As Wesleyan’s varsity sports get into full swing, athletes who aren’t competing at the Division III level still have opportunities to get out onto the field or court by participating in intramural sports. Led by Mark Woodworth, Wesleyan’s Intramural Director, Wesleyan’s intramural sports offer ways to get involved in sports at a lower commitment level. Just like higher level sports, intramural sports run all three seasons. This year’s fall season begins Sunday, Sept. 18, when soccer and softball teams start competing.

Consisting of at least two leagues, intramural participants play each Sunday. While the commitment level may not be intense, there’s no doubting the intensity between rivals in the Wesleyan community. Each team represents a housing group or dorm, depending on where the majority of the players on the team live. The teams, separated into leagues, win certain numbers of points based on their standings at the end of the year. For example, the A League Championship winners take home 10 points, while the C League runner-up gets 5 points. By the end of all three seasons, one triumphant team climbs their way to the top to win the Wesleyan dorm cup, complete with the name of their winning housing group.

Last year, the senior houses on Fountain, Vine, and Knowles dominated the competition on their way to an easy Dorm Cup, with the senior houses of Warren and Cross recording a distant second. In the 11-year history of the Dorm Cup, Fountain and Co. has been dominant with five cups. Non-senior housing has not come out on top since the Foss dorms won in 2012. More parity in this competition would be welcome, so younger athletes are particularly encouraged to sign up.

Getting involved in intramural sports is far from difficult; however, players need to sign up as a team rather than individually. Deadlines for signing up vary by season, but all sign-ups take place in Freeman classrooms soon before the season starts. This winter’s basketball and dodgeball meetings take place Nov. 15 at 7:15 p.m. and spring softball and indoor soccer meetings are April 4 at 7:15 p.m. There are no worries if you can’t get a team together: anyone looking to join a team should simply attend the intramural captain meetings, email some of the other players on the find-a-team list to see if they found a team, or simply show up on game day and ask if anyone needs a player.

“Intramurals are a great way to stay active and athletic without committing a lot of time in a low pressure environment, and not feel like you have to necessarily be good to be involved,” Bailey Softness ’17 said. “It’s a very supportive environment, so no matter how good or successful you are during the game, you’re still supported, which is really fun. It’s a nice way to be involved with a team and meet some new people.”

Ian Foster ’17 argued for the superiority of soccer, which runs in both the fall and spring.

“Intramural soccer can be the most fun soccer anyone of any level has ever played,” Foster said. “Everyone should try it out no matter how inexperienced. There’s nothing like the beautiful game.”

There are opportunities off the team as well, including ones with paying jobs that don’t require work-study students. Commissioners act as “on-site supervisors” and are responsible for officials, players, maintenance of the playing site, setting up equipment, and game duties. Referees are also needed for this year’s seasons. These students officiate games and are only needed on Sundays.

Whether it’s starting a team, playing, or working a job, intramural sports provide an easy way to get involved in athletics at Wesleyan. Come out on Sundays and cheer on your dorm! More information, as well as the signup forms, can be found at


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