The Middletown food truck scene has long been characterized by decorum and unity. For years, Whey Station and Mamoun’s Falafel, the two mainstays of the University’s campus, along with a few wild cards, such as Southern soul food truck Kickin’ Chicken, have occupied different culinary niches. The wheel-bound eateries work together to cater to nearly all Wes students’ late-night cravings, be they cheesy or fried or a little bit of both.

On Saturday, April 4, however, the harmony of the food-truck-verse was shaken up by a new and formidable restaurant-on-wheels: Munchies Food Truck boldly rolled onto the late-night culinary scene. The fledgling offers a new and refreshing dimension to the established food truck landscape. With its array of signature Black Angus beef burgers, Munchies has the potential to satisfy the kind of carnivorous craving that simply cannot be met with the provisions of the preexisting trucks. Furthermore, the various gourmet juices and cane sodas featured on the menu will undoubtedly be popular purchases in the coming spring and summer months.

At the same time, however, the truck threatens to step on the toes, or rather deflate the tires, of the established food trucks. Claiming a place on High Street, the rolling eatery first and foremost seems to have parked itself in a location that may be a little too close for Whey Station’s comfort. Likewise, the Munchies menu appears to be diverse to a nearly excessive degree, branching out from burgers into territory that is dangerously similar to that of the existing eateries. Aside from the aforementioned burgers and juices, the truck offers various combinations of fried chicken sandwiches and falafel-based pita wraps. In this gastronomic identity crisis of sorts, Munchies therefore emerges as a viable competitor for both Kickin’ Chicken and Mamoun’s Falafel.

Although the long-term effects of Munchies on the food truck community remains to be seen, it can assuredly be said that, with the addition of such a promising new eatery, late-night hunger will never prevail among students. The truck-verse of Middletown will forever satisfy the collegian in search of satiety. After all, there is no such thing as a “typical” Saturday night here at the University, but we can all agree that a night that ends at the ordering window of a food truck is a night that ends happily indeed. Savor the falafel, grilled cheese, and soul food that have become so familiar on campus and, for a change in routine, try satisfying your munchies with Munchies.

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