The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) Election Coordinators announced the results of the Spring 2022 general election in an all-campus email on Saturday, April 30. In the class of 2023, Isha Jha, Andrew Lu, Briana Rodriguez Castillo, Edrea Jiang, Aidan Jones, and Haley Barr were elected. In the class of 2024, Ruby Raye Clarke, Daëlle Coriolan, Orly Meyer, and Heather Cassell were elected. In the class of 2025, Sulan Bailey, Marshall Schulman, Felice Li, Claire Stokes, Sam Hilton, Ben Shifrel, Tanvi Navile, Molly Connolly-Ungar, Jack Johnston, Will Ruden-Sella, Liv Snow, and Angelina Panarello were elected.

Additionally, the WSA announced that the members of the Leadership Board were internally elected in the WSA meeting on Sunday, May 1. Ava Petillo ’25 will serve as Chief of Staff, Jiang as Academic Affairs Committee chair, Valerie Lee ’24 will serve as Community Committee chair, Cassell will serve as Equity and Inclusion Committee chair, Shifrel will serve as Student Budget Committee chair, and Meyer will serve as Student Life Committee chair. 

Finally, the results of the class of 2023 Senior Class Officer election were announced. Jha will serve as President, Anton Vasel-Roku Lulgjuraj ’23 as Vice President, Go Uemura ’23 as Treasurer, and Andrew Cao ’23 as Secretary.

This will be their first semester serving on the WSA for Snow, Johnston, Bailey, and Schulman.

Snow expressed excitement at representing the class of 2025 and hopes to promote the arts at the University.

“I am honored to be elected and I look forward to serving my peers in the upcoming semester,” Snow wrote in an email to The Argus. “I would like to assure the student body that they will be advocated for and that I will have students’ best interests at heart. I hope to focus on student affairs and social events pending my committee (to be decided in the fall). Regardless, I am excited to further Wes as a welcoming, engaging, and creative place.”

Johnston declared interest in academic affairs and seeks to further equity in the University’s academic programs.

“I’m very interested in working on the Academic Affairs Committee on expanding the proposed IDEAS major and College of Design and Engineering, and how that can coexist with existing programs within the STEM field,” Johnston wrote in an email to The Argus. “I’m also interested in leading a review of current academic and major programs from a student perspective, and understanding how more interest can be driven to underrepresented/populated programs, or how resources currently being budgeted to these programs might be differently allocated.”

Bailey is thrilled by the support she received and hopes to highlight marginalized students’ experiences while in office.

“As I indicated in my candidate statement, my priority for the upcoming semester will be connecting students with the resources they need to make their experience at Wesleyan as holistic and fulfilling as possible, especially for students of color, FGLI students and international students,” Bailey said. “I hope to spend my time on the WSA creating avenues between the resources that Wesleyan has to offer and the students that need them the most.”

Sulan Bailey is a staff writer for The Argus.

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