In the past week, reports have surfaced of several incidents in which students were given drinks that may have been dosed with drugs. According to Director of Public Safety (PSafe) Dave Meyer, PSafe is currently in the process of investigating these instances.

“We’ve received several reports of students who have been given drinks by other students that they believe had been drugged,” Meyer said. “In some cases the reactions were much more severe than just intoxication, with loss of memory and [drug-like] effects.”

An all-student email sent by Dean of Students Rick Culliton and Director of Health Education Tanya Purdy warned students to be wary of accepting drinks from others or leaving drinks unattended. Meyer also acknowledged the risks associated with drinking from open bowls of punch when students aren’t certain about the contents.

“It’s a good reminder for everybody at the beginning of the year: if you didn’t see where it came from, you shouldn’t be drinking it,” Meyer said.

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