Senator Lindsey Graham is amazing. Here is what he gets from editorial in the New York Times, from a senior Trump staffer known to the Times but not (yet) to us, describing in-house procedures for dealing with, say, a Trump order to assassinate a foreign leader: It proves there was no collusion.

I consider myself to be a pretty clever fellow, but there is no way in the world that I could have figured my way from that Point A to that Point B.

For the good Senator, its easy. First, the anonymous editorial is a Mueller thing. Right! Of course. And why would Mueller stoop so low? Well, obviously! Because there was no collusion. Why else? The man is a super-sleuth.

In the same vein: Earlier today I noticed a rather significant spider on the floor, quite nearby. I did succeed in mashing it. Looking back on the incident, I realized that it proved beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that Hillary colluded with Putin and should be wearing an orange jumpsuit. I could spell it out for you, but the connections are so obvious that I wont bother.


Kuhn is a member of the Class of  1979.

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