Chair of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) of the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) Nicole Updegrove ’14 proposed a resolution on Sunday, Feb. 24 to ban the sale of tobacco products on all University-owned properties. Neon Deli is one such property; the owner leases the 130 Cross St. space from the University, and the store currently sells cigarettes.

“The resolution says that the University shouldn’t profit indirectly from the sale of cigarettes, and it is my belief that we should put in a clause the next time we renew leases with our rental properties that tobacco products cannot be sold on Wesleyan property,” Updegrove said.

Although Updegrove does not currently know when the Deli’s lease is set to expire, she hopes that the resolution will pass when the assembly votes on the proposal, including any amendments, on Sunday, March 3.

“Essentially, right now it’s the task of all WSA members to reach out to their constituents and find out what people think about this, and next week we will discuss this further and hopefully vote one way or the other,” she said.

If the resolution passes, it will be sent to the appropriate channels within the University for review and implementation.

  • Should we profit off the sale of soda products? Candy? Beef?