospective English and psychology double major from Concord, Massachusetts. This is her second semester on The Argus, and she is most passionate about writing and editing opinion pieces that expose readers to new perspectives and personal stories. Aside from The Argus, Zara is also involved in theater and Jewish life on campus.
Erin Byerly

Sports Editor
Erin (she/her) is a prospective government and American Studies double major and has been a part of The Argus since her first year. She mainly writes about on-campus sports and athlete profiles, as well as the occasional review of Harry Styles’ music. She is also a member of the Wesleyan ACLU, Rho Epsilon Pi, the Arcadia Political Review, and WUMSTP.
Erin Byerly

Assistant Sports Editor
Ethan (he/him) is a physics major in his first year at Wesleyan and at The Argus. He enjoys both writing about and playing sports, and is excited to start covering all the exciting Wesleyan Athletics teams in years to come!
Oluchi Chukwuemeka

Assistant Sports Editor
Oluchi (she/her) is a prospective psychology and French major with a minor in Human Rights Advocacy who is starting her first year on The Argus. Oluchi is also a leader in WesCF and a member of the Spectrum board.
Sam Weitzman-Kurker

Assistant Sports Editor
Sam (he/him) grew up in Concord, Massachusetts. An avid sports fan since he was a toddler, Sam counts himself fortunate to be from the best sports state in the world. Sam is a prospective data analysis minor who enjoys finding new ways to crunch sports statistics.
Lewis Woloch

Food Editor
Lewis (he/him) is an English (creative writing) major who has been writing for The Argus since the spring of his first year. He started as a writer for the Sports Section, but is excited to explore his passion for food this semester. Lewis has written for the Intercut Magazine, and moonlights as a line cook at Swings, and runs a pop-up taco business on the weekends in the spring.
Amina Mednicoff-Misra

Head Copy Editor
Amina (she/her) is a junior majoring in English and Education Studies from Amherst, Massachusetts, who started copy editing when it was all virtual and loved it so much that she kept coming back. She also loves to rewatch her comfort shows and to take naps.
Anne Kiely

Head Copy Editor
Anne (she/her) is a chemistry and Science in Society major. Outside The Argus, she tutors at the Writing Workshop, and she’s part of the Free Radicals, a student group that runs chemical demonstrations. Her favorite punctuation mark is the ellipsis….
Phoebe Robinson

Head Copy Editor
Phoebe (she/her) is a College of Social Studies major who enjoys coffee, diagramming sentences, and telling people to watch 90s supernatural drama mystery series Twin Peaks.
Erick Buendia

Social Media Editor
Erick (he/him) is the newest addition to the Social Media masthead team. He is excited to bring his experience in social media management as well as art and filmmaking to The Argus.
Lauren Cho

Social Media Editor
Lauren (she/her/hers) is an English major and art history minor. She has been a part of The Argus since her junior fall and is one third of the awesome team that coordinates and creates all the paper’s social media content. She still is in love with the Portland Dairy Queen and will miss it when she graduates this May.
Lyah Muktavaram

Podcast Manager
Lyah (she/her) is a prospective economic and government double major from Westport, Connecticut. She has been involved with The Argus since the fall of her first year. Outside The Argus, she’s an eco-facilitator for the Sustainability Office and a member of Shakti.
Yun Huynh

Community Manager
Yun (he/him) is a Biochemistry and Computer science double major who has been involved in the Argus’ layout team since his Freshman spring. He found Layout to be a nice refresher after a long day of courseworks and decided to get more involved with the Argus community next fall as a community manager. Besides the Argus, he also is involved with WesPhoto’s biyearly magazine and works at Olin Library!
Cole Goco

Production Manager
Cole (he/him) is a Film and Biology double major. Argus Layout has been a cornerstone of his Wesleyan existence since his first year here. He is happy to be spending his senior year as a Production Manager, overseeing the layout of the paper’s print edition.
Riley Vail-Rhodes

Production Manager
Riley (they/them) is an anthropology, astronomy, and physics triple major who has been working in The Argus layout section since their first semester at Wesleyan. Outside The Argus, Riley also puts their layout skills to work in designing the event posters for the Anthropology Department.
Echo Shen

Head Layout Editor
Echo Shen (she/they) is a theater and East Asian studies double major who has been working with The Argus’s layout team since her first year at Wesleyan. Echo is the current chair of Chinese Culture Club. She also works for the Global Marketing Office.
Mia Kurta

Head Layout Editor
Mia (she/her) is a physics and economics double major, and this is her second year laying out the Argus. She likes dancing and doing math in her spare time.
Alexandra Turtil

Photo Editor
Alexandra (she/her) is a junior double majoring in psychology and Film Studies, and she grew up in Westchester, New York. Outside of doing The Argus, Alex enjoys photography and is involved with Wesleyan’s Photography club. She also loves traveling, crocheting, going to the gym, and watching movies with friends!
Lily Goldfine

Assistant Photo Editor
Lily (she/her) is an Economics and Film double major who has recently joined The Argus. She is on WesGolf and plays the flute for WesWinds. Lily enjoys spending her free time in nature and loves watching documentaries. She is also a black belt in Brazilian style jiu-jitsu.
Lizzy Brandt

Assistant Photo Editor
Lizzy (she/they) is a sophomore double majoring in Film and Biology from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This is her first semester working for the Argus. Outside of the Argus, Lizzy enjoys taking photos and talking about movies. She also participates in Wesleyan’s boxing club and KDC.
Gazi Rahman

Website Editor
Gazi (he/him) is a computer science major and is minoring in data analytics and informatics. New to The Argus, he’s excited to see just far he can take the website. In his free time, Gazi is usually brainstorming material for his stand-up routine. What will he come up with? We’re not quite sure that you’re ready for it…
Emma Singleton

Distribution Manager
Emma (she/her) is happily helping to keep alive the art of the bicycling paperboy.