Dear editor,

The Argus flatters this writer by taking the trouble and time to improve his prose. But one can have too much of a good thing.

My Nov. 18 submission (Open Letter to President Roth) contained the phrase, “bumper-sticker humanist you.” It was lengthened it to “you bumper-sticker humanist you.”

The second improvement pertains to my submission’s four references to “9/11,” half of which appeared in print and online as “Sept. 11.” But “Sept. 11” and “9/11” are not the same.

The former is a date. The latter, a morn in which 3,000 human beings (a 21-nation representation) were slaughtered, is an evocative abbreviation.

(Whatever one dubs the event, it remains a matter of no moment to bumper-sticker humanist Roth.)

—Martin Benjamin

Benjamin is a member of the class of 1957.

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