Have you been wanting to exercise but you’re a little wary about going to Freeman? Have you already been trying to work out in your room but you’re worried about all the videos that require extensive equipment? Fear not. I, your ever-faithful guinea pig, have tried out some no-equipment dorm room workouts for your benefit.

  1. c/o youtube.com

    c/o youtube.com

    Chloe Ting (Get Abs in 2 Weeks | Abs Workout Challenge)

I started off my workout series with a YouTuber that I’m sure many of you are already familiar with. I had watched Ting’s video a couple of times with my sister during quarantine when I became so stir-crazy that I actually exercised of my own volition.

This video features supersets (two exercises back to back, for 30 seconds each) with 15 second rests between each superset. Supersets are the devil’s invention. I had to pause the video in the middle of some supersets just so I could regain the will to keep going. At times, the exercises felt repetitive (I felt like I did at least two straight minutes of leg raises), and I wished she had modeled the exercises in advance so I wouldn’t have to pause and restart as much as I did.

Rating: 6/10: This video in particular is overhyped. Interval exercises like these need more frequent breaks than she allowed for. She also finished the video with an up and down plank, which should be considered a sin.

  1. c/o nytimes.com

    c/o nytimes.com

    New York Times 7 Minute Workout

My mother has sung the praises of this workout to me ever since it was published so I figured it was only fair that I try it out. The workout is a series of 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds each. Scientists say that it’s as good for your muscles as endurance training.

The quick succession of exercises made it feel very doable. The only equipment needed was a chair and enough wall-space to do a wall-sit. I used my door and prayed that my roommate wouldn’t randomly come back and smash me into the wall like a bug tragically flying into a car windshield.

Rating: 7/10: Overall, it was a decent workout. I’ve learned that tricep dips are my personal hell. Shoutout to the University-issued chairs in my dorm for providing my hands with a spongy place to rest as my arms attempted violent mutiny for thirty seconds straight. 

     3). Maddie Lymburner (Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment + No Jumping)

Prior to starting this workout, I’d already gone to a rugby practice and finished dinner, so I was not exactly prepared to start the YouTube video. I was less pleased when I saw it was 20 minutes long. In fact, I was so displeased that I made a note for my future self to yell at my friend Sarah Timbie ’23 who came up with this article and then to yell at the Sports Editors for thinking it was a good idea. How could they betray me like this?

I ended up eating my words, as this was probably my favorite workout. The exercises in the video were unique and challenging, but not overwhelming. The breaks were also well-timed and the trainer took advantage of them to explain the next exercise. I’m never the type of person to say that workouts go by quickly, but these 20 minutes flew by.

The trainer had said that the workout was perfect for those who needed to stay quiet, so I asked my roommate to describe my loudness. “Uh, I mean, the only thing I could hear was heavy breathing, but…I could tune it out,” Max O’Hare ‘23 said. High praise.

Rating: 10/10: This lady made me do a side plank and I didn’t complain. I think that speaks to how good a video it was.

  1. Sarah Beth Yoga (10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners)

I had a feeling that my body wouldn’t be too pleased with me if I didn’t stretch before bedtime post-rugby and a YouTube workout. I did a quick YouTube search of “yoga at home” and came across this video from Sarah Beth Yoga.

I’m not well-practiced in the art of meditation. My parents took me and my sister to family meditation once, and I spent the whole time daydreaming about eating the leftover pizza we had in the fridge. As a result, I felt very silly during certain exercises, especially the one where I had to smush my face into the floor. I think it was meant to help me feel more grounded. I suppose it achieved its goal.

The video was well-titled. It was perfect for someone like me who wasn’t familiar with a wide variety of poses.

Rating: 7/10: I think I just need to do more yoga in general and then I’ll enjoy it more.

My apologies to all of you who just lost their excuse as to why they haven’t been exercising. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be making it very easy for you to get a workout in. I’m going to spend the next week trying not to laugh too hard so my abs don’t give out and leave me without control over my torso.


Caroline Bonnevie can be reached at cbonnevie@wesleyan.edu