On September 18, 2016, the Wesleyan chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi voted to disaffiliate from the AEPi International Fraternity and reorganize ourselves as Alpha Psi Alpha (ΑΨΑ), an independent Greek organization. After much reflection, we found the character and values of our chapter to be incongruous with those of AEPi. We believe we can be better engaged with the Wesleyan community by tailoring our fraternity to fit the culture of our campus than by trying to adhere to the vision of AEPi. Our organization is proud of the contributions we have made to campus since our founding in the Fall of 2009, and we hope to continue to grow our over 100 active and alumni brothers. We welcome into our fraternity anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to the brotherhood that we have developed in conjunction with the values imparted to us by our Wesleyan education. While we are and will continue to be a fraternity rooted in Jewish morals and culture, we do not and will not discriminate based on ethnicity or faith when considering new members. Alpha Psi values the diversity of our organization, and we are proud to count among our ranks brothers of various races, sexual orientations, and religious and cultural backgrounds. We will spend this semester rebuilding and codifying the unique traditions, rituals, and morals that will be the foundation of our fraternity going forward. The Brothers of Alpha Psi invite you to get to know us and to rush our fraternity in the Spring of 2017.

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