In an e-mail sent out this afternoon with the subject line “Learn About Wesleyan’s History Today,” the Spring Fling Committee officially announced the 2016 Spring Fling lineup: Leaf, BØRNS, and A$AP Ferg. Beginning and ending with shots of President Roth, and including a brief history of past main acts that extended back two years to Kendrick Lamar’s oft-bragged-about performance, the video showed clips of the upcoming acts’ shows and interviews.

Brooklyn-born rapper Leaf has a brother in the Montreal-based duo Chromeo and a contract with the music label Fool’s Gold. At 19 years old, she’s already released a debut EP called Magnet Bitch. Commonly compared with Nicki Minaj (primarily due to her status as a fiery female rapper with an expansive range), Leaf has spoken publicly about writing empowering lyrics for women to combat the degrading lyrics in many popular rap songs.

BØRNS (née Garrett Borns) released his first studio album, Dopamine, in October of last year, but he’s been on the indie pop music scene since 2012, when he put out his first EP. Most known for his 2015 single “Seeing Stars,” he’s performed with the likes of Charli XCX, MisterWives, and Bleachers.

And then there’s A$AP Ferg, creator of the pregame-ready track “Shabba” and member of A$AP Mob, the hip-hop group that includes his slightly more well-known cohort member (and frequent collaborator) A$AP Rocky. Born and raised in Harlem, Ferg, the so-called “Trap Lord” released his debut single, “Work,” on A$AP Mob’s mixtape, and then included a remix to the track on his debut album, Trap Lord, which featured Rocky, Schoolboy Q, French Montana, and Trinidad James, among others. His second studio album, Always Strive and Prosper, is expected to come out this month, and we’ll wait with bated breath to find out whether he’ll bring along the rest of A$AP Mob when he appears on campus.

  • Cee-Lo’s Velure Jumpsuit

    Not to be a complete dick, but is this honestly the best that Wes can do? I mean, this is a lineup you would see touring dive bars and coffee houses, moving the pool table out of the way so that they can play for a crowd of 15. What the fuck?!

    One positive: Wes can probably pay all these acts with a couple spreads of deli meat and a case of beer.

    • KnowsTheFacts

      Leaf has played SXSW, Fool’s Gold Day Off, and opened on a nationwide tour with Alessia Cara
      BØRNS has played Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Coachella
      A$AP Ferg has played Wireless Festival, Coachella, and many many more

      One obvious fact: you know nothing about these artists and are uselessly talking shit…

      • Cee-Lo Velure Jumpsuit

        You’re right, I don’t know anything about these artists. You know why? Because they are all underground, niche “famous” musical acts with very little broad appeal. This isn’t an art house music festival for people who read Pitchfork and Noisey. It’s a campus-wide musical event that should have broad appeal for MOST (if not ALL) students.

        When you are attempting to entertain a large and diverse crowd (as you are with Spring Fling–whether you like it or not, not everyone at Wes is into what’s hip in the trendy underground indie music scene) an indie hip hop artist with appeal to the vinyl hipster crowd and few others is NOT a good pick. This lineup was likely handpicked by a small group of students who happen to enjoy this type of music. And since these three artists could be paid on a shoestring budget (just because you played Austin City Limits doesn’t mean you’re raking in the dough), I’m sure the school was more than happy to indulge the desires of this small group.

        I guess I’m just sick of Wes parading forth a ragtag group of semi-known indie/alternative musical groups and pretending like we should all be excited for it and like they’ve done us some huge service when in reality they’ve rounded up a crew of little-knowns you could go see at some hipster festival for $10 a ticket.

      • KnowsTheFacts

        Now that Fling is over, I think it’s safe to say you’re still a whining loser who would rather bitch and moan than take 5 minutes out of your day to do some research about the acts. Most people had a great time and enjoyed the event that was put forth… So fuck you very much :)