As a political psychologist who studies U.S. imperialism and propaganda concealing and distorting history, I advise voters to observe the principle of caveat emptor regarding Hillary, especially minority voters. Latino voters should remember Hillary’s role deposing elected President Zelaya in Honduras, exposed by recently assassinated Honduran civil rights activist Berta Caceras. Thrown into chaos, Honduras now has the world’s highest murder rate, massively inflating desperate refugee populations subjected to U.S. incarceration and deportation. Black voters should remember Hillary’s enthusiastic support during Bill’s administration of private prison proliferation and the 3-strikes law, welfare “reform” legislation replacing AFDC with state block grants contributing to the New Jim Crow, NAFTA-accelerated loss of inner city manufacturing employment to lower-wage foreign labor markets, and trade sanction threats against Nelson Mandela that blocked generic HIV/AIDS drugs for South Africa. All voters should remember Hillary’s racist warmongering against Iraq as Senator and Libya as Secretary of State, and appointment of her warhawk legacy-bearer, former Cheney adviser and State Department Press Secretary Victoria Nuland, later promoted to Assistant Secretary of State, who orchestrated the Kiev coup at a cumulative cost of five billion US taxpayer dollars overthrowing their democratically elected president, installing her hand-picked successor, and moving NATO perilously close to Russia.. Hillary’s generous support by major banking institutions is no surprise. Bill’s administration repealed Glass-Steagall banking industry regulations, eliminating the firewall between commercial and investment banking that led to the 2008 financial collapse. As Secretary of State, Hillary promoted the war destroying Libya’s highly developed, secular, socialist society, ending Gaddafi’s program to establish a pan-African bank and pan-African currency that was threatening Western banking hegemony. And Naomi Klein has pronounced Hillary with her cozy corporate ties “uniquely unsuited” to confront the urgency of climate change. Sanders polls much better against Trump than Hillary, and Republican exposure of the flawed Clinton record could well result in a Trump presidency.

Dresser is a member of Pomona College class of 1958 and Ph.D. class of 1967

  • Ralphiec88

    As a pragmatic matter, the only alternatives with a chance of winning the White House are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich. Which of those do you prefer over Clinton? Do you really believe they are better suited “to confront the urgency of climate change”? It’s all well and good to say you want Sanders, and he’s no doubt popular with those who fancy notions like Gaddafi being deposed for supposed threats to “Western banking hegemony”. But Bernie’s not going to be an option. Your claim that he polls better has not been not borne out by actual results, and polls in primary season are dubious guidance for a general election. Your energy would be far better spent addressing truly dangerous candidates who are still in the race.

  • GD Klein

    As a certain Chicago minister said around 2008 or before, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

    George Devries Klein, ’54

  • jaxthots

    Only 21 % of voters identify as Republicans and 29% as Democrats, leaving half up for grabs. Sanders has never been a Democrat, always an Independent. If he loses to the Clinton political machine, I urge his base to demand that he run as an Independent, which would require write-in votes in some states that have double jeopardy rules to qualify for the ballot. With half the Dems votes and most of the Independents, I suspect he could prevail. As for primary season polls, they are more rather than less representative since they reflect the general public of potential voters, half of whom are excluded from choosing the candidates. Among the millennials who have flocked to Sanders, 80% sat out the last election and could create a whole new ball game.

  • in short

    As a political psychologist who studies U.S. imperialism and propaganda concealing and distorting history,

    in other words you have a worthless degree.