Shannon Welch/Photo Editor

For over 60 kids, their parents, and many Wesleyan students, last weekend was a chance to engage in the annual “Science Saturday” at Exley Science Center. After a short talk about physics and electricity by Associate Professor of Physics Brian Stewart, attendees spent 35 minutes at each of three different stations. They dissected owl pellets, created lava lamps, and made “elephant toothpaste” with yeast.

The event was organized by Wesleyan Science Outreach (WSO), a group based out of a service-learning class called Science Pedagogy for Elementary School Students, which is taught by Assistant Professor of Chemistry David Westmoreland and Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Andrea Roberts. In the class, students develop lesson plans to be carried out in after-school programs at local elementary schools.

Science Saturday is an opportunity for children from different elementary schools and the community to come together for one experiment-filled afternoon. The program aims to show kids that science can be an exciting career with applications in the real world. In addition to the students taking the University course, 11 volunteer members of WSO also worked at the event.

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