On Tuesday, Nov. 6, a Middletown resident was arrested for another laptop theft, this time in the Hall-Atwater Laboratory on campus. Officers responded when a University student reported a suspicious person. Director of Public Safety (PSafe) Dave Meyer said that PSafe received a call regarding the incident on the afternoon of Nov. 6.

The suspect, a 27-year-old woman, admitted to stealing a WesID in Usdan, as well as to stealing two laptops from Hall-Atwater. According to sources, the suspect has also previously been charged with other crimes, including possession of narcotics.

As was reported in a previous article by The Argus, several laptops that had been stolen from University students were recently recovered after Middletown Police apprehended a suspect in connection with the thefts. The Hall-Atwater laptop theft is not considered to be a related incident.

When asked whether tracking software has helped in laptop recoveries, Meyer said that many University students have not installed tracking software on their laptops. Last year, PSafe and Information Technology Services collaborated to offer University students free installation of FrontDoor Software, a computer tracking software which would help law enforcement officials locate stolen computers.

Meyer confirmed that the incident is still under investigation by the Middletown Police Department.

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