c/o Alexandra Turtil, Photo Editor

c/o Alexandra Turtil, Photo Editor

After a record-breaking admissions process, the members of the class of 2026 have officially begun their time as students at the University. As of decision day in May, there were 753 students in the class, however, due to melt—the term for who accept offers of admission initially and then withdraw before the year begins—only 745 arrived on campus. Including the 39 incoming transfer students, there are 784 new students at the University this fall.

According to Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Amin Gonzalez ’96, students in the class of 2026 represent 41 states (as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) and 33 countries outside the United States. Sixty-seven different languages are spoken, read, or written by the incoming class, and 15% of these students have primary languages other than English.

Around 11% of the incoming class are international students, an uptick from 8% in the class of 2025 but not yet on par with pre-COVID-19 class years. For reference, the classes of 2022 and 2023 include 13% and 14% international students, respectively.  This number also falls short of the Office of Admission’s self-prescribed goal that 14% of the class of 2026 be international students. However, the number of Freeman East Asian Scholars—11 students admitted from participating countries who receive full-ride scholarships to the University—increased from eight enrolled last year to a full slate of 11 students this year, a significant improvement for the Office.

Additionally, 12% of the class of 2026 are the first in their family to attend a four-year college or university, despite this group representing 16% of those admitted. This 12% is just shy of the Office’s goal of 15% being first-generation. Additionally, 42% of the class are students of color (SOC), with 32% being domestic SOC. This represents the second-highest percentage of SOC in the last five years, with only the class of 2023, composed of 44% SOC, being higher.

Academically, the class of 2026 is very similar to past years. Forty-five percent of matriculates opted to submit their SAT or ACT test scores during the admissions process, with median SAT scores of 740 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 760 for Mathematics. In comparison, the class of 2025 had a median of 750 for both categories.

Overall, Gonzalez hopes that this incoming class, as well as the 39 transfer students, will be a valuable addition to the University community.

“My team and I are exceptionally pleased with the Class of 2026 we are poised to enroll in the fall,” Gonzalez wrote. “Beyond their impressive academic credentials, they will bring with them, from across the country and around the globe, compelling backgrounds, diverse talents and interests, genuine intellectual curiosity, strength of character, and well-developed social consciences we look forward to witnessing them act on.”


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