Dear Editor,
Thank you for running 99.44% of my April 27 letter. The missing .56% appears right after the very first sentence, the one which noted that book reviewer Roth had cast the authors of “Free Speech on Campus” as “fundamentalists” who take a “dogmatic approach to freedom of expression.”
I then wrote: “Translation: your basic undomesticated dogmatic fundamentalist is an aboriginal form of life who typically takes a tuba four to his horn-toed, toothless wife.” That sentence was deleted without my knowledge and that of your readers: the signal three dots in lieu of the deletion were not inserted.
That sentence, I gather, had stepped on someone’s toes. Now let me assure you I’m not to blame. You see, my muse…but she can with certainty speak to the matter.
“Yes, I can with certainty speak to the matter, if called upon to testify, as can my toes, all ten of which are expected to recover. They’d have me implore you to please avoid the dance floor.
— Martin Benjamin ’57

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